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Management and supervisor, sales manager, communication skills

South Carolina, United States
$14 hr
December 28, 2017

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I would be a perfect candidate for the position I have great communication skills and work well with others I am dependable and well mannered.Getting to work on time is being early I believe in doing my best at any task and refuses to allow any job assignment beat me. I believe in leadership as well as being able to take orders and criticism, I am a fast learner and a hard worker I don't believe in calling in or being late I make my job my first priority.In 10/12/2017 I worked for a temporary service called Effex I was laid off on 12/26/2017 my job title was shipping and receiving and sales clerk, previous I worked for Carolina Pride 10/11/215-10/12/2017 I was a trainer and sanitation, packaging and shipping, before that I worked for Amick farms I was a trainer,a machine operator and packing and shipping, so as you see I communicating with a lot of other employees and never did they fail me and if given the opportunity I'll speak the exact words to you, signed Rachel Bell

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