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San Diego, California, United States
December 21, 2017

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San Diego, CA ***** 808-***-**-**

Professional Summary

Skilled software developer bringing more than 15 years in software design and development. Main development areas are: Media Streaming, Billing, CMS, Mobile, Distributed Systems, Web Services, Scaling and Performance. My experience includes: system and application architecture, algorithms, pattern design, mobile and web applications ( back-end 70%, front-end 30%).


Expert level: Java 7/8, J2EE, Spring, Spring Boot, Hibernate, JUnit, AWS (EC2, S3, RDB, Elastic Transcoder, AWS Lambda, SNS, SQS), Android, Python, (Django, Django Rest Framework), C# (Visual Studio, Monodevelop, ServiceStack), MVC5, JavaScript, jQuery, Apache, Tomcat, NGINX, uWSGI

Advanced level: C, C++, Node.js, Io.js, BrightScript, PHP, Laravel 4/5, Zend, PostgresSQL, MySql, SqlServer, FFmpeg (RTMP, HLS, MPEG-DASH, MPEG2), DRM (Widevine, PlayReady), Nimble Streaming, NAS, Spock

Work History Sr Software Developer Dec 2015 – Present

StreamVision project

Applying NGINX cloud based approach implemented DVR web service with API for mobile and TV box applications (HLS, MPEG-DASH, Python, Django REST, Postresql)

Developed scalable billing module to aggregate and report DVR usages to Emerald billing system (Java web services, Postgresql)

X-tech project ( Applying micro-service and scalability concepts in designing and development achieved high performance of the system modules:

Applying asynchronous messaging concept implemented scalable Stripe based centralized billing web service for TV playout applications (Spring MVC, Hibernate, JMS)

Implemented billing service and clients which are able to communicates with billing web service asynchronously (C#, Mono, ServiceStack, REST)

Implemented scalable AWS trans-coding service (Elastic T, AWS Lambda, SNS, SQS)

Using various technologies developed TV Playout module which uploads videos, trans-codes, streams, creates and schedules live channels, manages channels, manages VOD playlists and provides API for playout client applications (Spring Boot, Hibernate, Maven)

Extended TV playout by integrating it into TV Station, applying Stations level above Channels with 4 levels of administration security roles (Spring MVC, Python, RabitMQ)

Applying event based approach developed uniquely designed custom playout applications: Roku, Android mobile, Fire TV, Playout Website (C#, ServiceStack, Android, Brightscript)

TV apps customizer/generator WebApp (Spring Boot, Maven, Spock, Gradle)

Monitis Inc Sr Software Developer Feb 2015 - Apr 2015 Yerevan, Armenia

Implemented benchmark tests and performance analysis over Node.js vs io.js in particular environment of monitoring data flow (Node.js, Bash)

Developed Node.js http server for high load processing of incoming requests and storing into Hbase (Node.js, Hbase Hadoop)

Implemented scheduled run of R Analysis tasks over Hbase to store aggregated data into cache database. The result was much faster Analyzed Data delivery to Monitor UI Tools (Java, Spring MVC, Maven, JUnit)

Developed Asynchronous messaging delivery of Analysed Data to Monitor UI Tools which further optimized speed of data delivery to UI (Java, Spring, Jms maven)

Implemented different billing processing of Monitoring Service (Java, ExtJS, JUnit)

Sat-Solutions Software Developer Nov 2014 - Jan 2015 Yerevan, Armenia

Developed remote processing of documents in Bank Loan Workflow (C#, VC, MVC5)

Developed Client App and UI for management of bank documents (C#, VC, MVC5)

Implemented on page bank documents editing (C#, VC, MVC5, TinyMVC)

Freelancing Software Developer Mar 2010 - Nov 2014 Yerevan, Armenia

SEO web services (Java, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Maven)

Custom CMS and Website Generators development (Java, Spring MVC, Hibernate)

Lead pages and Websites generator (Java, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Maven)

On-line Shops Development (Java, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Maven) Software Developer May 2009 - Mar 2010 Yerevan, Armenia

Code redesign of Visual XSL editor into MVC controls (C#, VC)

Adding XSLT based functionalities to Visual XSL editor (C#, VC, XSL/XSLT)

Lycos-Europe Software Developer Mar 2005 - Mar 2009 Yerevan, Armenia

Developed purchase applications using payment providers (GC, Spring, JUnit, MySql)

Implemented login and shopping cart processing (Spring MVC, Hibernate, JUnit)

Centralized module for customer data management (PHP, PERL, PLSQL, Oracle 10)

Administration control over payment/customer data (Spring MVC, Hibernate, JUnit)

Application receives web service requests from all system applications and stores various objects in xml database (Java, Spring, iBatis, Junit, Ant)

YCRDI Software Engineer May 1999 - Mar 2005 Yerevan, Armenia

Data aggregation tasks with GUI graphs & charts (Builder c++)

Database Object Oriented Editors (Builder c++, Oracle 8, GUI)

Distributed System Transparency Tasks (DCOM/COM+)

Desktop Diary (Builder C++, map, multi-map, GUI)

File Manager (Visual c++, windows shell api, GUI)

Seo Buddy website rank stats application (sockets, c++, html, GUI)

Image Editor (c++, GUI). Messengers (c++/DCOM, java/sockets, c++/sockets)

Billing Website (JSP, JDO, JS, HTML)

Websites generator with data exchange among servers (JSP, JDO, JS, HTML)


Agricultural and Economics University Yerevan, Armenia

Bachelor of Science

Field of study: Engineering of Dairy Production

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