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piping/pipeline engineer

December 12, 2017

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Address: Al Naja, Flat 310, Karama, Dubai, UAE


Mobile Phone - +971-*********


Date of Birth: May 31, 1965

Status: Married

Citizenship: Filipino

Height: 163 cm



Golden Gate Colleges, 1990

Batangas, Philippines


Experience in the design and construction Oil and Gas onshore cross-country pipelines for sour gas, sour crude, sweet gas, sweet crude and in-plant piping system, including refined product and crude oil booster and shipper pumps. Has excellent knowledge and can interpret well P & ID’s, PFD’s, piping plans, piping plot plans, and isometric drawings.

Interface with other Engineering disciplines such as Instrument, Electrical and Civil group to ensure equipment is compliant with design requirement and intent.

Interface with SAUDI ARAMCO PMT, LSTK Contractor and Equipment Vendors to ensure proper procurement and implementation of Mechanical / Piping design.

Prepare design in accordance with the applicable provisions of International Codes and Standards such as ANSI/ASME, API, ASTM, MSS, NFPA and NACE MR 0175 / ISO 15156 or in accordance with Client’s specifications and Project Contract Specifications. Has good knowledge and understanding of Saudi Aramco material specifications, design and Engineering standards.


Prepare wall thickness calculation and Safety Instruction Sheets for piping system.

Prepare specifications for Valves, Pumps, Scraper Traps, and provide the specifications in data sheet format

Attend weekly progress meetings for projects involved.

Ensure information related to pipeline design is correct based on the project requirements.

Check calculations made by Engineer colleague to ensure correctness.

Participate in HAZOP workshop.

Interface with other Engineering disciplines to ensure that project requirements are understood and complied.

Interface with EPC Contractor and Vendors for clarification of materials to be procured.

Tasked to resolve technical issues related to design, materials and installation of onshore pipelines.

Prepare Hot Tap calculation for crude oil and gas lines.

Prepare and reviews Material Requisitions or Request for Quotation of materials based on Saudi Aramco, Industry Standards and specific project requirements.

Prepare technical queries to Client (SAPMT) for clarifications to the scope of work so that Client will be made aware of cost and project milestone impact the query might produce.

Provide construction support to Construction Contractor during implementation and construction.

Review deliverables such as piping routing, equipment layout, piping isometric drawings, PFD, P & ID, Tie in schedule, and Coating schedules.

Review and prepare Scope of work for engineering work related to piping, valves, supports, etc.

Review and approval of mark-up red lined PFD’s, P & ID’s, data sheets, and specifications.

Check isometric drawings and Material take-off.

Check P & ID, piping plan and piping sections.

Prepare hydrostatic test diagram and pressure table based on data calculated in the Safety Instruction Sheet.

Review, approves and make recommendations on Vendor material technical bid.

Review Vendor Technical bid evaluation and clarification of Vendor offer for Mechanical and Piping materials for crude oil lines, gas lines and water lines such as pumps, ball, gate, plug (MOV’s or GOV’s) and check valves, flanges, but weld fittings, pipes, pipe coating, screwed fittings, etc., to ensure that all materials meet the required specifications..

Participates in the on-the job training of Saudi engineers and designers.


To be employed as Piping / Pipeline Design Engineer in a Multi-Discipline Engineering firm.


Employer Name: SNC-Lavalin Fayez Engineering

From: December 15, 2015 To: November, 2016

Location: Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Position Held & Duties: Discipline Engineer (Pipeline)

Reporting to Lead Engineer. Responsible for design specification and services related to piping systems and layout including piping material selection, piping material line classes.

Participate in meetings with Lead Engineer, Clients and third parties, to communicate and clarify interfaces, requests, decisions, approvals, proposals, status, responses, etc.

Project Experience in this Position:

SAUDI-BHARAIN Pipeline Project - Detail Design for BI-25-00044, Saudi Bharain Crude Oil Pipeline for the supply of Arabian Light (AL) Crude Oil from Abqaiq Plant in Saudi Arabia to BAPCO Refinery in Bahrain – ROBAYA is the Construction Contractor.

KHURAIS AL CRUDE INCREMENT 300 MBCD SEA WATER PIPELINE – The Objective of this Project under this BI-10-015**-**** “SEA WATER PIPELINE” is to provide ancillary facilities to support Khurais Al-Crude increment project. The objective will be met by installing 48” ADKH-1 loop and 56” jump over between QUAD-1 and QUAD-2 pipeline to meet additional water injection requirements by transferring excess sea water from QUAD-1 to QUAD-2 and further transported through 60” ADKH-1 and its newly proposed 48” ADKH-1 Loop.

Employer Name: Mustang – HDP, Saudi Arabia

From: July 15, 2014 To: November 15, 2015

Location: Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Position Held & Duties: Discipline Engineer (Pipeline)

Reporting to Lead Engineer. Responsible for design specification and services related to piping systems and layout including piping material selection, piping material line classes, standard and speciality piping components, pressure, weight and thermal analysis of piping systems, vibration analysis and piping support systems.

Participate in meetings with Lead Engineer, Clients and third parties, to communicate and clarify interfaces, requests, decisions, approvals, proposals, status, responses, etc.

Performs all conventional aspects of the functional area subject matter. Devises new approaches to problems encountered. Plans, schedules, and conducts work requiring judgement in the independent evaluation, selection, and adaptation of engineering techniques, procedures and criteria.

Performs non-deliverable activities as requested by the Head of Department or Lead Engineer, such as: Surveys, studies, reviews attend meetings, etc.

Performs work which involves conventional engineering practice but may include a variety of complex features such as conflicting design requirements, unsuitability of conventional materials and difficult coordination requirements.

Provides technical guidance to designers and less experienced engineers. Worked as a mentor / trainer for the new Saudi Engineers and guide them till the end of the projects.

Responsible for leadership of a functional area on a small project or a segment of a larger project.

Reviews Design & Drawings in accordance with the scope and demonstrates ability to conceive, plan, organize, coordinate and execute multiple assigned task in a timely manner.

Project Experience in this Position:

Detail Design for BI-10-01282, Master Gas Expansion, Phase I, 56” EWG-2 Section I Sales Gas Pipeline – CAT is the Construction Contractor.

This BI shall install new sweet gas pipeline EWG-2, 56”, 600# cross-country pipeline from Km 916 to EWPS #7 in the Saudi East-West pipeline corridor, with all the associated facilities including scraper traps, mainline valve stations and burn pits.A total of 6 each 64” x 56” scrapers shall be installed, including 19 each mainline valve stations and burn pits.MOV ball valves will be provided where power is available and GOV where power is not available. Drawing to be prepared includes pipeline alignment sheets, facility plot plans, piping plans, isometric drawings. The 56” mainline pipes are to be provided by Saudi Aramco (externally FBE coated), while the other pipes, ranging from sizes 48” down to 2” will be procured by the Construction Contractor. Scraper traps, valves - MOV/GOV and manual valves (ball, gate, plug, check, globe) will be procured by the Construction Contractor as well as the other materials such as butt weld fittings and hot tap fittings.

A total of 11 hot taps will be conducted for this project


(The purpose of this project is to support Saudi Aramco’s objective of economically meeting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s energy demand by installing a new Qassim - Hayil (QH-1) cross-country Pipeline. The new cross-country pipeline will accommodate the forecasted demand for the Hayil region up to the year 2040.)

Detail Engineering and Design and Procurement for BI-10-00226, PIPELINE REHABILITATION – PHASE VII.

(LSPB Project – Saudi Aramco procured long lead materials and Construction Contractor will install the pipeline)

Pipeline rehabilitation for Arab Lite Sour crude oil cross-country pipeline UA-6 (Uthmaniyah to Abqaiq), including replacement of 15 existing mainline and jumpover valves with new. Eight (8) MOV ball valves and seven (7) GOV ball valves were provided. The job also includes decruding and provision for hot tap split tees at some locations. Scope includes stress analysis of aboveground unrestrained piping.

Employer Name: KBR – AMCDE

From: October 16, 1996 To: May 21 2014

Location: Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Position Held & Duties: Piping Engineer

Responsible for the execution of assigned work within my capability; meeting the Company’s contractual obligations and Clients needs and expectations, first time, on time, within budget.

Involved in mechanical and piping design projects such as preparation of layout plans, detailed drawings, drafting piping isometrics for customer’s approval.

Conducting field and plant surveys to verify all pipes and fittings and other instrument which are included under the scope of works.

Involved in the detailed design in all piping projects from Saudi Aramco, most of all in Maintain Potential Project Division (MPPD). Consisting of wellhead piping (oil, water injection and water supply well,) flow lines, lateral lines, trunklines, test lines, water injection headers and piping of water injection plant.

Involved in making Plan and Profile drawing and in all aspects of preparing, working and construction drawings, material take-off, project survey, line sizing and other related discipline under the scope of work.

Responsible in keeping records of all engineering and drafting documents and constantly update them until the end of the projects.

Major Projects Involved in this Position:

Detailed Design of SP-7 and MC-7 in Yanbu Export Refinery Project (Under KBR - KELLOGS BROWN & ROOTS),

Cristal GAN and Cristal GOX Pipeline at YANBU

Upgrade Fire / Foam System at Safaniyah Bulk Plant

Oil and Water injection Flowline Project for Maintain Potential Project Division, Abqaiq Area (OMPPD)

12” J/O Between HDAKHCL-1 P/L at HDKHCL-1 @KM. 198

Swinglines Between UTMN GOSP-9 and UTMN GOSP 10

Demolishing Boiler # 2 at North Steam Plant in Abqaiq Plant

Upgrade Firewater & Utility Water System at UGP

Replacement of 75# Steam Header at Shedgum Gas Plant

Temporary Manpower Supply to (Dar Al Riyadh Engineering ). Involved in Dar Al Riyadh BI Project Proposal for two Grade Gasoline – (Premium Grade and Super Grade) Additional Capacity in Western Region of Saudi Arabia

Feasibility Study for Upgrade of UGP Elevated Flares to Smokeless in UTHMANIYAH GAS PLANT

Replacement of 150# Steam Turbines with 600# steam Turbines at Shedgum Gas Plant

Jet Fuel Supply pipelines from Ras Tanura Refinery to Dammam International Airport (KFIA). Modification of the Original Oil Pipeline Design to Reduce final installation costs.

Transferring of Oily Water to Ras Tanura Industrial Waste Treatment Plant

T& I North Pier Berth 8 & 9, Ras Tanura – Repair of Shipping Terminal piping

Employer Name: Petro Infrastructure Engineering Consultant ( PI-CONSULT )

From: May 5, 1990 To: Feb. 20, 1995

Location: Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Position Held & Duties: Piping Designer / Engineer II

Serves as a Designer and Engineer II in the company, involved in mechanical and piping design projects. Preparation of working drawings such as plans elevations & isometric details for design packages, revisions of drawings to reflect “As-Built” conditions of GOSP (Gas Oil Separating Plants), GGP (Gas Gathering Plants) facilities, well platform and other related facilities in off-shore of the following projects

Major Projects Included:

Temporary Manpower Supply to Southern Area Design & Drafting Services Division, Saudi Aramco (SADDSD)

Replacement of Corroded Section of 36” dia. Flare Header

Replacement of Bingham Pumps with Sundyne Pumps.

Separate Sulfite Injection Facilities for North Steam Plants.

Replacement of 24” dia. Section of Production Header

Qurrayah Sea Water Plant Piping

As-Built Drawings for BERRI Gas Plant

Redesign of PZV Test Shop Equipment in Uthmaniyah Plant

Installation of PZV at Khurais / Aindar Plant

As-Built Drawings for UTHMANIYAH GOSP -6, 7 & 8


Professional Affiliations:

Saudi Engineering Council, Saudi Arabia

Software Skills:

Basic Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook)


Microstation SE


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