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Service Sql Server

South Brunswick Township, New Jersey, United States
December 09, 2017

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Bichitra Kumar Pattanayak (B.E in Computer Sc. & Engineering)

Cell: 732-***-****

A highly proficient, accomplished and result-oriented seasoned technologist with over 15 years of experience in Banking & Capital markets, Assets and Wealth Management, healthcare delivering project. Hands on experience in complete SDLC process from planning, POC, requirement analysis, development, testing and support for various applications. Hand on experience in desktop(WinForms/WPF), and Web Application ( MVC, angular2/4, webAPI rest Service)

Working on Angular 2/4, typescript, C#, WPF, Silverlight2/5, WinForms,, MVC, core, jQuery, Java script,, TFS, Git, VSTO, Dev express, Sand Dock, Telerik, Infragistics, Xceed controls, Ajax, WCF, WebAPI Restful Service, Web Service, Entity Framework, Microsoft Enterprise Library, N-unit, FxCop, Visio, Ants profiler, TFS,GIT, Crystal Report, Prism framework, Composition Application Block(CAB), SSRS, Sql Server, Wix installer, POCO, T4, Ants profiler, FxCop, Rx-Framework, Crystal report, Microsoft Enterprise Library, Microsoft RIA Services,Smart client Software Factory (SCSF Contrib.), LINQ, SSRS, WIX 2.0/3.0.XL,Windbg,XML, XSD, kafka, tibco messaging bus, protobuf, JIRA

Methodology: Agile (Scrum), Waterfall

Professional Experience

Enabled IT LLC. NY June’20017 – Till Date

Project: ARES/Raptor – Global Equity Cash June’20017 – Till Date

Position: Front office .Net lead Developer

Client: City Group, Jersey City

ARES old is a trading programming application used by US traders to create basket and Risk trade and execution. Raptor is web version of ARES.

Technologies Used: Vs2015, Visual source code, .NET 4.5, C#, WPF, Prism 5, Rx framework, git, LINQ, MEF, dev express, Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0, Protobuf serialization, Kafka and Tibco messaging service, java servlet service, java script, HTML5, angular 4, typescript, Rxjs, NodeJS, web socket

Role: Support and Enhance existing, net C#, WPF ARES trading programming application. Involved in design and did lot of R&D for web based trading application Raptor POC and project in angular4, typescript, JavaScript, HTML 5, styles. Implemented web socket to communicate browser and Kafka server for market data. is used for message serialization Developed custom lightweight grid with extensive functionality, tabs support dynamically added view and generic components. Integration Kafka library with NodeJS.

The Matlen Silver Group. NJ June’20011 – June’2017

Project: Offer Management, Portrait - Wealth Management Banking May’2016 – June’2017

Position: .NET Lead/Sr Developer

Client: Bank of America, NJ

This application used to manage various type of offer to banking/investment account holder. this system integration with banking system to process various types of offer using predefined workflow.

Technologies Used: .NET 4/4.5, C#, REST Service, TFS, SQL Server, LINQ, Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0, ML Framework, java script, HTML, Autosys, WebSphere MQ, angular 2, MVC, typescript, SSIS 2012, Silverlight 5.0

Role: Support and Enhance and adding new functionality in UI and service layer for multiple projects in angular 2. Developed Alert email service for different information from different sources. Re design and re-write replacement of WebSphere ILOG workflow. Worked on lot of SSIS packages to replace store procedure to transform data from file system to stage tables. Working on web API rest service.

Project: Arc (Accounting, Reconciliation, Calculation) Jan 2015 – May 2016

Position: .NET Tech Lead/Sr Developer

Client: CIT Group, NJ

ARC (Accounting, Reconciliation, Calculation) application automate reconcile account data from different sources and generate lot of reports for analysis and it helps internal user/employee to make more productivity and save time frame.

Technologies Used: .NET 4.5, C#, WPF, WCF, REST Service, VS 2015, GIT flow, SQL Server, LINQ, Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0, Prism5(Composition Application Guidance patterns and practices), Entity framework 6, MVVM (Model View ViewModel) patterns for UI Module, Expression Blend), DevExpress, MEF. Multithreading, SQL server SSIS, Data Virtualization, Reactive Framework. core, MVC, java script, web API, jQuery, type script, angular2 beta, Unit Test

Role: Involve in requirement analysis. Interact with user to understand and analysis issues and support them. Completely involved in architecture develop generic Core UI framework, UI development and WCF service integration component (using different design pattern) exposing various generic functionality (custom behavior, validators, converters, custom template, etc.) and UI framework services (like menu, validation, user interaction, logging etc.) including extending prism framework as required to support current application like writing different region adopter/behavior for third party control. Implemented UI Module using MVVM pattern. Extensive used Binding, Multi Bindings, Multi Triggers, Value Converter, MultiValue Converter, Data Template, Control Template, Styles. Worked on performance and memory issue using Ants/Windbg tools. Involved in working on store proc, SQL and SSIS packages to create work flow to execute business rule/logics. Working on Web API Rest service for core and type script, angular2 beta

Position: Sr. WPF/Prism Developer

Project: UCRS (United Collection & Recovery System)

Client: Bank of America, DE (Remote Work) June 2011 – Dec 2015

This desktop application used by Bank of America credit card collection department, it provides rich UI and more user friendly to manage different type of account and payment system. This application automated dialer system for inbound and outbound call to save more associate time and resources to generate the organization more profitable. This application is completely designed and implemented de couple architecture and SOA.

Technologies Used: .NET 4.0, C#, WPF and WinForm (Desktop), VSTO, WCF, VS2010, TFS, oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Java, XML, XPath, LINQ, Reflection, Delegates, Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0, Prism (Composition Application Guidance patterns and practices), MVVM (Model View ViewModel) patterns for UI Module, Expression Blend), TFS (Team Foundation Server), Infragistics Controls. Java, IIS, Aunts profiler, SSRS, Entity Framework. MEF, POCO code generator, Unit Test

Role: Involve with business to understand requirement analysis. Interact with end user and understand current issues with current system and making more flexible and automated system to help user to be more productive and solve their problems. Involved in Design and Develop Core UI framework (extending prism and developed different UI services like Validation service, UI Interaction Service, Child Window Service) and other functionality using various design patterns. Implemented UI Module using MVVM pattern. Extensive used Binding, Multi Bindings, Multi Triggers, ValueConverter, Multivalue Converter, Data Template, Control Template, Style and custom Behavior and Custom controls and Multithreading. Involved WCF service Implementation. Involved in Unit Testing and Integration Testing of framework and Modules. Code review and code refactor. Developed lot of tools for Dev team to speed up development/Support Team (Menu configuration Tools, Online Support Tool). Worked on multiple reports using SQL server reporting service. Worked on performance and memory issue using Ants/Windbg tools.

Samiti Technology. NJ Aug’2010 – June 2011

Position: .NET architect/Lead Developer Aug’2010 – June 2011

Project: Compass Desktop CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Client: Bank of America, NY

This application used by Global Capital marketing team to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, with the goal of improving business relationships with customers

Technologies Used: .NET 4.0, C#, WPF(Desktop), WCF, VS2010, TFS, oracle, Java,XML, XPath, LINQ, Reflection, Delegates, Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0, Prism(Composition Application Guidance patterns and practices), MVVM(Model View ViewModel) patterns for UI Module, Expression Blend), TFS( Team Foundation Server), xceed Controls. Java, Solace messaging router, IIS, Oracle


Refactor existing code and integrate prism framework to make MVVM pattern. Extensively worked on UI modules design, code implementation, data template, control template, custom behavior, converters. Styles. And also involved in WCF service implementation.

Syntel Inc. USA Sept’2009 – Aug’2010

Position: Project Lead

Project: IDEA

Client: Humana, KY

Humana is a health insurance industry. Idea is a WPF desktop application to help Humana’s agent to avoid paperwork and make electronic form to accept quotation and insurance information. It helps Agents to work offline to create quotation and take information and helps to upload data. Idea helps to synch data with Humana main data base.

Technologies Used: .NET 3.5, C#, WPF(Desktop), WCF, VS2008, TFS, SQL server 2005, XML, XPath, XSLT, LINQ, WCF, Reflection, Delegates, ADO.NET entity framework, Microsoft Enterprise Library 4.0, Prism (Composition Application Guidance patterns and practices), MVVM (Model View ViewModel) patterns for UI Module, Expression Blend), TFS (Team Foundation Server). Agile scrum.


Working on UI framework, integrating prism framework, writing UI services like validation service using validation block. And working on WCF service. And coordinate with India team and graduate them business functionality and core framework. Design and developed more generic and configurable PDF generator service to populate data from different service.

Xcel corp. NJ Aug’2008 – Aug’2009

Position: .NET Tech Lead Developer

Project: XWEB I

xWEBI is a web based product adaptation of SAP-B1 (desktop based ERP application for SME) being created by doing reverse engineering using Silverlight 2/3, XAML, C#, LINQ and WCF on .NET 3.5. The application consumes data from WCF services which in turn use the DI APIs of SAP B1 with SQL Server 2005 as its backend database.

Technologies Used: .NET 3.5, C#, Silverlight 2.0/3(XAML), Silverlight toolkit, WCF, VS2008, VSS, SAP B1 web service, Silverlight Telerik Control, SQL server 2005, SSRS, XML, XPath, XSLT, LINQ, ADO.NET Data services, Reflection, Delegates, SAP DI API and DI Web Service, TFS, Nunit, ADO.NET entity framework, Microsoft Enterprise Library 4.0, MVVM (Model View ViewModel) patterns for UI Module, Expression Blend), TFS (Team foundation Server).


Understanding UI functionality of existing system and documented. Involved in UI framework design and implementation to make UI modularity. And extensively working on UI modules, UI design, common styles, value converters, multivalue conveters. Data template, control template. Integrate prism framework. Working as tech lead, assign task to team members. R&D to resolve all technical issues found.

Orion System Integrate. NJ Feb’2007 – Aug’2008

Position: Sr system Analysist

Project: eAudit

Client: KPMG LLP. NJ

eAudit is a WPF desktop application and some module integration with excel and outlook. It is a re-engineering application. KPMG is one of the leading providers of Audit, Tax and Advisory services. KPMG provides the resources and technological tools necessary to support KPMG firms' engagement teams as they deliver Audit services to a wide range of clients.

Technologies Used: .NET 3.0& 3.5, C#, WinForms(Desktop), WPF(desktop), WCF, Microsoft Enterprise Library, CAB for WPF (SCSF Contrib.), Groove, InfoPath, VS2008, VSTO, VSS, WPF Sand Dock, and Dev Components (Dev Express), Infragistics for WPF, Groove, MS Access and SQL server 2005, ADO.NET Synch, VBScript, XML, XPath, Multithreading, Reflection, Delegates, Windows API, NUnit).

Role: Working as core framework team member, involved in framework design and implementation. customizing SCSF and CAB to support WPF and winform to make modular application, working on business rules and WCF service, UI design and implementation. Writing generic custom behavior, controls. Styles. working with India team to help them to use framework and also involved with performance testing and code refactor accordingly.

Aspect Technology, India June’2006 - Jan’2007

Position: Principal Engineer

Project: Aspect Quality Management

Aspect Quality Management provides call logging capabilities to record every customer interaction. With the ability to store recordings for the long term in a secure environment, Aspect Quality Management helps your business comply with key regulatory requirements.

Technologies Used: .NET 2.0(C#) ASP.NET, WinForms 2.0, Web services, Windows API, Ajax, SQL Server 2000, Java script, xml, IIS 6.0, WIX 2.0, ADO.NET, Multithreading, Reflection, Delegates, Windows API, Crystal Report 10, Nunit.

Role: Working on quality control module, design and developed custom media player, for editing audio and video. integrate with application.

Aditi Technologies, India June'2005 - June'2006

Position: Sr. Software Developer

Project: Application Analyzer 2006 For Lotus Domino

Client: Microsoft Corporation, WA

The Microsoft Application Analyzer 2006 for Lotus Domino is a Winform desktop application tool that helps organizations to analyze their Lotus Notes/Domino application environment. It generates reports based on a number of application properties such as last accessed/modified dates, template types and the presence of workflow.

Technologies Used: .NET 1.1 and 2.0 (C#) WinForms(desktop), C++, Lotus Notes, MSDE, SQL Server 2000, and Crystal Report in .NET, WIX 2.0 Set up, VB Script, Multithreading, XML, XPATH, ADO.NET, Multithreading, Reflection, Delegates, Windows API, Microsoft SQL Helper, Nunit


Involved in application design. Developed framework, working on module level functionality. Did lot of

R&D on lotus domino API, to integrate with application and data manage. Taking lead role and helped team member and assign task to team member. Working on WiX set up. Code review. Working closely with Microsoft engagement manager, gathering requirements and enhance the functionality after first release.

Xansa Ltd, India Jan’2005 – May’2005

Position: Software Engineer.

Project: Yorkshire

Client: Yorkshire Water (UK)

Yorkshire Water is a UK based water supply company. This desktop application completes project management process for total cost management, improved cash flow and increased profits

Technologies Used: .NET 1.1 (C#, Web services) Win Form 1.1, SQL Server 2000, Multithreading.

Roe: Working on technical documents and coding in C# and winform UI for various modules. Working on

store proc. Code review for and refactor store proc.

PI Softek Ltd, India Oct'2003 - Jan'2005

Position: Software Developer

Project: IRS (Investment Recovery System)

Client: SIR System (USA)

This is an Internet based application, the application maximizes and return the following features such as advertising, Marketing, Inventory management. The application using the INVESTMENT RECOVERY System’s cross-reference of inventory to customer interest you can better target your marketing efforts.

Technologies Used: ASP.NET(, Web Forms, SQL Server 2000, Java script, Crystal Report, Web Service behavior, Web Service, Java script, xml, IIS 5.0.

Role: understanding existing system and documented existing functionality. Involved in new design with Sr. team members. Coding in and writing store proc and sql query for various reports. Developed number of crystal reports.

Radon InfoTech, India June’2002 - Oct'2003

Project: Marketing Forecast

Client: Gillette, India


This application is developed for Gillette India, the motto of this application to automate and improve the marketing management of the different sales office. It generates different reports

Technologies Used: ASP, 1.0, webforms Oracle 8.0 PL/SQL, Java script, VB Script, DHTML, IIS 5.0.

Role: coding in 1.0, writing store procedure, SQL query and deployment in client side. interact with direct users at client location and support them if any issues.

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