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Oracle Manager

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
December 07, 2017

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Technical Skills

Databases: Oracle 12c, Oracle 11g, Oracle 10g

Oracle Database Tools: SQL*Loader, TKPROF, Toad, OEM, Toad, TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN, STATSPACK, AWR, ADDM, ASH, SQL, Developer, Grid Control

Operating Systems: Solaris 10/9/8, Sun Sparc, RHEL 5.X/4.X, OEL, HP UX 11i, Windows 2000/2003 server


St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, Minnesota

Business Economics/Instructural Technology

North Hennepin Community College, Brooklyn Park, MN

Business Management (Associate Degree, AA)


I have over six years’of in depth experience in Oracle applications and Database Administration with duties including Installation, Configuration, Patch Installation, Migration, Upgrades, Backup and Recovery, Cloning, Replication, Database Security, Memory Management, Data Modeling, Performance Monitoring and Tuning, RAC, Data Guard, Grid Control, Oracle Streams.

Extensive knowledge in UNIX platforms includes HP, SOLARIS, AIX, and LINUX.

UNIX shell scripts for hot backups, SQL*Loader, export and import of database.

Experience in system Monitoring and Database Performance Tuning using Explain plan, SQL Trace, TKPROF, AWR and also Cluster Interconnect Tuning (RAC)

Provided valuable inputs for various performance tuning issues. Proficient in performance tuning using Explain Plan, STATSPACK, TKPROF, AWR, ADDM.

Proficient with Database Cloning, Migration, and Patching of Oracle Databases.

Highly Experienced in Hot/Cold Backup and Recovery and Cloning of databases using RMAN.

Knowledge of Database Recovery Techniques and implementation of those recovery techniques to ensure business continuity.

Experience in doing upgrades including maintenance & monitoring implementation.

Expertise in maintaining Database Security using auditing and Data Migrations

Knowledge in Golden Gate installation & Configuration setups in both windows/Linux environments.

Configured GoldenGate Downstream Mining and Integrated components for Active-Passive and Active-Active replication.

Configured GoldenGate High Availability using Oracle DBFS and Active DataGuard.

Installed and configured GoldenGate JAgent to work with OEM GoldenGate Plugin.

Expertise in Performing Tuning Database - Tuning involved I/O, Memory, CPU utilization, SQL Tuning, SGA tuning, Shared Pool tuning, Buffers and Disk I/O tuning using Oracle's regular performance tuning tools like Explain Plan, STATSPACK (perfstat), SQL*Trace, TKPROF.

Expert in Performance Tuning and Monitoring of Oracle Databases on Unix/Linux platform using database tuning, Tkprof, Explain plan, AWR and ADDM reports, Advisors as SQL Tuning, SQL Advice, Undo, Segment, MTTR, Memory.

Extensively implemented Datapump, conventional Export/Import (Oracle 11g, 10g) for migration and logical backup of database.

Experienced in performing Database related activities using GRID, Multitenant Architecture, OEM, Data Pump, SRVCTL, RMAN, SQL*Loader, datapump, Export, Import, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, SVRMGR, SQL*Net/Net8, Listner, AGENT Tuning using explain plan, SQL Trace, AWR, ADDM, SGA tuning, Statspack and tuning of initialization parameters.

Experience as 24x7 productions DBA as well the application (development) database administrator.

Experienced in working with very large 24x7 Oracle RAC 10g & 11g databases on ASM of nearly 80GB to 22TB.

Experience in database patching, cloning, upgrade, migration & maintaining standby db server (DR).

Experienced in writing and designing the SQL queries as well as have extensive knowledge of Relational Database Management Systems. (Normalization, De-normalization, Entity Relationship diagram, DFD etc)

Expertise in all the phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Experienced in resource management like data files with ASM (Automatic Storage Management) (Trouble shooting, Add, Remove Files etc.), online redo log files, control files. Allocating logical storage structures like tablespace, schema and extents as well as configuring Oracle databases on Multi-Threaded Servers Implemented Hot/Cold physical backups (Incremental and full), cloning, duplicating of databases using RMAN with VERITAS Net Backup & IBM TSM.

UNIX Systems Administration - Database and application integration efforts. Heavy UNIX shell scripting, CRON jobs.

Extensively implemented Datapump, conventional Export/Import (Oracle 11g, 10g) for migration and logical backup of database.

Strong skills in applying security patches (Patch set, Critical Patch Updates (CPU) / Patch Set Updates (PSU), One-off Patch) using “runInstaller” and perl based utility “opatch”.

Highly experienced in implementing Oracle's Transportable Tablespace (TTS) feature using Datapump Export/Import (Oracle 12c, 11g, 10g) allowing users to quickly move a user Tablespace across Oracle databases.


Sapient Corporation - Cary, NC

June 2014 – Oct. 2017.

Oracle Database Administrator

Supporting multiple databases for production, development, test and staging purposes on Sun Solaris and Windows environments.

Implemented Dataguard, creating both logical and physical standby databases in 10g and 11g RAC environment for production database.

Implemented ASM on RAC and stand-alone databases. Managing disks and disk groups with ASM.

Participates on project teams as database administration support to ensure that databases are appropriately modified to support new business applications and requirements

Install, patch and upgrading Oracle 10/11g & 12c to support internal production and test environments.

Installation of 12c OEM and customize it to our needs.

Installing Oracle Golden gate on RHEL and setup table level replication as well as DDL replication too.

Setting up Golden Gate replication to heterogeneous environments for OS and Databases.

Capture, analyze and replay database transactions by using RAT.

Experience in upgrading 11g OEM to OEM 12c Cloud Control with a Two system approach method having zero downtime

Installed, Configured Oracle 12c Golden gate on Oracle 12c Database.

Extensively worked on Golden gate.

Configured cascading and bi-directional setups to accommodate the business requirements.

Performed conversion of SingleNodeInstance to MultiNodeRAC with ASM, and adding instance to existing RAC.

Configured Streams to capture propagate, apply changes in multiple databases.

Worked on Automatic Storage Management (ASM) with EMC Storage for managing data in SAN.

Configured, administered, and monitored a Streams environment using various tools like OEM console.

Installation, maintenance and tuning of11g RAC databases including ASM and CRS.

Set up, configured and maintaineddata guard (primary and standby databases) to ensure disaster recovery, high availability and data protection.

Implementing Datapump, conventionalexport/import utility of Oracle 11g, 10g for re-organizing Databases/Schemas/Tables to improve the performance.

Used import/export utilities for cloning/migration of small sized databasesandDatapump import/export to move data between 9i and 10g/11g environments.

Applying upgrade patch, maintenance and interim (opatch) patches on all the databases.

Refreshing Dev and Test instances with data from Production on a regular basis.

Environment: Oracle 11g/11g RAC/9i, VMS, Sun Solaris, Windows Server 2003, Red Hat Linux, TOAD, RMAN, SQL server, OEM.

Pacific System Inc - Atlanta, GA

March 2012 – June 2014

Oracle Database Administrator

Successful in applying RDBMS patches, security patches for improving the security and functionality of the databases.

Implemented proactive monitoring using Tuning Pack, Diagnostics Pack, and STATSPACK, SQL Trace & TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN.

Database monitoring/maintenance, replication process and performance tuning are done using OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager).

Automated the processes like moving files, managing alert log, efficient backup by developing UNIX scripts.

Plan and schedule RMAN backups (hot, cold and incremental backups)

Setup 12c Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM)

Implemented Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) for database security.

Involved in the installation, configuration and extended support to Oracle 11g, 10g two Node RAC (Real Application Cluster) with ASM file system on AIX platform.

Involved in converting a single instance database to Oracle 11g, 10g RAC databases.

Evaluated Oracle 11gR2 Golden Gate for future purposes that is for reducing the complexity involved in Oracle Streams.

Configured Oracle Streams on Oracle 11g, 10g databases for data replication and monitored them using Grid Control.

Automated the Data Replication process using Materialized Views for reporting databases.

Used Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 11g Grid Control for monitoring multiple database and notification of database alerts, and configured EM agents on multiple database servers.

Efficiently performed installation, setup and creation of four node cluster RAC with Oracle database using GRID infrastructure with ASM file systems on RHEL 5.5.

Maintenance of Oracle 11gR2 Real Application Cluster (RAC) Database for High Availability, Scalability and Performance by determining the best Cluster architecture, choosing the best hardware configuration for Oracle RAC.

Successful in installation/maintenance of Physical Standby database using Oracle Data Guard for Oracle and Oracle RAC databases.

Implemented switchovers on primary and standby databases as a part of planned maintenance activities.

Implementing Datapump, conventional export/import utility of Oracle 11g, 10g for re-organizing Databases/Schemas/Tables to improve the performance.

Used import/export utilities for cloning/migration of small sized databases and Datapump import/export to move data between 9i and 10g/11g environments.

Installed ASM environment and migrated databases from NON-ASM to ASM.

Used TOAD for database management.

Made optimal use of Oracle Support in resolving the SRs.

24 X 7 Production & Development database support and administration.

Environment: Oracle,, IBM AIX V6.1, RHEL 5.2, RAC, ASM, RMAN, AWR, ADDM, SQL* Plus, SQL*Loader, OEM, TOAD 10.0.

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