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Construction Manager

$95,000 - $145,000
December 07, 2017

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Skype: barry.griff3

Luang Prabang, Laos

Over 35 years of construction experience, beginning with hands on experience culminating into supervision and project management. My experience in the field of building construction includes woodworking, steel works, concrete and other phases necessary in building projects from conception through completion. I have worked in the USA, Germany, and Southeast Asia. I speak Thai and Lao at a conversational level. I have a knowledgeable understanding of all facilities related to building construction. I understand how to cooperate with those involved obtaining the optimum results to international standards that would satisfy any client or employer.

2017 Consultant/Advisor with the Gaupa Construction Co; Building new facilities at the Rosewood Hotel Resort in Luang Prabang, Laos.

2014-2016 Construction Manager for RMA Laos. Built two Pizza Companies, one Swensens, and a Land Rover/Jaguar show room and workshop. The Land Rover/Jaguar project was built to international standards.

2008- 2014 Vientiane, Laos: Manage and supervise a variety of projects, consulted on design and implementation techniques. I have resolved issues where needed and worked on residential and commercial projects. I was overseeing two projects assuring the works are in compliance with the design and the quality of works are acceptable to international standards.

2005-2008 San Francisco, USA: Consulted for a firm as a client’s representative on a condominium project. Set up a new business including renovating a building, designing and implementing the interior works.

2001-2004- San Francisco, USA: Worked for Lucas Film where my duties included liaison with contractors, inspectors, emergency personnel, and dignitaries. Worked under the Client’s representative assuring the contractors were in compliance with fulfilling their contractual obligations.

1990-2000- Vientiane, Laos: I supervised a variety of projects. My clients included Hunt Oil, Champion Wood, Telstra, Newmont Mining, Asia Development Bank, the World Bank and the Swiss government, where I oversaw the construction of additional facilities at the National Polytechnic Institute. I assisted in the evaluation of Tenders, resolved technical and architectural issues, budget constraints, scheduling of the works in progress and supervised the works to assure all specifications of the contract were met. I assisted in the preparation of a study manual for concrete works, assisted in the design for a factory, and supervised several renovations. Organized contractors, obtained necessary permits, and monitor the works in progress.

1986-1990- I worked in Chiang Mai Thailand assisting in design, planning, and the implementation for a variety of building projects, including the construction of new homes, factories, and the renovation for several buildings.

1976-1986- During this period I lived and worked in Hawaii, where I primarily worked as a carpenter. I constructed numerous homes, renovations, and some commercial buildings. Although woodworking was my main interest I participated in all phases of concrete works, steel works, and other finish works. I assisted in the design, scheduling, obtaining permits, resolved any conflicts that arose and approved the quality of works.

1974-1976- I worked in Freiberg Germany as a finish carpenter for a premier interior and furniture business. I was given the opportunity to work with some outstanding woodworkers whose pride in their profession was evident from the quality of the finished products we achieved.

1970-1974- I worked in Hawaii on a variety of projects including building a sugar mill for Hamakua Sugar. I was first assigned to the welding and steel fabrication department. Upon completion of the mill I operated heavy equipment. After finishing my assignment I worked on a variety of projects increasing my experience and gaining valuable knowledge for my future in the building industry.

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