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Indiana, Pennsylvania, United States
December 06, 2017

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* * * ****** * odge R oad Indiana P a * **** 724-***-**** Melinda S ue C arney


To u tilize g ained s kills a nd k nowledge w hile c ontinuing t o l earn a nd g row i n a ll a reas. To b e a c ontributor t o t he s uccess o f t he c ompany. Experience 2011-Present S&T B ank Indiana, P a Loan R ecords

● Prepare C ommercial l oans f or s canning

● Work m onthly t racking r eports

● Print a nd o rganize y ellow b ar c ode s heets

● Commercial e mail/phone

● Input d ata t o E xcel s preadsheets

● Work w ith v arious c omputer p rograms a nd w ebsites

● Work w ith l enders t o o btain a nd s hare c ustomer i nfo

● Verify l oan f iles a re c ompleted c orrectly 2009-2011 S&T B ank Indiana, P a

EFT S ervices

● Balance A TM’s

● Disputes

● Order a nd m aintenance c heck, a tm, p referred, h eloc a nd b usiness c ards

● Fraud r eports

● Decedent r eports

● Cards r eturned t o t he b ank f or b ad a ddresses

● Take calls from tellers, direct banking center and help desk to help with customer’s n eeds.

● Captured c ard l ogs a nd O ld/new l ist

2005-2009 S &T B ank I ndiana, P a

Computer R oom

● Key c orrect a nd b alance I nclearing a nd P od r uns.

● Process w ork t hrough s orters.

● Utilize B arr t o s end f iles t o p rinters a nd p rint c hecks.

● Maintain e quipment.

● End o f m onth p rocessing, s tatements, C D’s.

● Communication w ith o ther c ompanies.

● Air a nd E pm f ormatting f or t he R eturns a rea.

● End o f n ight p rocessing.

● Assist p roof o perators.

● Organization.

1999–2005 S &T B ank I ndiana, P a

Assistant P roof O perator

● Process t eller w ork v ia p roof m achines.

● Train n ew p roof o perators.

● Perform c orrections u tilizing A PCS.

● Delegate w ork t o c olleagues.

● Problem s olving o n b alancing i nconsistencies.

● Checking c orrections.

● Stocking s upplies.

1999-2005 S &T B ank I ndiana, P a

Table w ork

● Verify t apes a nd b alance p apers f or c onsistency.

● Data E ntry.

● Validate a nd r eport A merican E xpress t otals.

● Filming i tems a nd e nd o f t he n ight b alancing s heet.

● End o f t he m onth d uties.

● Enhanced a nd i mplemented T able w ork m anual. 1999-2003 S &T B ank I ndiana, P a


● Checking a nd b alancing p ayments.

● Copying, r unning t apes a nd s ending e mails. 1999-2003 S &T B ank I ndiana, P a

Inclearing a nd B undling

● Checking, b alancing a nd p reparing m orning w ork f or c omputer r oom.

● Checking, b alancing a nd w rapping e nd o f t he n ight w ork. 2002-2005 I ndiana S chool D istrict I ndiana, P a Eisenhower E lementary S chool D istrict I nstructional A ssistant

● Assist s tudent b ody i n a cademic w ork.

● Assist s tudents w ith p hysical d isabilities.

● Assist i n o ffice a nd i n c lassrooms.

1993-2007 Taught S unday S chool a nd P layday Indiana P A Grace U nited M ethodist C hurch

● Taught a ges 2 Y ear o lds t hrough 6 th G rade

● For a several years I taught K - 6th grade without assistance with an average o f 2 0 k ids p er w eek.

● Taught P layday a ges 2 a nd 3 y ear o lds 1993-1999 Assisted i n D ance C lasses Indiana P A Sharon’s S chool o f D ance

● Assisted w ith y ounger c hildren i n d ance c lasses Education

● Children’s W riting I nstitute o f C onnecticut – s till e nrolled

● Indiana A rea H igh S chool – 1 999 G raduated y ear Skills

Windows, M icro O ffice S uite. T ypewrites, A dding M achines, C opiers, P roof m achines, Fax M achines. A PCS S oftware, C ommunication S kills, F iling, F ilm M achines, 1 0-Key Keyboarding, O ptima, I nsight, C MSE, v arious e mail s ystems. Interests Interaction w ith c hildren i n r egard t o t eaching. D ancing, d rawing. S pending t ime w ith family a nd f riends. C rafts, i ncluding s crapbooking a nd b eading. C omputers, r eading and w riting.


Deanna V arner 7-24-840-****

Tamera M eyer 7-24-254-****

Laura S mith 7-24-422-****

Jeanne M ilhelcic 7-24-465-****

Dawn W instead 7-24-349-****

Maria C oncanon 7-24-465-****

Mary G rove 7-24-465-****

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