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SQL Server DBA

San Antonio, Texas, 78247, United States
December 06, 2017

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Hands-on technical leader, administrator, analyst, developer, and support specialist with 10+ years contributing to advanced IT projects and database systems. Track record of exceeding operational objectives for healthcare providers, insurance, IT, manufacturing, gaming software, pharmaceutical and government entities. Skilled in administering SQL Server environments, data migration, database security, release management and technical writing. Passionate in producing the most effective and efficient IT systems and deliverables.

SQL Server DBA Production and QA Operations Performance Management Technical Support T-SQL Development High Availability Policies/Procedures Development Regulatory Compliance Data Analysis Strategy Development Security/Risk Mitigation Troubleshooting Technical Writing Mentor



South Texas Blood & Tissue Center (STBTC) is a unique, non-profit, community resource that saves lives by working with volunteer donors to provide the highest quality blood and tissue components to patients. STBTC is internationally recognized for the quality of services and research and for its community involvement.

SQL Server Database Administrator

Provided expertise in best practices within the database arena. Administered and supported over 30 production and 35 non-production SQL Server environments ranging from SQL Server 2000 up to SQL Server 2016. Collaborated with Server Administrators, Application Developers and Report Writers to build and enhance SQL systems for better performance and scalability. Created SQL Jobs/Maintenance Plans relating to database backups, index optimization and archiving. Utilized Windows Event Logs and SQL Profiler to research and troubleshoot server errors and database performance issues. Deployed clustering technology for high availability.

Key Accomplishments

Initiated and implemented a campaign to consolidate and de-commission 12 SQL Server systems resulting in reclaiming server resources in a VM-Ware environment and providing a cost savings.

Wrote several SOP documents relating to Database Backups, Database Object Naming Standards, SQL Server Installation Guidelines, SQL Server Administration Best Practices, Data and Log File Management, SQL Server Login Management and SQL Server Disaster Recovery.

Wrote many “Knowledge Base” articles about SQL Server and database administration for the Enterprise Intranet to increase awareness and knowledge. Trained technical teams on SQL Server “basics.”

Deployed and maintained several archiving jobs designed to offload data into a data repository to reduce the footprint of production databases while improving performance on the database and remaining compliant with the FDA data retention policies.

Scheduled and coordinated all SQL Server database changes to be implemented into production environments. Changes included: Tables, Stored Procedures, Indexes, Views, Functions and Data Migrations.

AVANADE, San Antonio, Texas 2010 - 2012

A global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company that collaborates with Fortune 500 companies and United States Government and Military entities to achieve high performance results.

SQL Server Database Engineer

Provided expertise in best practices within the database arena. Performed duties of a DBA team lead responsible for training and motivating all incoming DBA and developer staff. Reviewed and maintained a library of technical documentation to ensure a smooth transition for all new team members. Provided full service SQL Server 2008 database support for complex application systems. Collaborated with multiple departments to identify and resolve all database-related issues to comply with existing Service Level Agreements. Created and maintained all jobs relating to database backups and preventative maintenance. Wrote and reviewed T-SQL code.


Key Accomplishments

As the lead DBA, successfully completed projects with a major defense contractor for the United States military, the Internal Revenue Service and the State of Iowa Medicaid Enterprise.

Implemented and supported high availability to include: Clustering, Database Mirroring and Log Shipping.

Recommended and applied best practices for database security on all SQL Server systems.

Oversaw and secured over 60 SQL Server instances containing highly sensitive information in compliance with data security procedures established by the client.

Deployed and supported over 30 VMWare servers running Windows Server 2008 R2.

Applied patches, service packs and critical updates to the client’s systems based on the specified maintenance windows or negotiated times.

Deployed two Active Directory Domain Controllers, managed all user accounts and joined over 15 servers to each domain.

TESORO PETROLEUM, San Antonio, Texas 2009-2010

One of the largest independent petroleum refiners and marketers in the Western US producing 664K barrels/day.

SQL Server Consultant

Spearheaded full service 2nd level SQL Server database support for complex refinery and petroleum exploration application systems. Partnered with System Administrators to analyze system logs, identify and proactively resolve all database-related issues. Worked with multiple departments in SQL technical support. Authored T-SQL queries for data migration efforts. Automated new database backups. Repaired incorrect/incomplete documents providing greater detail and eliminating obsolete items. Upgraded and kept current the internal process document library.

Key Accomplishments

Oversaw 100+ SQL Server servers, maintaining highly complex global operations.

Recommended and applied best practices for database security on all SQL Server systems.

Ensured proper protocol was followed in installing Oracle 10g and SQL Server software.

Advised and implemented processes for optimal database configurations and settings.


Sells auto, property, life and health insurance along with land and livestock acquisition for farmers. Serves 300K+ clients with 700+ multi-line agents.

SQL Server Consultant

Collaborated with the System Administrator and a 3rd party specialist to analyze a complex software performance issue. Championed all scheduling and planning for a migration of 50+ databases from SQL 2000 into SQL 2008. Worked with end-users and vendors to schedule a date and to validate application compatibility and identify dependent jobs or processes on the server. Researched server logs to verify proper execution of evening jobs and resolve issues. Launched SQL Profiler as a monitoring tool to capture system activity after a request regarding poor

server permance. Utilized execution plans for suspect T-SQL queries and recommended solutions. Initiated new system maintenance plans. Compared production server configurations to standards, re-engineering any changes.

Key Accomplishments

Authored internal documentation to standardize procedures in performance enhancement and proper database migration to include ETL processes.

Recommended and applied best practices for database security on all SQL Server systems.

Supported SSIS packages for optimal data migration.

Converted embedded T-SQL from web applications into DB2 stored procedures.

FIRST CARE HEALTH PLANS, Austin, Texas 2008-2009

Provides prepaid medical, hospital, and related comprehensive health care services to HMO subscribers. Maintains offices throughout Texas with approximately 1000 employees.


Database Administrator

Backed up, consolidated and removed 35 obsolete/inactive databases. Teamed with executive management to brainstorm and create processes for migrating SQL code from QA into production and evening/weekend SQL support. Provided full support to the development team including user management, database refreshes, data migration and T-SQL code reviews. Spearheaded troubleshooting and resolution of performance issues and failed jobs. Maintained DTS and SSIS packages.

Key Accomplishments

Located dependent jobs/processes, validated software compatibility, built a rollback plan and negotiated a migration date for 80+ databases to upgrade from SQL 2000 into SQL 2008.

Recommended and applied best practices for database security on all SQL Server systems.

Led all functions for SQL Server production and development including ETL processes for data migration.

Saved the organization the need to purchase additional server hardware through the use of server consolidation and database migrations.

RACKSPACE MANAGED HOSTING, San Antonio, Texas 2007-2008

Global managed hosting company where clients purchase hardware and install their own applications. Administers the OS, DBMS software and network connectivity.

Senior SQL Server DBA

Served as asset to the global SQL Server DBA Team, providing 2nd level database support to clients 24/7/365.

Leveraged knowledge of Enterprise Manager and SQL Management Studio to assist over 4000 clients with diverse issues and multiple levels of priority. Learned quickly to manage a complex ticketing system, fulfilling diverse orders in a timely manner. Reviewed T-SQL code (DDL and DML) to upgrade to current standards and advise on enhancements. Produced all needed T-SQL scripts to implement log shipping. Performed in-depth analysis of SQL Server systems. Reviewed indexes, settings and recommended index rebuilds as needed.

Key Accomplishments

Increased speed of client’s system 25% and cut added expenses of additional hardware through launching a performance trace and isolating multiple long running queries.

Worked with clientele in installing upgrades/patches and administering database mirroring and replication.

Saved thousands of dollars by authoring a highly detailed technical manual on best practices in T-SQL development, naming standards and database security, eliminating a need for a costly consultant.

Utilized SQL Profiler, Database Engine Tuning Advisor and Performance Monitor to supervise server activity and improve performance.

** ** **


DELL COMPUTER CORPORATION, Austin, Texas 2007-2008

Database Administrator

Championed 2nd level database support for 300+ SQL Servers the Sales and Marketing Departments 24/7/365, working with client databases exceeding 3 to 4 TB in size.

Managed 100+ DTS packages for “After Point of Sale” identifying and marketing products based on client purchasing habits.

Utilized SQL Profiler and Performance Monitor to troubleshoot issues analyze activity and proactively resolve T-SQL code challenges.

MULTIMEDIA GAMES, INC. Austin, Texas 2006-2007

SQL Server DBA

Spearheaded 400+ high transaction SQL Servers for customers in the US, Mexico and Israel, analyzing T-SQL code and database configurations to advise on best practices.

Provided superior client services, working weekends and evenings to reconfigure and relocate data files with minimal customer downtime.

Slashed approximately 40% of the time for a hardware/software migration through production of SQL scripts.


TOPAZ SOFTWARE, Austin, Texas 2005-2006

Database Architect

Leveraged knowledge of ErWin to update/manage data models, design cutting edge database systems, modify existing systems, reverse engineer legacy systems and generate T-SQL and PL/SQL scripts.

Served as Production DBA for multiple SQL Server and Oracle systems.

Eliminated obsolete logic, code and errors via re-engineering the logic in InstallShield script

Initiated a versioning system for data models to identify and catalog systems based on software release number, then instructing the system to match the SQL code repository in Visual Source Safe.

DNOVUS-RDI, Fort Sam Houston, Texas 2004-2005

Database Specialist (US Army contractor)

Provided key support for 30+ Oracle and SQL Server servers used by the US Army Medical Information Technology Center (USAMITC) at Fort Sam Houston.

Served on a specialized team that created the Joint Theater Trauma System, writing PL/SQL procedures for data retrieval, processing and storage to retrieve medical data via a mobile device.

Utilized T-SQL scripts and Crystal Reports to automate reporting procedures for the Video Network Center, producing metrics for video equipment usage and eliminating the need for further equipment procurement.

** ** **

Career Note: Additional excellent experience as System Engineer, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of South Carolina 2004. Data Analyst, Grande Communications 2002-2003.Technology Support Engineer, Charles Schwab 2000-2001. Details furnished upon request.


Master of Science ~ Computer Information Systems

Bachelor of Science ~ Computer Science and Applied Statistics

Saint Mary's University, San Antonio, Texas


Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, SQL Server 2008 DBA

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, SQL Server 2005 DBA

ITIL V3 Foundations

Oracle Certified Professional, Oracle 8i DBA


Database Systems: Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g; SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008/R2, 2012, 2014, 2016

Hardware: PC, Mainframe (IBM 3090, HP 3000, HP 1000)

Software: MS Office, Windows OS (XP, 2000, 2003, 2008/R2, 2012), DBArtisan, Database Performance Analyzer, ErWin, TOAD, Visual Source Safe, SQL Compare, Solar Winds(Windows/SQL Server monitoring), SQL Enterprise Manager, SQL Profiler, Performance Monitor, SQL Server Management Studio, VM-Ware VCenter.

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