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Engineer Project Management

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
December 05, 2017

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Edmonton, Alberta, T*E *J7 Canada – +1-780-***-****–

Senior-Level Telecommunication Engineering and Management

Global Business Solutions

Engineering Design Solutions

Technical Troubleshooting

Project Management

Strategic Planning

Quality Assurance

Customer Satisfaction

Cost Effective Solutions

Technology Development

Industry Compliance

Team Building

Cross-Team Collaboration

Analytical, highly adaptable professional with 19+ years extensive experience developing, deploying and evaluating systems aimed at improving quality and efficiency in areas such as service delivery, solution development, and technical management

Knowledgeable in wired and wireless communications infrastructure design and implementation for industries such as oil and gas, cellular, energy, financial, and government establishments.

Skilled in aligning end-user needs with long-term resolutions to complex telecom and wireless communication challenges. Track record of success.

Demonstrated success in leveraging various technology options to enhance business functionality and maintain high quality of service.

Accomplished communicator skilled in building and strengthening relationships across functions to drive cohesive and strategic operations.

Benchmarks & Milestones

üEnbridge Pipelines remote sectionalizing valves, stations and terminal communication infrastructure redesigning and upgrade to IP, for Control systems/SCADA/Measurement and Leak detection assets monitoring in compliance with cyber security requirement.

üNetwork design and implementation of Onramp Wireless’s Ultra-Link–Processing 2.4GHz wireless pressure transmitter measurement for Shell Nigeria SDPC Oil pipeline leakage detection and remote data capturing.

üBlackberry BB7 and BB10 device hardware and software design verification and certification with 3GPP standard and carrier requirement. (Adopted effective design verification process that cut off three months in design and certification stages, and caused early device release for production.

üSamsung and Intel device hardware and software validation and certification with Sprint USA mobile WiMAX lunched in Northern Virginia, Chicago, Boston and Maryland.

üCDMA/EVDO-Rev-A 5.0 Release Qualification Test for Base Station Airvana Inc. & Nortel Massachusetts USA, 2007.

üVarious Fiber Optics Network, CAT5 structured cabling –LAN, WAN, WLAN (Wi-Fi), Land Mobile radio, broadband wireless access, microwave network design and implementation.

Professional Experience

ENBRIDGE PIPELINES INC. - Edmonton, Canada 2013-Present

“North American leader in energy delivery by connecting people to needed energy– safely and responsibly. Employs approximately 11,000 people across the U.S. and Canada, earning place on Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations list for seven straight years.”

Consultant Snr Communication Engineer (SME) – Pipeline Control Systems & Leakage Detection

Design and install communication infrastructure for control systems, SCADA, industrial instrumentation, leak detection and measurement using director/RTU, SCADA-Pack, PLC, HMI, Flow-Computer to capture real-time data and monitor remotely oil and gas flow via pipeline distribution systems.

Provide design and support of integrated voice, data and video telecommunication systems, using various communication technologies such as fiber optics and copper cabling, microwave, data radio (UHF, VHF), satellite-VSAT, cellular and land mobile radio LMR/P25. Build and support infrastructure with power systems, battery banks, backup generator, and telecom shelters with cabinet, equipment racks and monitoring systems.

Perform site surveys, prepare radio path engineering profiles - point to point and multipoint, radio link budgets, fiber optics link-budget, filing licensing and tower structure application with regulatory – Industry/NAV/Transport Canada, County/Municipality for approval, and third party tower leasing.

Perform lab test, factory acceptance test (FAT) and end to end commissioning on SCADA and control systems network devices. Provide bill of materials for communication infrastructures captured from design option.

Develop engineering communication drawing for SCADA and control systems networks that capture connectivity of remote assets up to Enbridge WAN and control center operation (CCO). Also use to track and document field assets. Review and provides comment on engineering drawing design such as IFC, IFR drawings, Red line drawings and construction packages.

Team collaborate to implementation cyber security measure on pipeline communication network, and provide adequate technical support for pipeline operations, assets monitoring and remote data capture.

Perform project management activities right from initiation, project development, budget preparation, scheduling and cost estimates, risk and quality management, project execution and closure. Supervise and schedule field technicians and contractors on various network implementation project, upgrades and maintenance.

Contribute to standards and technical practice reviews adopted for SCADA and Control systems networks and ensure compliance with Enbridge policy, industry standard and government regulations.

Key Accomplishments:

üSuccessfully developed and presented the business case to convince senior management to consider converting all pipeline control systems serial communication to Ethernet across Canada, so that cyber security could be adopted and high speed data communication could be achieve for real-time data capture and transmission to CCO.

üProposed inter-province communication link services by laying optical fiber along Enbridge pipeline network right of way, to provide backhaul communication services for Canadian telecoms carriers.

ON-RAMP WIRELESS INC. -San Diego CA, USA. 2012- 2012.

“A systems provider for low-power wide area scalable sensor networking and location tracking. Networking solution wireless system purpose-built to solve challenges of device monitoring, the Smart Grid and asset tracking in metro-scale and other difficult radio propagation environments.”

Technical Project Manager (Deployment) - Ultra Link Processing Wireless System

Managed and led teams of engineers to design, plan, implement and optimize wide area networks with On-Ramp Wireless 2.4GHz Ultra Link Processing (ULP) system, adopted to remote assets monitoring and control, and data capturing for SCADA/CCO operations, Control Systems and instrumentation. Also adopted for Smart Grids, Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), electric power transmission and distributions – Transformer phase monitoring, smart water metering, Oil & Gas pipelines, wellheads condition monitoring, pump stations and terminal data monitoring and control.

Provided project and technical support to meet all project deliverables, pre-sales supports for Oil & Gas and power sector. Provided cost effective project deployments with high customer satisfaction.

Performed budgeting, resource planning and project management as required for network roll-outs across oil and gas customers in the areas of RF network planning, IT backend network designing and wireless equipment installation.

Participated in the evaluation and negotiation of telecom towers and huts leasing with third party owners.

Developed and delivered ULP network hardware and software release rollout plans, and collaborated with development engineers to ensure HW/SW release’s road map and strategy meets customer requirements.

Performed technical support for ongoing operation of installed ULP systems and recommended solutions to resolve issues in a timely manner, and gave training to field engineers.

Presented RPMA-Pressure Sensor deployment plans for Shell Trans-Niger pipeline monitoring and leak detection.

Managed in-country application hosting platform, network operations, Mini-BTS (APs), eNodes, Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), Modbus, device provisioning and deployment.

Led the design and maintenance of IP networks (LANs, Routing, Firewalls, SSL/SSH) and tested wireless security protocols and procedures. Also managed ULP systems integration with existing Shell control systems infrastructures such as OMS, DMS, MDMS, process automation – OSI-soft PI, Modbus, DCS and SCADA system.

Key Accomplishments:

üSuccessfully deployed phase-1 pilot project for designing wireless solutions that detect oil leakages on SHELL Development Petroleum Corporation – Trans Niger Pipelines in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

BLACKBERRY (RESEARCH IN MOTION) - Ottawa, Canada 2009-2012

“A Canadian-based multinational wireless telecommunications software and mobile hardware company best known to the general public as the developer of the BlackBerry brand of smartphones and tablets, but is transitioning to becoming a worldwide provider of secure and high reliability software for industrial applications and mobile device management.”

Team Manager RF Verification -Pre-GCF, 2011-2012

Managed a team of engineers performing GSM-WCDMA- 2G/3G/4G products qualification with industry standard (GCF, PCTRB, 3GPP), carrier requirements and design verification.

Developed a strategic plan for product qualification across boards, prepared budget for resources allocation, and identified adequate trainings for employees and future plans for continuous improvement.

Conducted employee recruitment, performance reviews and monitoring, and trainings.

Designed and implemented process and control adopted for quality assurance testing on products in accordance ISO 9001:2008 guidelines as describe in the RIM quality management system.

Monitored and compiled data for analysis from development quality test phases to determine product performance on live network.

Ensured all carrier and industry standard requirements were meet, tests and procedures were understood, executed and evaluated accordingly. All required detailed investigations were conducted and escalated on time for resolution.

Prepared and presented annual test lab assessment and plans for improvements to meet device hardware design verification and certification, carrier requirements and industry standard base on technology changes.

Key Accomplishments:

Successfully planned and executed a project that improved device hardware R&D and certification process and fast tracked release of device to the market. Over 6-million devices rollout within six months of development and certification in 2012.

Senior RF Verification Specialist-RF Lead, 2009 -2010

Led carrier submission testing for CDMA and LTE products and supported test activities for CTIA, MR, GCF, FCC acceptance and Carrier requirements.

Engaged in strategic planning for product verification and assisted in qualifying vendors-equipment and test solution for product development.

Developed a process map and document control for RF parametric team to ISO 9001:2008 certification under RIM global quality management system.

Conducted end to end RF parametric testing against industry standard using Agilent and Spirent simulation and tools in the Lab and live networks. Performed failure analysis to guide the product design and continuous improvement.

Led and coordinated product qualification, test strategies and planning by following the limits of LTE, CDMA industry standards such as 3GPP, 3GPP2, LTE, IS-98-d, e & f. IS-866 (EVDO Rev-0 and Rev-A), IS-916 (PLTS).

Responsible for first-level debugging of issues, analysis and generated detail test reports according to standards. Also engaged in cross functional responsibilities between the hardware and software division to resolve issues accordingly.

Interfaced with CTIA and other Industry standard bodies on new feature test activities and certification.

Technical Consultant (Contract) Wireless Trade Group Canada 2009 -2009

Develop project plan and test strategy for GSM/CDMA product and end to end network analyses for East African Carrier Operators and extract information for product development.

Performed acceptance test requirement, functional and performance testing on the wireless devices to analyze the RF characteristics, VAS, data-throughput and IP connectivity.

Conducted field testing to analyze network performance, handoffs, registration with the core network elements.

Document and communicate report to device manufacturer and carrier operators, and coordination of test activities from start to finish.

Provided recommendations and develop device compliance metric for current and feature development work.

WiMAX Validation Specialist (Contract) Intel Corporation Virginia, USA 2008 -2009

Performed 4G-WiMAX device hardware validation and provisioning over the air and created test plans to qualify Chipset and devices with the network.

Responsible for Activation Provisioning Device OTA (APDO) validation, regression and sanity testing on Intel Embedded WiMAX devices against industry standard and Customer requirement

Performed end to end network analyses right from device activation, network acquisition, registration and authentication with the core network and IP connection; routed to the internet.

Coordinated team on APDO test activities, Schedule test plans and execute test in conjunction with OMA Server to evaluate connectivity issue, performance and FUMO functionality, and user experience during activation.

Conducted various lab test to analyzed device performance such as throughput, MIMO A/B, Handover, Idle/Sleep, Network Entry, RF characteristics, and drive test to collect data for optimization and post lunch analyses.

Prepared and submit test reports, escalate un-resolved issues to developers in Israel resolution. Coordinated OEMs Lab visitation for performance testing.

WiMAX Engineer (Contract) Samsung Telecommunication Virginia, USA 2008 – 2008

Responsible for 4G-WiMAX product support, testing and certification for network development team.

Evaluated device features and functionality, identify bugs, analyze issues and report to developers for fixing.

Prepared training slides and trained customer engineers and end users on new or existing features on every software and hardware releases.

Managed communication between the Lab engineer and HQ Samsung developers in addressing issues, meeting, and also conducted software installation, flashing and upgrades for new firmware release.

Analyzed and performed testing, integration of WiMAX-4G Core network elements i.e. WSM, ACR and RAS.

Performed RAS/MSC network implementation, and ensure end to end IP/RF connectivity established between network and UE.

Carry out SW upgrade and maintenance on the Radio Access and core network equipment as required, then performed troubleshooting to identify issues and recommend timely resolutions.

Senior Engineer SQA (Contract) Airvana Inc. Massachusetts, USA 2006-2007

Responsible for CDMA- 1X and EVDO products design quality assurance qualification for Nortel Microcell radio base station (RBS) RF and data performance are in compliance with industry standards and specifications (Qualcomm chipsets, CDG and 3GPP2).

Developed test plans for quality assurance testing to determine performance, functional, reliability – (sanity and regression tests) on base station (BS), simulated with access terminal.

Performed radio network controller (RNC), data only modules (DOMs) hardware and software installation, upgrades, RNC Re-homing and clustering and sync with EMS.

Conducted Base Station modular cards and RAN components software upgrades, debugging, installation and troubleshoot, and setup connectivity within the radio access network.

Performed lab testing to qualify product, capture test logs to analyses and identify issues and escalate to developers to fix.

Performed testing and analyses on features and hardware like adaptive antenna beam Selection (AABS), radio network controllers (RNC), element management system (EMS) and Nortel-Vortex, data only module (DOM-0/A), PDSN, access terminal (AT) and Nortel microcell.

Terminal Certification Engineer (Consultant) TELUS Mobility Ontario, Canada 2004 -2006

Performed CDMA, EVDO and iDEN devices evaluation, testing and qualification against carrier requirement and industry standards such Qualcomm, CDG, OMA, W3C and 3GPP2.

Conducted terminal RF parametric verification (minimum performance and signaling conformance), Mobile operating system and applications, value added services - MMS, SMS and data throughputs performance as specified in the standard.

Supported vendor’s activities to meet TELUS requirements, addressed device issues and communicating test reports for pre-qualification and certification program.

Performed test plans update, execution and documentation, technical specification for certification process to ensure compliant with industry standards and carrier requirements.

Assisted with network capacity planning and optimization during coverage testing, issue debugging and system upgrades.

Conducted troubleshooting and diagnosed device issues to identify defects, upload report unto database and communicated detailed report to the management and Vendors.

Coordinated field technicians to perform drive test and data collection for performance analyses.

Manager - Network Engineering DCC Satellite & Networks Limited Lagos, Nigeria 1998 – 2003

Design, implementation and support of Microwave and broadband networks, point to point, point to multipoint radio links, MAN, WAN and VSAT networks providing data/voice/video/ fax services.

Design and implemented two-way radio systems for security operative for day to day communication activities.

Managed and coordinated network operation, field engineering services such as field test, system integration, configuration, troubleshooting and installation of network equipment.

Managed vendors, teams of engineers and technicians to design, optimized and deployment Radio Frequency networks and broadband communication.

Performed pre-sales support, technical proposal writing and response to RFP/I for various network solutions meeting client requirement.

Performed RF propagation analyses, path analyses and calculation, site survey, network planning and optimization of wireless networks.

Facilitated and coordinated technical resources that deliver a 24 hours support for client networks. Effected a proactive project management services by planning, executing, budgeting, manage resource, scheduling, quality checks, documents, reporting and oversaw flows of project tasks still commissioning.

Network Engineer Computer Warehouse Limited Lagos, Nigeria 1995 -1998

Attended to customer request on phone and face to face, diagnosed and recommend solutions and design options that meet their needs.

Designed, installed, test and commission of LAN and WAN networks and its components such as cat3/5/5e cabling, patch-panels, PBX, hubs, switches, bridges, fiber mux, multiplexers, routers, modems, cabling racks and monitoring systems.

Performed routine maintenance and resource management for local and wide area networks.

Troubleshoot, analyzed and identified fault on network equipment, security systems (CCTV), monitored and resolved fault alarms and issues within a mean time.

Performed issue escalation to the next level of action and acquire resolution. Team lead for project planning, execution and commissioning.

Technology Proficiencies



Operating Systems / Software:

Windows, Ubuntu Linux OS

MS Office, Project, Visio, Wireshark, Tower Coverage, PathLoss, EDX SignalPro, IBwave Design Tool, Solarwinds, Wi-Spy


Network switches, routers, signal generators, oscilloscopes, network analyzers, network sniffers, OTDR, Wi-Fi, Radio, Fiber Optics, VSAT, Microwave, Media Converters.

Education and Credentials

Bachelor of Science in Electronics & Computer Engineering


Post Graduate Diploma-Wireless Telecommunications

Humber College Canada, Ontario Canada 2005

Professional Certificate Management

SPROTT School of Business - Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada 2012

Professional Development

SOLiD DAS Product Certification- Level 1 SOLiD DAS Engineer 2017

Project manager Certification-IO4PM 2017

Project Requirements Analyst Certification-IO4PM 2017

IBwave – Level 1 Certification 2017

Wi-Fi Certification – CWNA, CWAP, CWDP 2015

Fiber Optic Certification – CFOT, CFOS/D, FOA#1361016 & BICSI# 284-***-****/5

Canadian Telecommunication Consultant Association (CTCA) 2014

Introduction to the Petroleum Industry - Enbridge Pipelines Inc. 2014

Long Term Evolution (LTE) Essentials Technology – Award Solution 2011

ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System – Research in Motion 2010

Mastering Long Term Evolution (LTE) Technology – Award Solution 2009

Mobile WiMAX Technology Training Samsung Korea 2008

CCNA and Cisco Voice of IP Canada 2005

CDMA and EVDO Technology TELUS Mobility Canada 2004

Effective Project Management Certificate, Lagos Business School 2001

Broadband Wireless Access and Transmission Engineering Harris Canada 2001

Certified Harris and WiLAN Microwave Radios, Designing, Installation, Programming and Maintenance 2000

Certificate in Project Management University of Lagos 1999

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