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Algorithm Engineer

Solon, Ohio, 44139, United States
March 06, 2018

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Address: **** ******** *****, *****, ** 44139

Phone: 615-***-****


Strong math, physics and programming background with 8+ years of experience in algorithms de- sign and implementation in elds of medical image reconstruction, image and signal processing, and optimization theory. Passionate about research and development activities that apply computational methods to healthy and cool technologies.


Personality: team player, mature, respectful and responsible. Math and physics: signal and image processing, medical imaging, image reconstruction, Fourier analysis, optimization theories, compressed sensing, and computer vision. Programming skills: MATLAB, C/C++, and CUDA.


Virginia Tech, Virginia Jun 2018 (Expected)

Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Vanderbilt University, Tennessee Dec 2011

M.S. in Biomedical Engineering

University of Hawaii - Manoa, Hawaii Jun 2008

M.S. in Electrical Engineering

Southeast University, China Jul 2001

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering


FMI Medical Systems, Inc. December 2014 - Present

Algorithm Engineer Solon, OH

3D image reconstruction algorithms design and implementation for 16-slice and 64-slice computed tomography (CT) imaging systems with axial and helical scanning trajectory.

Design and implantation of

ying-focal-spot-based 128-slice 3D CT imaging systems.

3D cardiac imaging design and implementation.

Image post-processing and image quality evaluation. Programming language: MATLAB, C/C++.

Tools: CUDA, OpenCV, IPP (MKL), Boost.

Thorlabs Imaging Systems, Inc. July 2012 - December 2014 Software Engineer Sterling, VA

Algorithm design and implementation of pose estimation for camera calibration for laser scanning systems.

Research and development of image processing algorithms for high resolution 3D microscopic imaging systems.

Software design, implementation, maintenance, and documentation. Programming language: C/C++, C#, WPF, MATLAB

Tools: CUDA, IPP (MKL).

Vanderbilt University Medical Center August 2009 - July 2012 Research Technician Nashville, TN

Pulse design for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) using quasi-Newton-based iterative methods.

Chemical shift imaging correction for MRI.

Image reconstruction for non-Cartesian MRI using non-uniform Fourier transform.

Compressed sensing MRI.

Field inhomogeneityplay correction for MRI using numerical partial di erential equation. Programming language: MATLAB, C.

Tools: CUDA.

Queen’s Medical Center February 2005 - June 2009

Research Assistant Honolulu, HI

MRI image reconstruction.

Functional MRI (fMRI) data analysis using mathematical techniques including independent component analysis (ICA), wavelet decompression, and support vector machines (SVMs).

3D PET image segmentation and volume estimation. Programming language: MATLAB, C.

Tools: FSL.

Engineering Research Institute, Southeast University July 2002 - December 2004 Research Assistant Nanjing, China

Computer vision-based semiconductor inspection using geometric and statistic information from image domain.

Research and implementation of enterprise resource planning system. Programming language: C/C++.

Gonda Electronics Co., Ltd. July 2001 - July 2002

Electrical Technician Shanghai, China

Product testing, quality control, software testing and customer support. Tools: Multimeter, Oscilloscope.


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10. X. Cui, J. Shi, and J. Cao, \Automation of air-conditioning control system using pro bus-dp for tobacco industry storage," PLC-FA, vol. 2, pp. 69{72, 2005 MEMBERSHIP

IEEE Member: 2014 - Present

SPIE Member: 2013 - Present



Mandarin Chinese.

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