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Certified Pipeline Utility Inspector/NCCER Rigger/NCCER Ironworker

United States
December 06, 2017

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Gerald Hardin *** Maplewood Drive

Lexington, SC *9073 US

Phone: 803-***-****


Utility Inspector with consistent skilled technical abilities. Proficient with MS and other software. Blueprint savvy. Over twenty years experience in the construction industry. Capabilities of showing supervisory authority and being a team leader.


Experienced pipeline inspector seeking an opportunity to continue career in a challenging role that will utilize comprehensive knowledge of testing technology and sharp attention to details.

Employment History

Utility Inspector


January, 2017 September, 2017


● Compressor Station

● Examined sewer pipes

● Examined electric turbines, and other utility equipment ● Verified that systems are running properly and made recommendations to fix faulty components

● Reviewed drawings

● Perform duties as designated by the Chief Inspector in conformance with job requirements outlined in the Client Company's codes and TransCanada inspection's codes

● Maintain company quality standards

● Prepare the appropriate reports for the inspector's assigned activities and forward them to the Chief Inspector for review

● Notify Chief Inspector of any environmental problems that may arise

● Ensure coded pipe is placed only on padded skids or supports

● Ensure topsoil is preserved from replacement to it's original position, when required

● Ensure that subsoil is kept separated from topsoil

Utility Inspector

Koch Pipeline

August, 2016 December, 2016


● Check piping systems for defects

● Check alignments and depths

● Identify any debris that may damage pipes

● Perform tests, and determine corrosive factors

● Adhere to and enforces company safety policies and company contract specifications

● Advise the Chief Inspector of all decisions, problems, and possible alternatives

● Ensure that survey stakes are properly maintained and when grade is completed, they are properly placed in

ditch centerline

● Ensure that all foreign pipelines, cables, and other underground structures are properly located and marked

● Ensure that suitable backfill material, in conformance with specifications, are used at all times

● Ensure that pipe fits the ditch and that the pope has adequate cover before pipe is backfilled

● Ensure bridges, culverts, cattle guards, etc., that are damaged during construction are repaired or replaced

Utility Inspector


February, 2014 July, 2016


● Inspect above ground storage tanks

● Test pressure and leak testing

● Inspect pressure vessels

● Inspect grading and paving

● Keep daily log of all quality deficiencies and construction deviations that documents the deficiency and follow up

to verify corrective action was completed

● Ensure all activities are performed in a good workmanlike manner

● Assist the environmental inspectors in maintaining environmental compliance

● Ensure that all daily reports are completed and turned in to the Chief Inspector

● Adhere and enforce all company and safety policies

● Ensure proper permits are obtained

● Ensure that all equipment and personnel stay on ROW

● Ensure backfill is kept close to the lowering-in operation

● Ensure that lowering-in and backfill is performed so that coding is not damaged


Bechtel Construction Services

January, 2012 December, 2013


● Signal operators to hoist equipment to be placed

● Prepare proper rigging and plan a safe scheduled lift for a smooth and continuous crane flow


Robins and Mortin

February, 2011 November, 2013


● Oversee maintenance and upkeep on all heavy equipment, ironworkers, riggers, operators, and lay down yard

● Maintain safety for all equipment and employees as well as myself

● Organized, planned, and accomplished job performances and tasks in a safe and timely manner

● Maintained a clean and safe work environment.

Ironworker & Rigger

Industrial Technical Services

December, 2010 February, 2011


● Repaired steel and iron as needed

● Submitted task reports and requests on a regular basis

● Read architectural specifications to determine iron work task sequencing

● Connected steel

● Signaled operators to hoist equipment to be placed

● Verify alignment using plumb bob and level

● Prepared proper rigging and planned a safe scheduled lift for a smooth and continuous crane flow

Ironworker & Rigger MDA Construction

November, 2009 December, 2010


● Evaluated metal infrastructure for flaws and hazards on a routine basis

● Conducted major and minor iron and steel component repairs as necessary

● Aligned bolt holes using drift pins or spud wrenches

● Lifted, positioned, and secured materials during installation

● Demonstrated knowledge of setup for designated cranes

● Identified overhead and underground hazards

● Used proper cribbing for ground conditions


TIC Construction

July, 2007 October, 2009


● Read architectural specifications to determine iron work task sequencing

● Conducted major and minor iron and steel component repairs as necessary

● Cut and welded steel members to make alterations using oxyacetylene welding equipment and supplies

● Loaded, transported, unloaded materials, tools, equipment and supplies

● Properly moved and setup crane safely

● Rigged loads properly

● Signaled crane responsibly from beginning of pick to final connection and took proper steps to assign a qualified person if unable to cover both ends


Zachry Construction

January, 2002 May, 2007


● Read and applied iron structural blueprints and schematics

● Positioned steel components for maximum support

● Affixed steel components to cables per preset operational sequence

● Performed metal and iron bar installation at appropriate locations

● Corrected bent and warped iron and steel components as necessary

● Observed and complied with all safety and project rules, which included wearing proper PPE


● Able to work independently and take initiative to perform tasks

● Able to communicate with team staff

● Knowledge of construction documentation and project filling systems

● Ensure work is done in a safe environment where safety protocols are enforced and communicated daily

● Provide record of managing site activities, directing resources, and coordinating with clients

● Strong problem solving skills and highly attentive to detail

● Knowledge of computer software tools (ie; Word, Excel, PowerPoint,


● Adaptability

● Respect

● Planning

● Resourceful

● Professionalism

● Read architectural blueprints


Mississippi State

GED 2013


● Apply/Repair pipeline coating

● Install/repair/maintain test leads & test station

● Apply approved coatings to above ground piping ● Apply approved coatings to below ground piping

● Protection of coating when back filling and from below ground supports

● Inspect buried pipeline when exposed

● Identify/Locate/Mark pipeline

● Take appropriate readings/ temp, mil thickness

● Examine the condition of the coating and pipe for evidence of corrosion

● Building R.O.W

● Stringing pipe

● Lowering pipe in ditches

● Back filling of pipe

● Tie-ins

● Hydrostatic testing

● Bolt up/ Torqueing

● Setting and installation of fabrication

● Installing permanent supports for fabrication

● Restoration of R.O.W.

● Side Boom Operator

● Lower in large sections with cradles

● Bore support

● Rigging

● Foreman capability

● Ironwork

● Structural welder

● Millwright

● Pipefitter

● Operator

● Compressor Station Maintenance

● Trench Excavation

● Civil

● Nuclear Power Plants

● Waste Plants

● Natural Gas Plants

● Oil and Gas Industry ● Telecommunications. ● Laydown Yard

● Heavy Machinery

● Industrial Refineries


● 2017- Osha Competency Training

● 2017- Veriforce 910

● 2017- Inspector Verification Program

● 2016- Mark West Competent Person

● 2016- Mark West Orientation

● 2016- Mark West Competent Spotter

● 2014- Trench Excavation

● 2013- Pipeline and Hazardous

Materials Safety Administration ● OSHA 10 Construction

● NCCER Ironworker

● NCCER Rigger

● CPR/First Aid Certified ● NATE III Competent Fall Protection ● RF Safety and Hazard Awareness

● VSS101 Tower Climbing Safety

● Lull Lift Certified

● Scissor Lift Certified

● JLG Lift Certified

● Boom Lift Certified

● Forklift Certified ● ComTrain Competent Tower Climber


● Michael Avant-TransCanada Construction Manager 724-***-****

● Mark Dubose-Pipeline Inspector 803-***-****

● Kevin Robinson-Welder III 803-***-****

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