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Software Engineer Web

Redwood City, California, United States
December 03, 2017

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Anton Zotov



Skilled self-starter with ability to work independently/self-directed with little direct supervision. Strong mentoring skills and strengths in helping coworkers define most efficient ways of unraveling particularly difficult problems.

Technical leader for Enterprise Web solutions, building management systems from scratch.

An excellent problem-solver, able to quickly understand complex systems and identify opportunities for improvement and resolution of critical issues.

Constantly researching and implementing the best practices of web development.


Years of experience on JavaScript/JS6/ React/Angular/Node.

Development REST/GraphQL scalable and secure web applications and reusable UI components from the ground up.

Proven expertise in ASP.NET MVC/WebAPI/Web Forms, classic ASP, .NET/C#, SignalR, InfragisticsUI, TelerikUI.

Experience with Responsive Design using Twitter Bootstrap, Stylus, Less, SASS.

Experience with consuming restful JSON web services.

Expert in JavaScript, AngularJS, ReactJS, jQuery, ES6, TypeScript, NodeJS, Mobile Web, Ajax, REST, GraphQL, JSON, HTML5, CSS3

Hands on experience with MEAN stack: MongoDB, Express, AngularJS(1,2), ReactJS, Python, Golang, NodeJS, Jade, and also with AngularUI, UnderscoreJS, Mongoose ORM, RequireJS, MochaJS, Karma, JasmineJS, Protractor, Bower, Gulp, Git, GitHub, RegEx, SQL providing a blast web performance and allowing to keep code compact, testable and easy to maintain.

AngularJS/MEAN examples are here:


Master of Science, Applied Mathematics

State Marine Technical University of St. Petersburg, Russia, 1988


SUN Java 1.2 Certified Programmer (July 2002)

MOC 2310 (Developing Microsoft ASP.NET Web Applications)

Professional Experience:

Harman Solutions, SpringPath Inc., Sunnyvale, CA Jan 17– current

Web Developer

React JavaScript Web development

Prototyping and implementation of UI Secure clustering components and pages in scope of CISCO HyperFlex Manager CMS project. Using React/Redux, Bootstrap UI, REST/fetch, Knex, Bookshelf, SASS, Git/Github, Webpack.

Creating/Refactoring React/Redux reusable components for integration into encrypting dependencies.

HyperFlex Encryption React/GraphQL/MongoDB project with node.js mock server for simulating json data flow.

Adjustment desktop web apps for mobile-size devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Mock servers coding on Python and Golang for unit testing on local environment.

Writing unit tests with mocha/jest and integration tests with Selenium.

Ryzen Solutions, Apple Inc., Sunnyvale, CA Aug 15 – Nov 16

UI Developer

Angular JavaScript Web development

Development Apple SEED Administrative tool for Apple’s internal worldwide Marketing and Sales departments using Angular.js 1.3/2.0, React/Redux, Underscore.js, jQuery.js, Moment.js, Html5/Css3, Bootstrap, Less, Git/GitLabs, Grunt, Gulp, WebStorm IDE.

Integrated REST API services with JS OO inheritances for multiple local JS UI dependencies.

Adjusted the project for smartphone and tablet sized mobile devices.

The Apple SEED (Supplier Employee Education and Development) app helps you get ready for any customer conversation with sales news, tips, games, and other training resources, where and when you need them. The Apple SEED app is available to Worldwide Channel Sales teams.

Development Angular 1 directives for reusing across various CMS forms and WEB pages.

Grid Dynamics Inc., Menlo Park, CA May 15 – Jul 15

Sr. UI Engineer

Angular JavaScript Web development

UI/AngularJS Development of Macy’s e-Commerce solutions.

Added look & fell support for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Developed Angular JS templates/dependencies covering common use cases of OAuth e-commerce application.

Prototyped a responsive layout for Shopping Cart web application:

IBM corp., Foster City, CA Mar 15 – May 15

Advisory Software Engineer

Consulted/ Developed Angular JavaScript Web widgets

Strategy, design and implementation of robust e-Commerce solutions.

Designed and developed AngularJS reusable components as Directives from scratch as wrappers of existing jQuery UI widgets.

Converted DoJo web pages into Angular environment.

Participated in developing/testing complex Angular Directive for NVD3.js API.

Wrote various Gulp tasks scenarios for production and development purposes.

Wrote Karma/Jasmine unit and Protractor e2e test cases. Extensive experience.

Risk Management Solutions Inc., Newark, CA Jan 14 – Dec 14

Sr. Software Engineer/UX

Helps insurers, financial markets, corporations, and public agencies evaluate and manage catastrophe risks throughout the world.

Consulted/Architected/Developed JavaScript/full stack: SPA AngularJS/.NET Web projects

Initiated and evolved a transition from .net to full-stack JavaScript development with MEAN stack and WebStorm as IDE.

Hands on experience with D3.js and Angular wrapper for D3.js for linear and pie, bar charts.

Designed and implemented cross-device web presentations with using AngularJS, jQuery, NodeJS, KendoUI, InfragisticsUI. Applied deep styling with help of Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3.

Wrote chat API widgets with WebSocket and SignalR in core.

As ASP.NET MVC expert, refactored security (XSS, CSRF) for corporative ASP.NET MVC/REST enterprise API.

Resolved performance MAP UI issues in various parts of enterprise based project.

AtHoc Inc., San Mateo, CA Apr 11 – Dec 13

Sr. UI Software Engineer

AtHoc's innovative enterprise-class suite of integrated solutions sets the standard in crisis communications and emergency mass alerting today.

Architected/Developed ASP.NET/MVC/ASP classic Web projects for network-centric crisis solutions

Initiated and evolved a transition to Single Page Application development with using Angular JS on front and Web API/REST on back.

Designed/Developed demo Angular CRUD project duplicated couple of pages with General functionality to expose advantages of Single page development.

Integrated OpenLayers Open Source library into Mapping service layer for navigation and providing dynamic map support of alerting.

Initiated and evolved a move to MVC 3/RAZOR development with JavaScript refactoring and moving reusable JavaScript libraries under scope of CDN.

Leveraged ASP classic pages with ASP.NET WEB Form/MVC/jQuery/JSON insertions for enterprise hierarchical business model.

Adopted Corporative project’s authentication and UI layers for Apple Inc., needs.

Open TV, Mountain View, CA (contract) Feb 11 – Apr 11

Sr. UI Software Engineer

Global software technology company for interactive and digital television.

Initiated a refactoring of MVC 2 web project with patterns for increasing the reusability.

Troubleshot critical bugs for Video on Demand .Net MVC 2 project

Developed messaging library as a repository of all messages across the entire solution.

Social Shield Inc., San Bruno, CA Sep 10 – Dec 10

Sr. Software Engineer

Offers technology tools to prevent cyberbullying in the children's Internet safety market.

Designed and developed a number of views, models and controllers for processing clients’ interactions coming in JSON /XML AJAX manner.

Skinned company pages with Umbraco CMS, XSLT Macros customization.

Bristol-Myers Squibb, Milpitas, CA May 10 – Sep 10

Sr. Software Engineer

American pharmaceutical company. Manufactures prescription pharmaceuticals in several therapeutic areas.

Troubleshot and developed Drug Inventory Discovery ASP.NET MVC projects.

Accomplished client centric development with extensive coding on JQuery/ JavaScript with extensive CSS and html extensions.

Litescape Technologies Inc., Redwood Shores, CA Oct 07 – Dec 09

Sr. UI/Lead Software Engineer

Played a key role in development and maintenance of the corporate web.

Maintained and developed Java/JSP and ASP.NET MVC projects for navigation through corporate technical plots as a prototype for the developer network.

Designed and developed the License Manager as 2.0 web project for online generation and issue of the corporate licenses over multi-hierarchical user management simplifying a service for the partners and customers.

Designed and developed enhancements for corporate administration system. Maintained existing ASP.NET web applications for management of centralized configuration.

Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories Inc., Daly City, CA( Jun 96 – Oct 07

Sr. Software Engineer

Developed historical and real-time reporting applications for exposing telephone statistical data

Developed .net components powered with AJAX for transferring integrated data from various data sources into a single information system for easy access, navigation and declaration.

Champion in Java popularization and transition Java codebase for .Net environment.

Designed, developed and documented ASP.NET 2.0 MSDN corporate information systems from scratch utilizing open source resources.

Developed Java web-serviced API for retrieving historical and real-time.

Designed, developed and documented a client API in Java and SQL scripts for dynamically generating statistics tables from statistics scenarios requested in real-time from various corporate data collectors. Wrote XSLT transformers for merging XML-based statistics from various aggregating scenarios.

Bank of the Russian Federation, St.-Petersburg, Russia ( Feb 93 – Jun 96

Senior Software Engineer

The largest bank in Russia and Eastern Europe, and the third largest in Europe.

Avrora Corporation, St.-Petersburg, Russia ( intelligent solutions for ships. Mar 88 – Feb 93

Senior Software Engineer

Automates nuclear, diesel, steam turbine and other power plants.

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