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Senior Petroleum Engineer

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
December 03, 2017

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Senior Petroleum Engineer

Personal Information

Name: Alaa Ahmed kady

Experience: 26+ Years

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from Cairo University, Egypt in 1989


Cell Phone: +2 - 011********

Address: 78 Manial Street, Cairo, Egypt

Nationality: Egyptian

Date of Birth: January 1st, 1966

Languages: English and Arabic

Profile Summary

A Senior Petroleum Engineer with 26+ years of experience in providing technical support into petroleum engineering activities, including well intervention, well integrity, workover and completion designs, well/reservoir surveillance, production optimization, well stimulation, flow assurance, artificial lift (ESP and gas lift) design and troubleshooting, inflow/outflow well and network performance modeling and heterogeneous reservoir management.

Competent to prepare and deliver technical studies, paper publications, presentations, cost-effective and new technologies. Effective key player in implementing multidisciplinary and enhanced oil recovery projects, including pilot project of water alternating CO2 gas flooding.

Strong team leader, analytical, problem solver, outcome focused, mentor, highly motivated, effective communication skills and compliant with safety and technical industrial standards.

Key Skills

Field Development and Production Enhancement Studies; Well, Reservoir and Facility Management (WRFM); Well Interventions including Coiled Tubing and Wireline Operations; Well Integrity Monitoring and Analysis; Well Stimulation; Production Logging; Artificial Lift (ESP and Gas Lift) Design and Troubleshooting; Flow Assurance; Workover and Completion Design; Water-Flood and Enhanced Oil Recovery Projects; Well and Network Software Modeling Packages (PROSPER, GAP, PIPESIM and WELLCAT).

Career Experience and Accomplishments

August 2006 – October 2017: Senior Petroleum Engineer

Saudi Aramco, Udhailiyah, Saudi Arabia

Supervises and provides consultation to all petroleum engineering related activities for the assigned area comprised of 150 of oil producing wells, water supply wells, salt water disposal wells and water and gas injection wells in both sandstone and heterogeneous/unconventional carbonate reservoirs in giant onshore South Ghawar oil and gas fields, Saudi Arabia.

Key Responsibilities:

Performed a total well management from exploration, appraisal, completion design, through production operations and ultimately to a disposition plan, if required.

Designed and optimized advanced intelligent well completions including permanent downhole monitoring pressure/temperature gauges, inflow control valves and devices, remote sensing technology to optimize reservoir recovery, well deliverability and field production.

Planned and contributed to well delivery process of new drilling wells, remedial workover and re-completion candidate proposals.

Implemented innovative techniques to enhance the performance of heterogeneous carbonate oil wells by utilizing visco-elastic surfactant diverter and fiber-optic CTU to optimize matrix acid treatment.

Designed advanced intelligent well completions including permanent downhole monitoring pressure/temperature gauges, inflow control valves and devices, remote sensing technology to enhance surveillance and well’s productivity.

Built and evaluated well inflow and outflow performance models using PROSPER software and integrated them into production system model which helped in identifying and resolving bottlenecks and issues and identifying production system optimization opportunities.

Recommended and executed remedial well work, including well unloading, wellbore and formation clean-out, water shut-off, perforation and fishing.

Implemented technical improvements and optimization on ESP and gas lifted wells by improving surveillance, identifying and troubleshooting root causes of failure to avoid costly rig intervention and production loss.

Designed and executed surveillance program for water alternating CO2 flooding, including running and interpreting production, saturation and well integrity logs, corrosion monitoring for CO2 wells, designing and running Chrome-13 tubing and performance and field data monitoring.

Worked closely with multidisciplinary team consists of Reservoir Engineer, Geologist and Geophysicist to support field development and business plans.

Monitored, assessed and ranked all well integrity risks and implemented remedial measures by running diagnostic well integrity logs and surveys that helped in identifying and resolving various well integrity issues such as tubing/casing leaks, annuli problems and defective wellhead trees.

Major Accomplishments / Projects:

Participated in implementing and testing the first pilot CO2-EOR in an onshore Uthmaniyah field by injecting water alternating CO2 gas injection into four newly drilled injectors that were equipped with Chrome-13 corrosion resistant completions and four oil producers. Ensured gas plant facilities are sufficient to capture, dehydrate and compress the required CO2 rate via transported pipeline to the injection site. Monitored and executed surveillance and management for wells, reservoirs and facilities.

Applied the first advanced well completion technique for a horizontal water injection well that consisted of a distributed temperature sensing and 20 inflow control devices which succeeded to optimized well’s injection rate and future performed acid stimulation.

Applied a new advanced horizontal extended reach access tool, agitator, deployed on CTU and succeeded to increase CTU access during horizontal production logs in order to meet reservoir surveillance requirements and management.

Led a multi-disciplinary team to manage an ESP project for four onshore water supply wells by identifying and tackling the root causes of ESP failures to be corrosion and scale problems and running Chrome-13 completion and pumping scale and corrosion inhibition which resulted in extending average pump run life and saved US$ 4.0 million annually.

Led a well integrity team to utilize innovative well integrity tools, techniques and technologies such as advanced leak detection tools, corrosion logs and video cameras which helped in detecting and rectifying several well integrity issues including surface and downhole leaks, corrosion, obstructions, high annuli pressures and defective trees which resulted in restoring integrity and unlocking 50,000 oil barrels per day.

September 1991 – August 2006: Lead Petroleum Engineer

Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company, Egypt

Participated in a multi-disciplinary team including reservoir management, geology and drilling departments to manage and optimize offshore Gulf of Suez oil fields’ development and production.

Key Responsibilities:

Oversaw daily operations and wells’ production and injection performance to ensure production and injection goals are met with the most efficient means.

Implemented wells, reservoirs and facilities management including surveillance, production system optimization, oil deferment analysis, improvement opportunities, economic evaluation of interventions and new technologies support.

Managed 150+ gas lift systems on offshore oil wells including design, unloading, running gas lift surveys, analyzing and troubleshooting the problem and performing gas lift optimization.

Performed sand production reviews and studies in the offshore oil field that is producing from unconsolidated sands containing cased perforated oil production and water injection wells and implemented a pre-pack gravel pack sand control technique.

Implemented well integrity management system, assessed and ranked well integrity risks and implemented risk mitigation measures.

Nominated and implemented remedial workover and re-completion proposals to solve operational problems such as corroded and scaled up completions, poor well integrity, water-cut increase and failed artificial lift equipment.

Planned and carried out programs such as well testing, acid stimulation, water shut-offs, wellbore clean-outs, scale inhibition squeezes, perforations, production logging, gas lift surveys, optimization and troubleshooting and well/reservoir surveillance.

Evaluated and optimized the performance of all individual wells and production system using well/network performance modeling software packages (PROSPER and GAP) to identify restrictions, issues and production optimization opportunities.

Major Accomplishments / Projects:

Implemented a sand control project for the very unconsolidated sandstone offshore Younis field with the best and most suitable technique to minimize and eliminate sand production by implementing a pre-pack gravel pack sand control technique which resulted in increasing field’s oil production by 5,000 barrels per day with annual savings of US$ 3 million for sand clean-out workovers using rig.

Conducted wells’ review and recommended a lot of rig and rigless production enhancement opportunities and remedial actions such matrix stimulation, additional perforations and re-perforations, water shut-offs, rig workovers, scale removal, etc. These performed production enhancements resulted in achieving oil gains of 30,000 barrels per day.

Developed, designed and implemented a new production enhancement project to lift and produce four medium-heavy dead oil producers with 18 API gravity using jet pumps to pump lighter power fluid from surface to lower the viscosity enable the wells to be revived and flowed easily. These dedicated efforts resulted in achieving an oil gain of 8,000 barrels per day.

Professional Enhancements

Attended the following training courses:

CT Operations

Well Stimulation

Workover and Completion Design

Prosper and GAP Software Modeling

Sand Control

Well Integrity Management System

Production Logging and Interpretation

ESP Design and Troubleshooting

Gas Lift Design and Troubleshooting

Scale and Corrosion Control

Honors, Awards and Certificates

Completed SPE certification for petroleum engineers in September 2013

Obtained Saudi Aramco award for SPE excellent contribution in 2013

Obtained Saudi Aramco award for innovation and process improvements in 2014

Professional Membership

A member of Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)

Publications and Presentations

Published and presented SPE 181341 paper that is entitled “Implementing Technical Improvements of ESP Application in Water Supply Wells for Extending Lifetime and Operation Efficiency”, held in Dubai, UAE dated 26-28 September 2016.

Published and presented SPE 175742 paper that is entitled “A Successful Method of Investigating and Locating the Source of High Sustainable Annulus Pressure”, held in Cairo, Egypt dated 14-16 September 2015.

Published and presented SPE 156156 paper that is entitled “A New Integrated Smarter Technology Application to Enhance the Performance of Injectors”, held in Doha, Qatar dated 14-16 May 2012.

Published and presented SPE 132179 paper that is entitled” Successful Extended Reach Approach in Production Logging Applications”, held in Beijing, China dated 8-10 June 2010.

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