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Software Developer

Torrance, California, United States
December 02, 2017

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Gaurav Aradhya

E-mail :

Location : Torrance, CA

Contact# 310-***-****

Innovative Senior Developer/Architect with hands–on development experience spanning software and hardware architecture, design, development and prototyping. Proposing innovative solutions and Prototyping has been the area of expertise.

I am seeking a position to work on a challenging projects that offers professional growth while being resourceful and Innovative. I am flexible on the role I play and eager to learn newer technologies.


Experienced in C, C++, JavaScript, Python, etc. Experienced in Object oriented design.

Parallel programming, OpenMP, OpenMPI and CUDA. Distributed Open Max architecture.

Experienced in Architecture for real-time and high availability systems.

Porting of 3rd party applications onto the embedded platforms (Adobe AIR, Netflix, etc)

Machine learning (Supervised, Statistical Machine learning algorithms using Python)

Experienced in Linux kernel 2.6, Drivers and System software development

Experienced in Multimedia for cell phones. Worked on Open Max TI 1.5 & Open Max Khronos 1.1 for Video and Graphics.

Experienced in 2D & 3D Graphics. WebGl and OpenGl 2.0 ES, GPU computing using CUDA.

Worked on system validation and verification of cockpit display software on F900 and GPV Aircrafts.



Programming Languages

C, C++, Java script, Python


Linux, VxWorks, Micro-C OS, DSP-BIOS

Internet / Networking


Video, Streaming

DVB, MPEG2, H.264, HLS

Microprocessor, SOC

MIPS, ARM, Intel, Broadcom 74xx, ST


Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science), S.D.M College of Engineering and Technology, 1997-2001.

Pursuing MS in Computer science with specialization in Computational Intelligence (Machine learning, Computer Vision, NLP, etc) from Illinois Institute of Technology (online student)

Experience Summary:

Project: Head-end System Architecture

Designation: Architect

Aug 2016 to Till date

DIRECTV (contract position) El Segundo, CA

Languages: C, C++


Webkit upgrade from a version which is 7 years old to a more recent version onto Broadcom SOC based hardware. The platform runs custom OpenGl 1.x implementation.

Updates to architecture as per new requirements for OTT and other streaming use-cases.

Peer to Peer video streaming, design, prototypes, etc

As part of system architecture team, I am involved in updates to Geo locations Blackouts Architecture. Real time blackout information is communicated to the head-end using ESAM & ESNI specification.

Project: Companion screen (HbbTv 2.0)

Designation: Architect, Developer

Feb 2016 to July 2016

Wipro, Bangalore, India.

Languages: C, C++, Java script


HbbTv 2.0 defines a platform for signaling, transport, and presentation of enhanced and interactive applications designed for running on hybrid terminals. Design of Companion screen prototype which includes launch of Native / HTML 5 Apps on Companion screens and the application communication. Design of Media Synchronization which include media playback and signaling.

Implementation of Companion screen manager and Web socket relay server. Components developed/ open-source components used include JSON parser, DAIL, SSDP, REST API, etc

Project: Digital Video recorder

Designation: Architect, Developer

Feb 2009 to Jan 2016

Wipro, Bangalore, India.

Languages: C, C++


Performance analysis of Zenverge and Broadcom Transcoding platform.

Porting, performance optimization of 3rd party of Apps like Netflix on hardware platform.

Fixed bugs for Adobe Flash Runtime 3.0.3 and Driver development kit for hardware platform.

Investigated App encryption/decryption issues. Implemented SWF file singing/hashing based on SHA-256 hash and Elgamal crypto algorithm.

Created a prototype for CC 608 decoder component that renders CC 608 using Flash UI

Involved in development of Hardware porting kit (HPK) which is essentially the interface between middleware and the drivers from Broadcom SOC (7413,7405, 7418 & 7401). Enhancements and customization of media drivers and HPK for newer platforms and board revisions.

Enhancements and bug fixing for Media drivers and Hardware Porting kit in the area of Video and Graphics. Worked on enhancement and bug fixing for Graphics compositor which was of client-server model with support for multiple applications.

Worked on Linux Kernel 2.6 bugs and enhancements to the system software.

Defined an architecture for enabling TiVo software on RDK enabled platform. Scope of work for me involved System software components (Hardware porting Kit, Tele Media Kernel, Graphics, etc).

Platform Stability, Memory & performance analysis and bug fixing for various platforms.

Project: Multimedia frameworks for Mobile platforms

Designation: Team Lead

Jan 2007 to Jan 2009

Sasken Communications, Bangalore, India.

Languages: C, C++


Ported Open Max core, Base component on to DSP C64x+ over a DSP-BIOS operating system on 3430 platform. Developed Open MAX MPEG4 decoder component on top of Codec Engine, which provides standard platform for Algorithm executing.

Ported the OSAL which had windows base advance thread and IPC features on to Nucleus OS.

Porting of Motorola MEDL Multimedia framework on to TI Neptune Platform. MEDL ACCEL is enhanced graphics rendering component which supports graphic acceleration on Motorola platforms. APIs for graphics acceleration on MEDL ACCEL were designed for on-chip Graphics acceleration as opposed to OMX TI 1.5 SSL (display manager) based on client-server mode.

Work on Screen service layer (SSL), which is Video rendering component. I was involved in various feature development and enhancements like graphics planes handling, Partial update per client, Partial composition (refresh only updated area on LCD), 18-bit support with ARGB888 format input for LCD interface, scroll use case, DMA utility for MM framework, Composition algorithm for ARGB 888 and migrating SSL from TI OMX 1.5 to Khronos OMX 1.1.

Project: Settop-box Middleware integration

Designation: Senior Engineer

Oct 2003 to Dec 2006

Tata Elxsi, Bangalore, India.


Integration of Open TV Core 2.0 and PVR extension 2.0. Developed the Middleware Access component for Record, HDD and Playback. Meta-data handling and synchronization between driver layer and Middleware.

Developed Emulated EPROM driver.

Ported Common Interpreter Test Frame onto OS20 operating system by ST.

Bug fixing and stability improvements.

Project: F900, Epic cockpit display software validation

Designation: Software Consultant

Jan 2003 to Sept 2003

Honeywell, Bangalore, India.


Work involved Verification of the functionality of the Epic display system, which adheres to DO178B Avionics Industry Standard.

Code coverage, Validation of the Design document.


DOB : 14th March 1980

Sex : Male

Nationality : India

USA work Autorisation : H1B Visa

Above information is true to the best of my knowledge. - Gaurav E A

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