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SAS Data Analyst

Normal, Illinois, United States
December 04, 2017

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Man mohan Thakur 347-***-****

Creative and resourceful engineer with 3+ years of experience in Data Analysis and Reporting with SAS programming. Able to handle multiple projects simultaneously with high professionalism and accuracy.

Gained experience in every phase of Data Analysis including data collection, query, modifying - analyzing, summarizing the findings, and presenting the results.

Proficient in SAS v9.2/9.4 and strong experience in SQL, SAS BASE, SAS/Stat, SAS/Graph, SAS/Macro, SAS/ODS, SAS/Access, and SAS/SQL, SAS/STAT, SAS/Reports, SAS/Stored procedures under Windows environment

Proficient with UNIX commands such as mounting servers, changing permissions to directories as required.

Performed Requirement elicitation, Requirements Reining and Data Mapping.

Used SAS Enterprise guide in creating stored processes using the dynamic prompts containing both packaging or streaming output, and prepared reports using ODS.

Written Analytical Reports by inferring outputs from SAS programs.

Used various SAS functions like Character functions, Date functions Formats – In formats, etc. to read required data from any given chunk.

Gained thorough experience not only in extracting and manipulating data from various disparate data sources like (xls, csv, txt) files, Oracle, SQL Server, MS-Access, etc., but also in exporting complex internal data to word and .pdf format using ODS procedure.

Solid understanding of data cleansing, data management and data processing techniques like merging, concatenating, interleaving, appending of SAS datasets and data validation using Proc Compare and Proc Freq.

Strong programming, analytical and problem-solving skills. Ability to analyze & process data using various SAS procedures such as utility procedures, report procedures, statistical procedures.

Gained experience in writing SAS code for generating graphs, data listings and tables using data steps, procedures, SQL and SAS macros.

Familiar working with SAS Management Console used to create the metadata libraries, also for password administration. Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint).

Performed Functional, Integration and System Testing on a regular basis to maintain the efficiency of code.

Grade A certification - BIG DATA AND HADOOP by Edureka. Certificate id: LC1T218F. Certificate can be verified at

Work Experience:


Role required building corporate reports, reviewing and validating SAS code to analyze data. Use a variety of tools and models to stage and process data, translate results into insights to address business question. Perform requirements gathering and finally production systems.

Extracted raw data from an oracle database and used SAS/ACCESS to read it and run statistical analysis using SAS / STAT.

Worked with SAS and PROC SQL to extract marketing demographics from Oracle data warehouse for model testing, segmentation, scoring, and list management purposes.

Create .xls or .pdf reports as per the requirements, using proc report, proc tabulate and Data _null_ to create reports.

Generated reports by using the Business Intelligence tools like SAS MC, SAS IMS, SAS WRS, SAS OLAP cube studio.

Performed advanced querying such as calculating computed columns, using filter, manipulate and prepare data for reporting, graphing, and summarization, statistical analysis, finally generating SAS datasets by using SAS Enterprise Guide.

Engaged in SAS peer code review, after completing every code, and checked for SQL standards and maintained a record on the share-point.

Responsible for client-specific transactional data analysis, sales volume, profitability and performance indicators for debit and credit card programs.

Developed, modified and generated monthly business review reports and quarterly business review reports summarizing business activity using PROC Univariate, PROC COPY, PROC Transpose, PROC Report, PROC Tabulate and PROC Summary.

Created new financial tables and manipulated customer data by using various joins and merges and then appended the data (proc append) from the existing source tables containing millions of records.

Creating flow charts, use case and sequence diagrams by using MS Visio tool.

Reviewed and modified existing SAS code, created customized ad-hoc reports, prepared data for publishing business reports in various format.

Maintained and enhanced existing SAS Reporting programs using PROC Tabulate, PROC Report, PROC Print, ODS RTF, and ODS PDF for marketing campaigns.

Environment: SAS 9.4, SAS Base, SAS Macros, SAS/Connect, SAS/Access, Oracle 10g, Windows 7, MS Office, SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Stored Processes, UNIX, SQL, Control-M.


Role required in-depth investigation and analysis of testing procedures used for various microprocessors and graphic cards. Gathering data/output from testing teams, cleaning, and creating SAS datasets to generate reports as required by the AMD’s marketing department.

Performed data extraction, manipulation and storage by using SAS.

Created daily, weekly, monthly and release wise status reports by using Proc Report, and ODS.

Developed SAS macros, templates and utilities for data cleaning and reporting.

Implemented analyses specified in the protocol or the Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP) while working with the project statistician.

Written SAS programs to generate tables, listings, and figures and analysis datasets.

Identified and edited checks as per the data validation plan or data management plan.

Studied management reports using SAS to validate the programmed analysis datasets, tables, listing and figures.

Responsible for creating data tables and listings as per the project's Data Management Plan (DMP).

Gathered the requirements from the statisticians and on-shore testing teams.

Created customized reports using Proc Report, Proc Tabulate and ODS on weekly and monthly basis.

Gained experience in requirement gathering, analysis, planning, designing, coding and unit testing in Mainframe environment.

Used SAS Management Console application to schedule the Daily, Weekly, Monthly and One-time programs on the Production Server.

Developed new/modified macros for report generation using SAS / Macros as per testing requirements.

Effectively prepared performance reports and presentations.

Successfully published monthly sales and claims trend reports using SAS ODS.

Validated data on a day-to-day base as per requirement on a test environment.

Efficiently used procedures such as Proc Compare and performed various joins on tables to carry out testing.

Cleaned data by sending queries to system administrator and comparing it against history files.

Performed SAS Procedures to maintain, summarize data, and to develop reports.

Extracted data from Oracle using SQL Pass through facility, Libname method and generated ad-hoc reports.

Coordinating the production of monthly, quarterly, and annual performance reports for Senior


Proficient in handling Program files, Log files, Listing files and Data sets.

Environment: SAS Base, SAS/STAT, SAS/GRAPH, SAS/QC, SAS/SQL, SQL, MAINFRAMES, MS Excel, Windows.


Tested android applications (games) on various hand-held devices available in market.

Performed installation, interrupt, and free-play tests on the applications.

Logged errors in the Bug-base and maintained records on the share point.

Be in constant contact with the development team to help them understand the issues.


Master of Science (M.S.) from University of Bridgeport, CT., USA. 2016.

Bachelor of Science from JNTU, India 2012.

Additional Information:

Technical Skills

SAS, SAS Stored Process, SAS Information Map Studio, SAS Web Report Studio, SAS Information Delivery Portal, SAS OLAP Cube Studio, SAS Management Console, SQL, SAS Microsoft Add-ins.

Operating Systems

Windows, Unix, MAINFRAMES

Languages Used

SAS, C, Java, Shell script, SQL


Oracle, MY SQL, Teradata


Agile, Waterfall

Windows Applications

MS Office, MS Excel, MS-Access, CSV Files, Adobe Captivate, MS Word, XML, Articulate 360

Hadoop Ecosystem

HDFS, Map Reduce, HIVE, Pig.

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