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Customer Service, Data Entry 45 wpm, SQL, XML processing, Data analyst

Dallas, Texas, United States
November 30, 2017

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Byron Sloggett

Data Analyst/Data Entry Expert with SQL & Advanced

Excel -And AS400 DB2 Relational Database Design

Lewisville, TX 75057 - 940-***-****


● Sr. Data Entry / Data Analyst with SQL experience and have performed Data Entry on a myriad of systems for over 10 years. Various systems I have worked in include (ERP Sales Systems, WMS-Warehouse Inventory, Transportation, Accounting, A/R, A/P, Logistics, Insurance, and Financial Systems and Mortgage).

● Type 40 WPM and very proficient in 10 key.

● Have very good computer skills and am very proficient in Word and Excel. Am also proficient in Adobe Acrobat and have 10 years of SQL experience.

● Worked with major Mortgage Companies to include such Banks as Bank of America and Nationstar Mortgage.

● Responsible for providing support and creation of support tickets to large Mortgage applications such as Equator REO Modules, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Home Retention, and Tax Support, as well as Claims and Customer Correspondence Relations Systems. Have Opened, and resolved and closed trouble tickets with Remedy ticketing software for various business applications.

● Experienced in documenting requirements, process flows, and creating design specs/documentation and flows. Also, has a very strong knowledge of user banking applications, and has worked extensively with banking business Unit Managers while serving as a tech/BA.

● Worked closely with Business Analysts and users to identify system issues, and have interfaced with development groups to follow up and find resolutions on key areas of the system.

● Used Clear Quest, SNAGIT, and Visio to document requirements. Am an expert with Excel, and have created summaries on large Data sets using pivot tables, and Pie Charts and Graphs.

● Have also worked with large data sets, using pivot tables, v lookups and macros. Worked on SOX compliant projects as well, over my 10 year career.

Willing to relocate to: AZ, OK, UT - Lewisville, TX

Authorized to work in the US for any employer


Title: Data Analyst with SQL and AS400

XTGlobal - Plano, TX-April 2014 to Present

AS400 - I5 Programmer Analyst Gathered requirements, and design enhancements for DPS / turning point ERP systems using Waterfall SDLC.

● Utilized SQL to analyze data, for designing fixes and Fixes/PTF'S for the shipping, RF, and Order entry processes/departments (customer service).

● Facilitated/coded the automation of Order entry edits, for the Auto- Allocation of inventory s.

● Created documentation for end users on all enhancements and system changes designed by the I.T. staff.

Technologies: iSeries, SQL, AS400, RPG, XML, Microsoft Office, OUTLOOK Email, SQL Viewpoint, Excel Pivot Tables.

Title: Equator Systems Business Analyst - Over REO Modules

FannieMae Addison - Addison, TX-January 2014 to

March 2014

Mortgage and foreclosure applications

Provided incident support analysis and documentations within INC/REMEDY support tickets, including root cause analysis (RCA) and resolution analysis

(resolutions documented in REMEDY), for Equator applications and processes, including handling the closing or re-triggering of certain Equator Tasks, and triggers.

● Created SQL scripts for reporting over User Roles / Titles, authorities and permissions, (and authorized modules with in Equator), which changed on a weekly basis. Also, Documented, and analyzed data integration errors between the (Legacy AS400) TRAX mortgage system, and the Equator REO Home Auction and Sales/foreclosure systems, and facilitated in finding the solution for these data integration and XML errors.

● Provided Equator business support to various departments including REAM, Sales, Auctions, REO, and Title departments. • Handled inbound XML exceptions, between outside vendors for repairs and the Equator Repairs and expense modules.

● Analyzed issues / incidents between the legacy FALCON AS400 Accounting system, and the Equator repairs module updates • Utilized REMEDY-Incident and problem MGT. modules, for assisting in making enhancements to Equator applications releases.

● Provided Mgt. with reporting in REMEDY for tracking volumes of Incident tickets, and tracking problem management tickets on a weekly basis. Skills: SQL, XML, AS400, ALM, HP Life Mgt, Test Case / Test Scripts (templates) MS Excel, SQL, XML, Equator Modules/Applications, Remedy Title: ISeries Systems QA Analyst -A/R

Contract COSTCO-September 2013 to November 2013

A/P, G/L, and distribution systems

AS400 QA Analyst:

Created Test cases/ test scripts for various accounting systems and processes, and for Upload processes involving payroll, and Royalty information.

● Created Pass/fail case responses, in ALM- in order to communicate and make visible the tests to other departments (including upper MGT, and Dev. Teams) these tests that were being prepared for various unit, integration, and systems testing, and created cases via Excel spreadsheet templates as well for upload.

● Pass/fail responses were then given for each test script, and statuses for defects and fixes were sent out via ALM messaging, for gathering reporting on when fixes would be complete, and outstanding remaining tasks/completions.

● Defect Tracking was also used within ALM, for communicating fixes that were needed, and how to reproduce errors, for batch and interactive test cases, for tracking which fixes had a higher priority, so programs could then be re-verified and re-run, looking for further defects or efficiency opportunities.

Technologies: SQL, ILE, RPG-Free form/RPG4, HP-ALM-Application Life cycle MGT (testing I-series).

Title: ISeries Systems Analyst - Insurance and claims systems

Modis/Wellington - Fort Worth, TX-May 2013 to August 2013

AS400 DB2 Hazard Insurance Database

● Created agent policy transfers application, for updating Agent and Policy Master Data, and for emailing standard documents and transfer approval forms and a listing of all policies being transferred to the new Agent using email API's and PDF attachments.

● Created Claims Replacement Cost reports for accounting Dept. For tracking adjustor expenses and Status reporting in order to transfer claims to various depts. Also, utilized Excel API, for creating Excel spreadsheets of open/closed claims transactions and statuses for revenue reporting and outstanding yearly claims totals.

● Analyzed batch processing programs which processed inbound claims data, and processed customer invoices, which were used during cycle runs, while looking for efficiency and performance tuning opportunities. Technologies used: SQL, ILE, RPGLE, form/RPG4, CL, CLLE, DDS, Hawkeye, WDSC, AL-policy administration System, SQL/400, Query/400 and AS/400


Title: ISeries / AS400 Onsite Tech. Lead Developer/Business Analyst

Nation-Star Account - Lewisville, TX-September 2012 to May 2013

Mortgage Servicing LSAMS Systems and Bankruptcy/Proof of Claim Applications

● Managed the design and coding of a critical strategic project, using ILE/free form for maintaining foreclosure and bankruptcy records. Managed and coded the decommission of the FORETRACS foreclosure tracking system. Created a new case tracking system and proof of claims (POC) applications and tables to be able to house the new data elements needed for tracking bankruptcies within the LSAMS Loan Servicing system. Created POC and petition payment detail windows and sub-file applications for this project, to assist in tracking revenue loss via the POC applications and bankruptcies.

● Created New DOKTRAK document tracking system, interface and user documentation. Exported DB2 loan servicing data using SQL and RPGLE, which was used to upload document Metadata to SQL Server DOKTRAK databases and applications. This system addressed challenges and issues in keeping track of client documents needed at various stages of the Loan lifecycle.

● Assisted in documenting workflows for borrower events, and created an interface that assisted tremendously in keeping track of which documents were needed by borrowers as they opened, closed, and paid off loans. Worked with various loan types and certain loan events as loans arrived at specific statuses.

● Created a 1098 Interest Amounts Actualization process; used *WRKQRY definitions and SQL to create reports on the 1098 amounts paid by other servicers, and on the 1098 amounts on acquisitions that had to be reported to the IRS; also created a reporting process for other servicers 1098 amounts for reporting loan acquisitions in the previous (tax) year.

● Created / designed innovative solutions (while working with offshore teams for development) for in- house customizations of TPS WMS distribution and sales systems. These included enhancements to invoicing, order confirmations and packing slip documents.

Technologies used: SQL, ILE, RPG-Free form/RPG4, CL, DDS, MKS Implementer, TURNOVER, WDSC, TPS (turning point) Distribution Systems, SQL/400, Query/400 and AS/400 (iSeries).

Title: ISeries Systems Analyst

Caremark - Richardson, TX-March 2012 to June 2012

Rx Claim Applications and Databases

Created application development standards documents and guidelines for off- shore teams to standardize all new RPG4, RPG3 and RPGILE / Free Form coding practices.

● Analyzed and increased the efficiency of the Rx Claims batch processing programs, which processed inbound claims data, using LANSA and SQL tables, views, and indexes. Searched for optimization opportunities and improvements on SYNON READ/READE logic and code and SETLL code, to utilize more efficient indexes.

● Monitored and analyzed (for implementation purposes) before / after installation programs in order to ensure that the most efficient RPG4 and CLP/SQL coding techniques were used during QA process.

● Created new programming for the Excel reporting of file health for the auditing of core databases for claims, and to verify file size limits were not exceeded and transactions were under the SLA-2 minute intervals to avoid compliance and risk issues.

● Assisted in the creation of application development techniques and systems documentation for new hires and/or off-shore team documents to standardize new coding practices and coding / rules on new projects. Technologies: AS400, SQL, RPGLE, Free Form RPG / RPG4, CL, CLP, ALDON, SYNON, MIMIX, SQL/400, Query/400 and AS/400 (Iseries). Title: Mortgage Onsite Lead and Business Analyst-for Tax Services Support/Correspondence Systems

Bank of America - Addison, TX-August 2010 to March 2012

● Managed a team of offshore developers (AS400) and a team of .Net developers (onshore) in an effort master and maintain support tickets for all Mortgage type applications. Identified and provided root cause analysis, and problem resolutions, as well as patches for needed PTFs and security flaws in the system.

● Created support documentation for BOA banking correspondence systems and tax applications. Created Workflows and data flow diagrams for AS400 backend databases, and charts for the Support group offshore. Created all documentation for the customer's document and imaging systems.

● Provided ticket tracking using REMEDY, and Problem support of large Mortgage web application and customer relations system application (CRS), which were using AS400 back-end mortgage database systems that interfaced to the customer web applications.

● Supported and analyzed correspondence document meta-data using SQL – which was coming from the boundary tables that were coming across from the web-based applications.

● Analyzed and resolved numerous support calls for various tax applications, such as the Tax Delinquency System and the Tax Vendor Integration application for setting up tax lines, and the Tax disbursement applications, as well as supporting the NDR national tax repository database.

● Supported and provided documentation for mortgage applications as issues arose on a daily basis, including application failure points and transmission failures (FTP). Performed regular scheduled maintenance and provided documentation for the property tax applications and customer contact departments to assist them in responding to customer needs quickly and efficiently.

● For Property Tax Applications, created technical manuals and support documentation for training on how to handle late night tax and mortgage support calls.

● Utilized MQ Series to retrieve and parse XML elements/nodes for the Customer Correspondence and Document Integration System for processing online customer messages banking inquiries).

● Created stored procedures which were also used as part of the Customer Correspondence System's calls to update the AS400 backend customer service correspondence database, via requests by front end applications.

● Analyzed / modified existing COBOL Mortgage (Legacy) system code for capturing logic and retro-fitting customizations into the AS400 CTSC (Country Wide) Tax and Mortgage systems (for secure transmissions and utilization of web front-end applications).

● Used Maximo for tracking all mortgage software incidents for problem management and troubleshooting records, and root cause analysis.

● Used Remedy ticketing application- for troubleshooting systems and recording support activities and events in a history log. And used Remedy for assigning primary ticket, and for escalations to various levels of support and documentation and root cause analysis, for posting final resolutions. Title: Lead Transportation Dispatch Programmer Analyst and EDI Developer

Lone Star Transportation - Fort Worth, TX-November 2008 to February 2010

Designed / coded new Quote to Order data interface between a web-based quoting system and the AS400-TMS (Work Order Entry Module) and DB2 Order Management. Utilized RPG-ILE, BNDDIR, free form and XML on the AS400 to design and code the transfer of data from the Quote system to the IFS and to DB2 on the backend.

● Created a customer service notifications sub-file screen for quote integration. This used multiple windows for commodity details, alerts for notifying users, and for processing accepted and approved quotes into work orders for truck dispatch. Utilized RPG4 free form, XML, ILE sub-procedures and service programs for creating a custom ILE service program to deal with XML strings and for storing and parsing the quote data into DB2 and converting the data to RPG data types.

● Enhanced the Permit Email Warning Notification System. This assisting in the control of permitted load costs and allocations, escort costs and permit accounting costs in the Permit System. Utilized the help/systems, API and E- SEND API, for the transmission of messages and used DB2 databases to store email addresses and issue emails when permit cost allocations superseded load revenue and certain trips.


A.A.S. in Computer Information Systems / Business Administration Software

Glendale College - Glendale, AZ


ISERIES (10+ years), SQL (10+ years), DB2 Database(8 years), Oracle Database (3 years), AS400 (8 years), XML (6 years), EDI (5 years), Microsoft Sequel Server (5 years)




Design Tools

● Have Utilized MS Visio, for the creation of DFD (Data flow Diagrams), and ERD (Entity Relationships Diagrams), which were used in the design of applications and tables for various projects.

Project Management Tools

● MS Project, MS Visio, MS Word, MS Power Point, MS Excel Tools

● IBM Rational WDSC 400/tools, REMEDY and Maximo software support applications for MS Office Suite GAP Analysis, CICS, IMS, OS/400, Vision/400, Adobe Acrobat Reader


● IBM OS/390-MVS Operating System, IBM DB2, OS/400, iSeries, DATABASES:

● System I database development, DB2, Oracle, Microsoft Sequel Server. Operating Systems

Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, Linux/Unix, OS400, and OS390-Mainframe OS.


SQL (Oracle PL SQL, and DB2 SQL), Medical codes and CL scripting Languages and HTML5, XML, and .CSS

Application Servers:

WebSphere, Web logic for IBM I-series, SharePoint

Testing Tools

Crystal Reports, HP-ALM quality center, and corresponding Excel templates for manual test cases, designed for upload to ALM, with all appropriate elements needed for Test Case and Test script upload to ALM QA application. Web Technologies

CSS, XML, HTML5, Java.

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