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Microsoft Office Design

Roswell, Georgia, United States
November 30, 2017

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Michelle Linder

User Experience Architect & User Interface Designer





Career Summary

Senior User Experience Architect accomplishing organizational navigation from the general to the specific. Leading User Interface Design efforts with a focus on accessibility that exceeds 508 Compliance. Creating dynamic prototypes specifically designed to the esthetic needs of the end-users. Teaching scientists, coders and engineers how to be creative.


Georgia Institute of Technology

Human Computer Interaction

MS, 2013

San Francisco Art Institute

Major: Film & Video

Minor: Photography

BFA, 1989

Academy of Arts San Francisco

Illustration and Graphics

AA, 1986

Certificates, licenses and extra training: Web development, West L.A. College (Dean’s List, President’s List), 2010; Feature film producing/production, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) 2003; Advanced digital application with computer generated images (CGI), New York University (NYU) 1998; Russian Studies/Language, Defense Language Institute (US Army), 1991; CBST credentialed in California to substitute teach grades K thru 12th; Series 7, 1993; Series 65, 1993.


Multimedia, Multisensory, Cross-referencing Educational Delivery System (MMCredS) is an application I designed to address and neutralize the disadvantages of the learning disabled while providing for the different learning styles. Completion of this prototype required extensive research (particularly in 508 Compliance and Accessibility), leading ethnological studies, dynamic mock-ups and managing User Experience research and testing. Presentation of the finished prototype included leading a 30-minute lecture/presentation on research findings and usability testing utilizing multimedia arrangements and the production of the abstract in the form of a 3.5 minute film I directed and edited.

Project film and sample of production and editing skills: or go to YouTube and search MMCredS

3D Left-Handed Ergonomically-formed Mouse for designers and animators. Led research and completed a prototype that eliminates the need for operating a keyboard when using various design and animation programs. Prototype featured easy access button-proximity to all fingers with hand in ergonomically relaxed position with buttons in different shapes and textures for users to discriminate by touch rather than sight.

Smart Contact Lenses and Laser Glasses created for a fictional/speculative design project. Produced a mock brochure and slideshow presentation of the effectiveness of these glasses in both civilian and military action.

Interactive Television Prototype developed under Dr. Janet Murray in the Experimental Television Lab (eTV) at Georgia Tech. This project involved making the television series Justified user friendly, informative, and interactive for anyone who is or is not familiar with the show. Worked as Director of Editing; collecting footage establishing both the antagonists and protagonists in the story’s plot and editing all the snippets into a montage explaining each character’s role in the series. Also lead User Experience Testing.

The Impressionists Game is a Unity-based computer game to teach children about the impressionist genre of Fine Art. Completed a prototype which allowed Users to passively learn about art within a virtual reality in context to one or two artists at a time. Level 1 of the prototype involved a Magritte styled eye hovering over an ocean and shooting apples at users. Players maneuver around raining men in bowler hats to reach the sky-looking area of the eye, while dodging projected apples progressing in speed and frequency, and bouncing off the raining men.

Diabetic Pump Redesign; lead a 3-person group project to make a diabetic pump more user friendly with an interface system intuitively designed. Our final prototype was a phone app where users could have easier access in keeping track of, and modifying, their insulin drip, diet, and so on. Directed the user interface design, wireframing and paper prototypes based on ethnological research and human factors engineering in both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and user experience research and testing.

Research (both Qualitative and Quantitative), Concentration and/or Presentations on:

- Educational technology and Massive Open-source Online Courses (MOOCS) with the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) best practices in multiple levels of Interactivity from Passive to Simulations.

- W3C guidelines of accessibility and 508 Compliance for those using the web and apps with assistive devices such as auto-readers.

- Effective educational delivery methods with focus on the many forms of dyslexia and autism.

- Heuristic evaluations of government websites with a focus on the needs of the disabled, older adults and Section 508 Compliance.

- Typography


Sr. User Interface Designer and User Experience Architect


March 13, 2017-May 9, 2016

Atlanta, Georgia

Oversaw all design deliverables regarding the look, feel and interactions in the development of an Infosys proprietary program. UX and UI requirements involved coming up with solutions on how to disseminate user access in a 9-Tier system. Also came up with an adaptive graphic design concept for compensating with changing table-formatted form fields from metadata. Created interactive prototypes in Axure and turned in reports following each iteration which detailed design decisions, interaction/code requirements and both text and illustrated samples, including icons, of all visual elements for coders and stakeholders.

Sr. User Experience Designer and Architect

Accenture on contract to AT&T

February, 2016-August, 2016

Alpharetta, Georgia

Worked with a team developing an advanced budgeting system for national projects with $100 million plus budgets. Came up with new design concepts using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop then translated these designs into user-friendly interactive prototypes using the iRise Prototyping tool. Presented user-experience architectural choices and design decisions on a regular basis during weekly team meetings.

User Experience Architect (UXA)

State Farm Insurance Company, Integrated Solutions Department - Digital (ISD-Digital)

December, 2014-December, 2015

Atlanta, Georgia

Participated in brainstorming activities to develop new technology and mobile apps. Developed interaction, function and process flow charts. Created wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes for developers using the Axure prototyping tool for mobile first, then tablet and desktop apps and websites. Created and conducted presentations on web and app accessibility covering W3C standards and section 508 compliance with graphic and experiential understanding of the various types of disabilities and how they affect web access, in addition to supporting composition and design options.

UX/UI Designer

Northrup Grumman and The Center for Disease Control (CDC)

April, 2014-July, 2014

Atlanta, Georgia

Employment through Northrup Grumman on a temporary contract for the CDC to improve User Experience for the CDCs Chronic Diseases website. Work included heuristic evaluations, task analysis, developing user scenarios, information architecture and user experience testing. Also developed testing and research parameters, client delivery formats, and more.

Associate Producer & Managing Partner

Linder Films, LLC

2003-August 2010

Beverly Hills, CA

Freelance Associate producer and production coordinator to independent filmmakers. Managed and created 27-page production budgets, shooting schedules, breakdown boards and storyboards. Designed one-sheets and produced business prospectuses, marketing plans and budgets, highlight sheets and business memorandums for potential investors. Also broke down scripts, story edited, copy wrote, designed original movie posters and presented business plans to investors. Managed crews up to 150 people.

Sr. Story Editor & Graphic Designer

Echelon Studios

April 2006-February 2007

Glendale, CA

Designed original feature film posters, DVD covers and labels. Wrote synopses. Story edited screenplays for production. Wrote coverage on screenplays being considered for production. Re-organized and formatted all company brochures and catalogues used on their website and in binder format for client sales and marketing. Helped set up and market company’s online Video on Demand (VOD) department.

Creative Consultant


2000-August, 2010

Los Angeles, CA

Wrote manuscripts while working as a freelance designer. Managed business creating fine art that sold in various galleries and art shows in Los Angeles and San Francisco. California exhibitions included; The Mariel Gresher Gallery, Beverly Hills, and the Galaxy Gallery, Melrose, Los Angeles. Designed clothing and jewelry, including mosaics on shoes using Swarovski crystals. Worked in key art for screenplay presentations and brochures. Managed, wrote copy and hosted a weekly, 30-min. satirical radio show on current political climates on the National Radio Network.


- Experienced in Scrum, Agile and Waterfall methodologies

- Trained in Lean Six Sigma

- Managerial skills picked up while leading various projects and while in the Army, as well as resourcefulness in accomplishing impossible tasks in impossible situations

- Self-starter. Can work just as easily under supervision, in seclusion or as part of or leading group collaboration

- Excellent writing/copy skills and have, in the past, placed quarter-finalist and higher in several prominent writing competitions

Programming Experience

Java, 1 Year

HTML, 2 Years

CSS, 1 Year

JavaScript, 5 Months

Jython, 1 Year

Python, 1 Year

Visual Basic, 2 Years

Processing, 6 Months

Design, Digital Media and Prototyping Programs

Axure (Interactive Prototyping), 5 Years

IRise Studio (Prototyping), 2 Years

Wireframing Programs, 5 Years

Adobe Creative Suite, 5 Years

Adobe Illustrator CC, 3 Years

Adobe Photoshop CC, 15 Years

Adobe Premier CC, 2 Years

Adobe Flash CC, 2 Years

Adobe XD, 1 Year

FrameFordge 3D, 6 Years

Alias Showcase 2012, 8 Months

Alias Design 2012, 2 Years

Vegas Studio 9, 6 Months

Balsamiq, 5 Years

InVision, 6 Months

Sketch, 6 Months

Nero 7, 1 Year

Budget & Scheduling, Writing, Flow Charts, Instructional Design and all Office Programs

Excel, 5 Years

Access, 2 Years

Outlook, 2 Years

Keynote, 1 Year

MS Visio, 2 Years

Final Draft, 10 Years

Captivate 7, 1 Year

PageMaker, 1 Year

Edraw Max, 4 Years

PowerPoint, 15 Years

Axium Scheduling, 2 Years

Axium Budgeting, 5 Years

Microsoft FrontPage, 1 Year

Microsoft Office Publisher, 5 Years

Microsoft Office Professional, 15 Years

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