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Customer Service C

Andover, Massachusetts, United States
November 30, 2017

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Jeanmarie S ullivan F eeney

*** * ****** * *****

Andover M A 0 1810

Cell: 6-17-872-****


Customer f ocused, s easoned a dministrative p rofessional s eeking a p ermanent p osition i n a d ynamic e nvironment w hich w ould u tilize m y s trong i nterpersonal a nd o rganizational skills.

Employment E xperience:

Personal A ssistant

Andover, M a. D ecember 2 016-present Reservations

Travel a rrangements

Filing, f axing, s canning a nd b anking

Data e ntry

Occasional C hild c are

Personal e rrands

Eligibility C oordinator/Office A dministrator A pril 2 016 – O ctober 2 016 Benesys, I nc. B oston, M A

● Determine m ember a nd/or d ependent e ligibility f or H ealth c are b enefits.

● Verify a nd m aintain e mployee b enefit i nformation a nd p rocess a ll e nrollment forms.

● New m ember p ackets

● Maintain a nd u pdated e lectronic f iles

● Review w eekly a nd m onthly d iscrepancy r eports

● Review m onth e nd e ligibility r eports a nd a dminister b enefit r einstatements o r terminations.

● Set u p C OBRA c overage w hen n ecessary f or d ependents, s urvivors o r d ivorce spouses.

● Work w ith v endors t o r esolve d iscrepancy r eports.

● Work w ith A uditing a nd A ccounting t o g et a ppropriate b enefits p rocessed.

● Document e ligibility c hanges a nd c ommunicate t he m odifications t o t he employees.

Service R epresentative/Administrative M ay2013– A pril 2 016 Alicare, C harlestown, M A

● Administered t he e mployee b enefits f or t hree d ifferent B oston u nions.

● Solved s imple c ustomer i nquiries o n t he p hone d uring t he f irst i nteraction.

● Utilized d atabase t o t rack c ustomer i ssues a nd r esolutions.

● Used j udgement a nd d iscretion t o r emedy m ore c omplex c ases a nd c ommunicated t he resolution t o t he c ustomers i n a t imely m anner.

● Worked c losely w ith A ccount E xecutives t o a ddress c lient i ssues a nd i ncorporated improvements i nto o ur c laims p rocess t o p revent s imilar d isputes i n t he f uture.

● Managed t he m onthly m ailing o f b enefit c hanges t o c ustomers.

● Communicated d aily w ith c onsultants, a ttorneys, a uditors a nd A ccounts P ayable t o v erify the a ccuracy o f c laims a nd t he p roper d elivery o f b enefits.

● Administered C OBRA b enefits; p roduced o ffers a nd m aintained a ssociated d atabase. Administrative A ssistant 2 011 – 2 013 Charles A . C lifford L aw O ffic e, C harlestown, M A

● Initial p oint o f c ontact f or c ustomers s eeking l egal a dvice w ith l aw f irm.

● Maintained a ttorney’s s chedule a nd c ommunicated w ith c ourts a nd c lients.

● Reviewed a nd u pdated c lient f iles.

● Prepared c orrespondences t o c lients a nd o pposing c ounsel.

● Supported c ases b y f iling, s canning, i nternet r esearch a nd p honing k ey c ontributors. Head C lerk 1 994 - 2 000

City o f B oston – D epartment o f t he T reasury, B oston, M A Reported d irectly t o t he A ssistant C ollector T reasurer f or t he C ity. Performed a dministrative a nd a ccounting f unctions. Administrative:

● Updated a nd m aintained d ivision p ersonnel r ecords.

● Tracked a ll c ontracts a nd i nsurance p olicies f or t he d ivision.

● Maintained a nd m anaged t he d ivision’s t ime a nd a ttendance r ecords; w ork, s ick, v acation and o ver t ime.


● Administered a nd m aintained g eneral l edger b ooks, c ash b ooks, s ubsidiary a nd g eneral ledgers.

● Reconciled i nvoices w ith m onthly b ank a nd c redit a ccounts.

● Produced, a nalyzed a nd r eviewed a ccounting r eports. Computer S kills:

Microsoft O ffice – W ord, E xcel V itech O ffice R ecords a nd M anagement

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