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Microsoft Office Professional Experience

Torrance, California, United States
November 30, 2017

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Reham Nashed

****w ***nd st Torrance, CA

Zip ***04 #22


Objective : Seeking a position as a clinical laboratory scientist with experience and skills in


Summery of Qualifications:

. Highly skilled in laboratory techniques and equipment and supplies

. In depth knowledge of laboratory techniques and tests used in clinical laboratory work

. Exceptional organizational & problem solving skills

. Good organization and management skills

. Very good mathematical and analytical abilities to offer the exact and accurate results

. Demonstrated ability to prepare technical reports

. Good at managing Microsoft office functions


. Bachelor Degree in Science (Microbiology / Chemistry field) 2001

. Preliminary year of Masters in Science Department: Microbiology 2002

. Clinical Hematology/Hemostasis fall /2015

. American Medical Technologist – MT/ASCP

.California License/Certificate Number: MTA 01008846

Professional experience:

Okba Ben Nafea Hospital (2003 – 2005)

Working as clinical laboratory scientist in the different laboratory section as follow

Job Profile

. Hematology: complete blood picture

. Clinical chemistry: liver enzymes, protein chemistry, lipid, carbohydrate

. Immunology: hepatitis A,B,C,salmonella,shigella,measles, H.pylori, Brucella

and Chlamydia

. Microbiology and Parasitology: urine culture, stool culture, genital and respiratory culture

Stool parasitology

. Serology: ASO determination, C-reactive protein and monospot test

. Endocrinology, tumor markers, vitamin

. Toxicology: drug abuse screening, therapeutic drug level, heavy metals, trace metals

. Urine analysis

SIGMA pharmaceutical industries (2005 – 2007)

Working as clinical microbiologist scientist in quality control laboratory as follow

Job Profile

.sterility testing

. Endotoxin test

.microbial limit testing

.microbiological analysis of water

.maintaining and preparing cultures

.disinfectant efficiency test

.staining techniques

.procedure for equipment calibration, maintenance and lab notebook

.environmental monitoring

Arkidea international company (2008 – 20012)

Working as clinical laboratory scientist

Job Profile

Working as clinical laboratory scientist

Results-oriented, able to balance multiple responsibilities, consistently delivering results on time.

.microbiological analysis of water

microbial limit testing.

.maintaining and preparing cultures

.disinfectant efficiency test

.staining techniques.

Advanced pain specialists of southern California (1/2017)

Clinical laboratory scientist

job profile

Routinely performs medical laboratory tests, procedures, experiments and analyses to provide data on clinical specimens for diagnostic purposes. Records known control values from technical instruments to ensure reliability and accuracy in test results reporting. This includes experience operating Thermo scientific (Indiko plus) urine drug screening machine.

Experienced in screening urine drug testing to identify specific drugs of abuse by using various extraction techniques

Health 360 labs (3/2017)

Clinical laboratory scientist

Job profile

. Toxicology: drug abuse screening in AU 640e

. working with high complexity test on LCMS SHIMATZU 8040

• Specimen Processing • Records Maintenance • Quality Control

• Results Reporting • Supplies Management • Policies Compliance

. Working on SYSMAX ( XT-1800i hematology analyzer)

Hematology duties included performing complete blood counts with cytohematology identification

. working on ACCESS2 immunoassay system

immunoassay diagnostic-testing menu that includes sTfR in our anemia panel as well as SHBG and Testosterone in our comprehensive reproductive panel.

Mobility and Flexibility:

Able to work in flexible shifts with independent responsibility handling

Efficient works management’s techniques

Adaptable and quite organized at performing microbiological testing work


I hereby declare that the above mentioned information is correct and true as per my knowledge

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