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C Nd

Greenwich, New York, United States
November 30, 2017

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S iddharth S engar

* ** * **** * treet A pt#* P ittsfield M A 0 1201 Email: Ph. 617-***-****

E DUCATION Northeastern U niversity, B oston, M A

Master o f S cience i n I nformation S ystems J an 2 011- M ay2013 Relevant C ourses: A pplication E ngineering a nd D evelopment, D ata M anagement a nd D atabase D esign, Business A nalysis a nd I nformation E ngineering, B usiness P rocess M anagement, I T a uditing a nd B usiness I ntelligence and D ata w arehousing.

B arkatullah U niversity,B hopal, I ndia

B achelor o f E lectronics & c ommunication A ug 2 005-June 2 009

R elevant C ourses: V LSI D esign, M obile T echnology, O perating S ystems, A dvanced T echnology

B asic E lectronics.


A pplication E ngineering a nd D evelopment: J an 2 011-May 2 011

H ospital I nventory M anagement S ystem ( Java, D B04)

● Developed a j ava a pplication t hat s upported a n etwork o f h ospitals a nd O rder P rocessing.

● Implemented D B04 i n t he p roject t o r eplicate r eal l ife s cenarios

B usiness A nalysis & I nformation E ngineering: J an 2 011- M ay 2 011

P aperless M edical C linic ( Netbeans,Photoshop,Pencil)

● Designed a nd d eveloped p aperless m edical c linic

● Designed t he w hole m odel u sing p encil,dreamweaver,netbeans a nd p hotoshop.

B usiness P rocess E ngineering : S ept 2 011- D ec 2 011

M ediPal:

● Remodel t he w hole p rocess o f t he f lu s hots d istribution a cross t he c ountry.

● Introduces t he n ew s ocial n etwork M edipal w hich g athers t he i nformation o f a r egion.

● Reduce t he d ocumentation b urden o n p atient a nd g ives n ew w ay t o s tore t heir d ata ‘ Electronically’.

R esearch P aper o n


S tudy d ifferent t ype o f p roduct r elated t o t his k ind o f t echnology

( EMC G reenplum,Microsoft P DW,IBM N etezza,teradata).



N ortheastern U niversity, B oston, M A

O rientation l eader f or I SSI A ug 2 011-May 2 013

● Collaborate w ith a dvisors t o p rocess i mmigration d ocuments f or i ncoming I nternational s tudents.

● Worked a s P roctor f or r esidential s afety o ffice.


P rogramming L anguages: C , C J ava, U ML, S QL,

W eb D evelopment: H TML, C SS, X ML, S ervlets, J SP,JQuery

R DBMS: O racle 1 0g/11i, S QL S erver 2 005/2008, M ySQL, S QLPlus, M S A ccess

C omputer A pplications: M icrosoft V isual S tudio 2 008, N etBeans I DE, J Creator, E clipse,Talend,SSIS,SSAS

D isciplines: S DLC,PDLC, O bject O riented A nalysis, B usiness A nalysis,Business P rocess E ngineering

O perating S ystems: M icrosoft W indows 9 5/98/XP/NT/VISTA/7,10

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