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Practice Head

Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560030, India
60000 USD
November 30, 2017

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Contact N o: +91-953******* E mail: h

Mobile A pplication D eveloper

A v ersatile m obile a pplication d eveloper w ith 5 .8 y ears o f e xperience a nd t he d istinction o f e xecuting p rojects o f l arge magnitude w ithin s trict t imelines.


● A q ualified B achelor o f E ngineering w ith s pecialization i n Information S cience.

● Highly dedicated self-driven software professional with 5.8 years o f work experience with strong proven technical s kills i n A ndroid, R eact N ative, J ava a nd N ode J S D evelopment.

● Extensive experience in building solutions for domains like e-commerce, supply chain, finance and education f ollowing a gile s oftware d evelopment m ethodology.

● Possess g ood c oordinating s kills a nd l eadership q uality i n a ddition t o s trong a nalytical a bility.

● Currently employed with C ompassites Software Solutions as a T echnology Lead - Mobility a nd M obile Consultant a t M yntra.

● Worked with Android networking libraries like r etrofit, v olley, RxJava etc. Image processing libraries like fresco, glide and picasso, payment gateway like p ayu, ccavenue, citrix etc. a nd various 3rd party sdk integrations.

● Worked w ith R edux, C ode-Push a nd v arious o ther R eact N ative L ibraries.

● Extensively w orking o n R eact N ative i n p ast 1 0 m onths.

● Good a mount o f k nowledge i n S wift d evelopment f or i OS.

● Deftly handled end to end Planning and Estimations based on the project requirements by adhering to the quality d eliverables.

● Interacted w ith c ustomers t o u nderstand t heir b usiness r ules a nd e xpectations.

● Extensively used design patterns such as MVP, Factory, Decorator, Builder, Singleton and Adapter patterns.

● Ocassional b logger - h ttp:// Core C ompetencies

Android p rogramming React N ative p rogramming Node J S P rogramming Database M anagment

(MySql, O racle & M ongo D B)

Web D esigning & D evelopment Java P rogramming Academic C redentials

Infosys T rained J ava & C ocoa P rogrammer Infosys 4.7 C GPA 2012 B.E ( Information S cience) VTU 76% 2011


Programming i n H TML5 w ith J avaScript a nd C SS3 S pecialist Microsoft PHP 5 .x a nd M YSQL 5 .x Nebcons I ndia

MongoDB D BA Mongo E ducation

Experience D etails

Technology L ead - M obility

Compassites S oftware S olutions

Mar ‘ 14 - T ill D ate

Roles & R esponsibilities:

● Actively c ollaborated t o M obile A pplication d evelopment o n b oth A ndroid & i OS P latforms.

● Extensively u sed A ndroid a nd R eact N ative L anguages f or p rogramming.

● Contributed in designing and architecting the mobile applications for various clients in different domains like e -commerce, e ducation a nd m edicine.

● Frequently C oordinated w ith m ultiple c lients d uring r equirement g athering a nd i mplementation p hase.

● Actively i nvolved i n p roviding s olutions a nd e stimations f or n ew w ork.

● Brought S DLC b est p ractices t o o ur m obile d evelopment t eam

● Collaborated w ith U I a nd U X t eam t o m ake a pplication u ser f riendly

● Collaborated w ith e xternal d esigners t o c oordinate d elivery o f s oftware a pplication

● Collaborated w ith i nternal a nd e xternal t eams s uch a s P roduct M anagers, Q C T esters

● Created n ew a pplications w hich l everaged o ur c ore i nfrastructure i n n ew a nd e xciting w ays

● Implemented a nd t ested c ore c omponents

● Interfaced w ith i nternal/external m obile d evelopment t eams f rom a t echnical a nd d esign p erspective

● Maintained c ode q uality a cross m ultiple m obile s oftware d evelopment e nvironments

● Participated in the design, development, and implementation of complex server and mobile based applications

● Profiled a nd h elped o ptimize t he c ode t o g et t he b est p ossible p erformance a cross v arious d evices

● Researched a nd v alidated k ey t echnology d ecisions f or o ur c ore a pplications a nd c ustomer f acing o fferings

● Supported s ystem i ntegration, c omponent i ntegration a nd u ser a cceptance t esting

● Worked closely with designers, artists and other developers to expand and tune our product offering for the mobile a rena

● Worked w ith O perations t eam t o e nsure s mooth d eployment o f p roduct r eleases a nd u pdates

● Worked w ith s enior t eam m embers t o d efine t echnical s cope o f p roducts a nd t heir f eatures Systems E ngineer

Infosys L td

Dec ‘ 11 - M ar ‘ 14

Roles & R esponsibilities

● Built M ac O S b ased a pplications f or A pple I nc I S&T d ivision .

● Worked closely with Designers, Customer Support and QA to develop suite of web tools for internal and external u sers

● Worked closely with product managers, editorial and business partners to understand software requirements

● Built r eusable c ode a nd l ibraries f or f uture u se

● Collaborated w ith c o-workers t o e stablish b ackend c onventions, p rinciples, a nd p atterns

● Collaborated w ith f rontend e ngineers t o s ee p rojects t hrough, f rom c onception t o c ompletion

● Contributed c reative i deas a nd i nsight f or i mproving u sability o f o ur w eb t ools

● Coordinated a nalysis, d esign, i mplementation a nd t est o f a l arge s oftware s ystem

● Helped t o d evelop a nd m aintain a pplications

● Identified r isks a nd i mplemented v iable c ourses o f a ction

● Integrated u ser-facing e lements d eveloped b y f ront-end d evelopers w ith s erver s ide l ogic

● Maintained a nd e volved i n c lass b ack-end i nfrastructure

● Optimized t he a pplication f or m aximum s peed a nd s calability

● Prototyped a nd c reated c ode r eviews

● Troubleshooted a nd s olved c omplex p roblems Project A nnexure

Project T itle Tablet B anking ( Assisted B anking A pp) Technology & T ools React N ative, A ndroid S DK C omponents, P lay S ervices, G oogle A PIs, G oogle A nalytics. Duration 4 M onths a nd O n G oing

Team S trength 2 M embers

Description Assisted Banking Application was built in React Native for bank officials to function in rural and remote areas of India. The application provided all banking facilities and also supported Offline M ode. ( For N on-Internet Z one)

Project T itle React N ative C ustom F ramework Technology & T ools React N ative, A ndroid & i OS S DKs Duration 3 M onths

Team S trength 2 M embers

Description React Native Custom Framework is a collection of libraries which were custom built. This includes UI Components, Self Validating Components(Forms) and Functional Components like Push N otification, E vent L oggers, O ffline Q ueue, C ustom A PI C lient e tc. Project T itle Myntra A ndroid A pp ( h ttps:// ) Technology & T ools React Native, Android SDK Components, Play Services, Maps, Picasso and AUIL, Facebook APIs, G oogle A PIs, C loudinary, G oogle A nalytics, L ocalytics. Duration 20 M onths & O n-Going

Team S trength 8 M ember

Description Myntra is India’s Largest online fashion store. The mobile app is a fashion assistant for all shopping n eeds. I t h as b oth e -commerce a nd s ocial n etworking e xperience o n i t. Project T itle Agile T racker ( Internal A pp/NA o n P laystore) Technology & T ools React Native, Android SDK Components, Play Services, Picasso, Facebook APIs, Google APIs, Cloudinary, G oogle A nalytics.

Duration 2 M onths

Team S trength 1 M ember

Description Agile Tracker is a mobile application that deals with assignment and tracking of agile tasks within a n o rganization. A llows u sers t o s chedule m eetings a nd t alks w ith o ther c olleagues. Project T itle Delivery T racking A pp ( Internal t o c ompany. N /A o n p laystore) Technology & T ools React Native, Android SDK, Play Services, Maps, Fresco, Google Analytics and Firebase Cloud Messaging.

Duration 6 M onths

Team S trength 1 M ember

Description An Android application used by Delivery Agents of one of India's leading Online Fashion Retail Stores, which facilitates display of their daily trips, shipment and agent tracking and faster resolution of deliveries. It is built in a hybrid fashion with some parts in Native Android and some i n R eact N ative.

Project T itle Bluestone J ewellery A pp( h ttps:// ) Technology & T ools Android SDK Components, Play Services, AUIL, Facebook APIs, Google APIs, Google Analytics a nd F irebase.

Duration 4 m onths

Team S trength 3 M ember

Description Bluestone Jewellery App was designed and implemented in a way that we can give the best user experience. The app has very smooth transitions and animations that attract the users towards it. Along with traditional ecommerce interface, it has an inbuilt recommendation engine for suggesting t he b est b uys.

Project T itle Yatra C ab A ggregator ( h ttps:// ) Technology & T ools Android S DK C omponents, P lay S ervices, A UIL, G oogle A PIs, G oogle A nalytics. Duration 4 m onths

Team S trength 3 M ember

Description Built a cab aggregator module in one of India’s trusted travel app. It allows users to book cabs for within city as well as inter-city travel. The app presents an aggregated view of all taxi providers i n a c ity w ith p rice c omparison a nd t racking. Project T itle Itihaasa A pp ( h ttps:// ) Technology & T ools Android SDK Components, Play Services, AUIL, Facebook APIs, Google APIs, Google Analytics, C loudinary, L ocalytics a nd F irebase. Duration 4 m onths

Team S trength 2 M ember

Description Itihaasa is an android app showcasing the history of Indian IT Industry. It was built in native android with integration with Vimeo Video Library. It has a database of around 3000 videos and is s earch f riendly.

Project T itle Audvisor ( h ttps:// ) Technology & T ools Android SDK Components, Play Services, Facebook APIs, Google APIs, Google Analytics, UpShot a nd F irebase.

Duration 4 m onths

Team S trength 2 M ember

Description Audvisor is a platform that brings you short and powerful insights from the world’s top experts for you to listen to anytime, anywhere. This is a native android application built and integrated with multiple analytics engines to track the user behaviour and recommend best insights for them.

Project T itle Warehouse M obile & G lass P icker A pp ( Internal t o c ompany. N A o n p laystore) Technology & T ools Vuzix Glass, Android SDK Components, Play Services, Maps, Picasso, Facebook APIs, Google APIs & F CM

Duration 4 M onths a nd O n G oing.

Team S trength 1 M ember

Description Android app to facilitate warehouse operations in an e-commerce company. It allows pickers in order p icking, p acking a nd c onsolidation. I t w as a lso b uilt f or t he G oogle G lass v ariant “ Vuzix”. Project T itle Logistics M anagement P latform

Technology & T ools Core J ava, E xt J s, P HP, S pring, H ibernate a nd M ySql Duration 6 M onths

Team S trength 3 M embers

Description ExtJs based web app that facilitates the Myntra Logistics teams to manage the shipment delivery process. The application enables the operations team to create master bags, trips and assign shipments to delivery boys. The application also integrates with multiple courier partners for delivery and tracks the status of orders in the system. The work involved building Restful APIs as w ell.

Project T itle eCost F inance A pplication

Environment Mac O SX, C ocoa, O bjective C, P L/SQL a nd J ava P rogramming Duration 1 Y r

Team S trength 10 M embers

Description Product Cost prediction and estimation tool for a US based technology client. The work involved solving r eal t ime c ritical i ssues, d esigning a nd d eveloping t ools t o m eet t he c lient r equirements. Project T itle Project M etrics L ive F eed

Environment Mac O SX, H TML5, J Son a nd J avaScript. Duration 3 M onths

Team S trength 2 M embers

Description Live Feed is a web app that is responsible for displaying application that is responsible for displaying real time data about the health and performance of the various applications supported by a Team and other important Issues going on. This app is widely used in support teams where the number of bugs and issues open are highly important. The application also supports various resolutions a nd i s c urrently d eployed o n T Vs i n v arious p roject a nd c lient l ocations. Responsibilities Complete D B a nd a pplication a rchitecture p lanning. Coding t he a pplication l ogic i n p ure J avaScript. Front e nd d esign a nd d evelopment u sing H TML5 a nd C SS3. Icon a nd m enu d esigning i n P hotoshop C S5. Deploying t he a pplication i n U NIX s ervers w ith A pache T omcat. More:

Linked I n - h ttps:// Github - h ttps://

Stack O verflow - h ttps:// Blog - h ttp://


I h ereby d eclare t hat t he a bove m entioned i nformation i s t rue, a s t o m y b est k nowledge a nd b elief. Hannan S haik

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