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Engineer Manufacturing

Bohemia, New York, 11716, United States
November 29, 2017

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Dejun Song

*** ********* ****, *******, **, ***** 313-***-****


Creative engineer with inborn passion and patience on problem solving and continuous improvement. Got master degree of Mechanical Engineering in Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. Currently working as a manufacturing engineer in Xerox Cincinnati Site, willing to relocate to Long Island as soon as possible.

Providing 1 year manufacturing engineer experience on manufacturing process, project management, technology support, production analysis and quality improvement in light production environment .

Providing 1 year mechanical engineer intern experience on product development, machine optimization, competitor products study and data analysis in engine mount R&D team.

Strong understanding of manufacturing processing, familiar with six sigma tools, IMS system, TPM, OEE improvement, lean sigma principles and project management.

Proficient in Engineering application software: AutoCAD, Solid Edge, Solidworks, Hypermesh, Abaques, Ls-Dyna, Matlab, Simulink.

Experience in official software: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook.

Machinery technology: Metal working, familiar with most equipment and tools in lab.


Xerox, Cincinnati, OH

Manufacturing Engineer – Manufacturing engineer in SEC Dec 2016 – Present

Create and revise process for printers and accessories. Publish new/revised process on SF software and provide training for operators. Process is based on machine condition and customer requirement. It includes bill of material, standard time, dust-off procedures, test procedures, checklist and other requirements.

Participate in weekly production meeting, exception time meeting, audit meeting and other meetings. Use management tools such as kanban, master order, manufacturing order, process feedback system, integrated management system, special project report and other tools to perform analysis and management.

Be responsible for new special projects. Set up work station, time standard, quality standard, check list, write new procedures to achieve customer requirements. Follow up project and revise process as needed to enhance efficiency and quality.

Be responsible for POE project transferred from reverse logistic center. Schedule and prepare training, create process, supply parts and materials, hands on experience on trouble shooting, document trouble shooting examples, train ERA and technician. Be responsible for POE production.

Create image quality audit process to uniform quality prints sent to auditor and this will reduce auditing time and provide customer a good sample. Create accessory checklist to avoid missing parts.

Cross function with NRPC on assembly refurbish analysis, cross function with ESSO on strip parts supply, cross function with warehouse to arrange order shipment.

Manage quality feedback system and solve any problems in daily production.

General engineering works like create drawing, update cost sheet, parts supply, tool supply, problem solving and continuous improvement.

BWI Group, Dayton, OH

Intern – Mechanical/Product Engineer of suspension system Jan 2016 – Dec 2016

Work in Magneto-Rheological engine mount R&D team, assist daily group work in lab. Build DV mount, make records, test mount, analysis test data, generate test report, manage storage, provide different tests for new generation of mount parts, solve problems occurred during new generation mount built and so on.

E-fill procedure for redesigned machine. Write 32 procedures to operate E-fill machine and divide procedures to set up procedures, repeat fill procedures and after fill procedures. Make tags for repeat fill procedures to avoid mistake.

MTS machine cross head design. The MTS machine has a floating cross head and we want it to be able to convert easily from a floating head to a fixed head. A thick plate and two additional bolts are used to clamp the floating head and fixed heat together. CAE simulation performed to make sure deformation is less than 0.25mm.

MTS machine shafts change and bearing design. Compare several plans to change flange ball bearings and finally decide to use special made bronze bushing bearing. Measure available shafts and design bronze bushing bearing.

MTS machine fixture design to mount a string pot.

Competitor product study. Study other engine mounts from competitors like BMW and Land Rover. Pull out all parts and study how they built together, what parts they use and keep every information record. Analysis other information like performance test, selling price, volume to compare with our mounts.

Tolerance stack project. Based on released drawing for four kinds of engine mounts, calculate tolerance stack of every build procedure, reflect and solve problems with designer and senior engineer, then document results.

Press fit study. Based on part size measurement, pair parts to get max interference range and build parts to collect force and analysis relationship of seated force and interference and generate report.

Mount model analysis study. Use existing mount model to run simulation results to support design team in parameter study. Compare simulation results with real test results and perform model set up study, procedure study and equation study to make model results more accurate.

Wayne State University, Detroit, MI

Master student – Mechanical Engineering department Aug 2013 – Sep 2015

Ford Taurus rollover crash simulation. Obtained knowledge from FMVSS and NCAP. Applied Hypermesh and Ls-Dyna to simulate roof crash test at 1.5 vehicle weight until reaching 5’’ deformation and simulate drop test at 22’’ height with 20 degrees. Analysis result and generate report.

Flip-chip package Analysis. Built a flip-chip package model and provide a cyclic loading from -40 degree to 125 degree thermal load to study how under-fill material affects the solid balls. Simulation performed after changing design like incompletely filled, with gaps, with fillets.

Engine lab research assistant. Worked on fuel automization research and heat transfer on DI gasoline injectors using X-Ray Diffraction. Worked on single cylinder gas combustion study project.

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