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High School Contact

Johannesburg, GP, South Africa
17000.00 nett
December 01, 2017

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Debtors/Creditors, Hortors SA Diaries 21/02/2017 – Present

Debtors phoning for money

Opening of New accounts COD

Dealing with walk in clients


Looking for more money, can’t make ends meet with salary I’m getting here Financial Bookkeeper, Tiespro (Mr Delivery) 01/10/2015-31/01/2016

Work on Pastel Evolution

Oversee creditors and debtors department

Load and reconcile bank statements

Check and reconcile wages overtime and standard hours

Reconcile petty cash

Check and reconcile money at different branches

Check that deliveries that were done, balance with With what Mr Delivery says is delivered

Give information to Account to close off accounts Contact Person: Roger Goddard

Contact Number: 072-***-**** Reason for Leaving: Ended 3 Month contract Financial Bookkeeper, DiaMatrix cc, Johannesburg North 01/10/2004 – 30/09/2015

Creditor Control

Financials to balance sheet

SARS: VAT, PAYE, Clearance certificate

Send reports to Auditors

P.A to owner of company


Contact Person: Wayne Diamond

Contact Number: (011) ***-**** Reason for Leaving: Offered a position at Tiespro Bookkeeper, Carlop Construction, Johannesburg South 2001 – 2004


Loading of budget for expense for buildings



General accounting

Send reports to Auditors

Contact Person: Jock Lopes

Contact Number: (011) ***-**** Reason for Leaving: Offered a position from DiaMatrix Girl Friday, Northway Electrauto, Johannesburg North 1994 – 2001

Deal with Clients and Staff

Create job cards


General booking to General ledger



Contact Person: Adrian Diamond

Contact Number: (011) ***-**** Reason for Leaving: Left to work closer to home when DDaauugghhtteerr wwaass bboorrnn


EEdduuccaattiioonn aanndd QQuuaalliiffiiccaattiioonnss High School, The Hill High School School 1987-1992 Grade 12 (Matric)

College, Kelly Greenoaks 1993-1993

SSeeccrreettaarriiaall CCoouurrssee

CCoommppuutteerr KKnnoowwlleeddggee// PPrrooggrraammss Microsoft, word 2010, Excel 2010

Sage online accounting

Simple Pay



Inside house programs for IT

KKeeyy SSkkiillllss

Work well with colleges

Work online with most of my computer programs

Doing daily emails and call with clients

Reconciliation of Creditors

Reconciliation of VAT, PAYE and IRP5

Work well under press

Very Professional when working with Clients

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