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Ph.D. Oncology, Chemical engineering, cell culture, medical device sal

Chicago, Illinois, United States
November 28, 2017

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Reem Eldawud

Chicago, IL *****, 714-***-****

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Minor: Biomedical Engineering

5+ years’ experience in Pharmacology and Toxicology analyses, Oncology, Cell Biology, Protein Biochemistry, Science communications and Medical Device Sales (US Citizen-Willing to relocate)


Field Applications Scientist, Nexcelom Bioscience LLC (11/2016-Present)

-Prepare and present compelling customer sales and scientific presentations. Write protocols and SOPs to enhance the scientific workflow. Develop high-value scientific relationships with new and existing customers

-Develop marketing and lead generation strategies to target key opinion leaders within the medical and pharmaceutical markets

-Attend conferences, trade shows and host webinars to promote awareness of imaging cytometry platforms.

-Collaborate with the sales team to negotiate sales opportunities within established parameters

Research Assistant, West Virginia University (2011-2016)

Worked on multiple research projects focused on studying the cell behavior of mammalian, primary, immortalized, cancer and stem cells upon exposure to nanoparticles, lab synthesized drugs, growth factors or toxins.

Product and Sales Manager, Creative Health LLC. (2015-Present)

Co-founder of a medical supply company. Responsible for Business to Business (B2B) sales of a specialized single use syringe covers to biopharmaceuticals, pitching and presenting to investors, customer satisfaction, and product design.

Scientist, Fraunhofer Institute, Dresden/Germany (06-08/2014)

Investigated the physical and chemical properties of nanoparticles to develop novel drug delivery vehicles.

Guest Scientist, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), WV (2011-2013)

Part of an interdisciplinary research team focused on studying the effects of human exposure to nanoparticles. Wrote multiple literature reviews and designed/performed new experiments to study the cellular transformation and signal transduction upon occupational exposure.

Research Internship at Martin Luther University, Halle/ Germany (06-08/2010)

Focus on studying the chemistry, activity and stability of different enzymes/proteins. Major assignments included isolation and purification of proteins, study their properties using a combination of imaging and analytical techniques (HPLC, TGA, FTIR, XPS, etc.,) and optimize their activity by controlling crystallization conditions.


West Virginia University, Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, WV, USA (2011 – 2016)

Minors: Biomedical Engineering and Mathematics. GPA: 4.00/ 4.00

Thesis: Novel High Throughput Platform to Study the Cell Behavior Following Exposure to Analytes

University of Jordan, B.S. Chemical Engineering, Amman, Jordan (2006 – 2011)

Summa Cum Laude, Graduated top of the Chemical Engineering class 2011

Senior Project: Novel Composite Hydriphilic-Hydrophobic Membranes for Micro and Ultrafiltration Purposes


Cell culture Cancer and stem cell biology Protein biochemistry Fluorescence and optical imaging Flow Cytometry (Multi-color flow, FACS Diva, FlowJo) Microscopy Live/dead cell imaging Western blots ELISA SDS Page PCR Bioreactors (WAVE, seed train) Upstream/downstream processes Process optimization Chromatography (HPLC, LC-MS) UV-Vis spectroscopy Micro and ultrafiltration Protein crystallization Biosensors High throughput analyses Statistical analysis Sales experience Supervision and mentorship


High throughput Analysis of the cell behavior and fate in different growth conditions (8/2013- 2016)

Study the behavior and fate of primary, stem and mammalian cells grown in different conditions (i.e., densities, media, culture size etc.) and optimize their growth conditions to improve proliferation and metabolic activity.

Study the anti-cancer mechanisms of digitoxin and novel lab synthesized drugs (8/2011- 2016)

Used high throughput equipment to evaluate the biochemistry, potency and the mechanism of action associated with exposure to toxic and therapeutic concentrations of digitoxin and novel lab synthesized anti-cancer drugs.

Analysis of the cell behavior and fate upon exposure to nanoparticles (8/2011- 2016)

High throughput, real-time analyses of the cell behavior upon exposure to different types of nanoparticles.

Study the mesenchymal stem cells differentiation upon adipo- and osteogenic induction (4/2014-2016)

Analyses the differentiation behavior and lineage commitment of stem cells using combinatorial platforms in real time.

Characterize and modify the physico-chemical properties of nanoparticles (8/2012- 3/2014)

Modified the chemistry and the surface properties of nanoparticles using different proteins or chemicals.

Isolating and optimizing the activity and stability of proteins in different crystal structures (6/2010- 8/2010)

Focus on studying the protein/enzyme chemistry, activity, and stability. Major assignments included seed train, scale up, and isolation, purification and crystallization of different proteins/enzymes.


1.Excellent communication skills (recipient of multiple awards for poster/oral presentations and business innovation).

2.Expertise in statistical analysis, report writing, experimental assay development and patent review.

3.Expertise in developing and analyzing high throughput, automated experimental and screening/ potency assays.

4.Knowledge in GLP, GMP setting, ISO regulations, SOP reports and biological material and safety protocols.

5.Expertise in business plan writing, product design, industrial processes and outsource manufacturing.

6.Strong supervision and leadership skills. Supervised and mentored a team of 6 undergraduate students [2012-present].

7.Excellent oral and written communication skills. Organizer of many scientific outreach activities aimed to expand the public’s understanding of STEM and recent scientific discoveries such as Science on Tap

8.Ability to effectively work independently or in a collaborative, multidisciplinary team dynamic.


Syringe Cover for Obscuring a Patient's Observation while Needle Insertion (Application # 15183030, Filed: 06/2016)


1.R.Eldawud, Y. Zhang, M. Pei, and C. Z. Dinu “Real-time Analyses of the Differentiation Behavior and Lineage Commitment of Synovium-derived Stem Cells After Adipo- and Osteogenic Induction”, submitted to Small.

2.R. Eldawud, A. Wagner, C. Dong, Y. Rojanasakul, and C. Z. Dinu, “Differential Analysis of the Cellular Behavior following exposure to pristine and functionalized carbon nanotubes”, submitted to ACS Nano.

3.R. Eldawud, M. Reitzig, S. Nangia, J. Opitz, Y. Rojanasakul, and C. Z. Dinu “Combinatorial Approaches to Evaluate Nanodiamonds Cellular Translocation”. Nanotechnology, 27, 8, Jan 2016, pages 085***-******.

4.Wagner, R. Eldawud, S. Agarwal, T. Stueckle, R. Gupta, and C. Z. Dinu, “Evaluation of The toxicity of Nanoclays and their Thermally Degraded Byproducts on Epithelial Cells”, BBA (just accepted manuscript), August 2016.

5.R. Eldawud, A. Wagner, C. Dong, Y. Rojanasakul, and C. Z. Dinu, “Electronic Platform to Assess Toxicity of Carbon Nanotubes and the Associated Cellular Behavior in Real-time”. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 71, 15 Sep 2015, pages 269–277. * Equal contribution authors.

6.C. Dong*, R. Eldawud *, L. M. Sargent, M. L. Kashon, D. Lowry, Y. Rojanasakul, and C. Z. Dinu, “Carbon Nanotubes Induced Cellular Biomecahanical Changes are Depended on the Exposure Time”, J. Mater. Chem. B, May 2015, 3, pages 3983-3992 * Equal contribution authors.

7.C. Dong*, R. Eldawud *, L. M. Sargent, M. L. Kashon, D. Lowry, Y. Rojanasakul, and C. Z. Dinu, “Towards elucidating the effects of purified MWCNTs on human lung epithelial cells”. Env. Sci.: Nano, 2014, 1, pages 595-603.

8.R. Eldawud, T. A. Stueckle, S. Manivannan, H. Elbaz, M. Chen,Y. Rojanasakul and C. Z. Dinu, “Real Time Analysis of the Effects of Toxic, Therapeutic and Sub-therapeutic Concentrations of Digitoxin on Lung Cancer Cells”, Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 59, 15, Sep 2014, pages 192–199.


2016 Student Innovator award-West Virginia University

2015 Student award for “Disruptive Research”, Council of Chemical Research annual meeting

2015 Spirit of Innovation Award, Techconnect West Virginia.

2015 2nd place oral presentation at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) annual meeting

2015 Student award at the Van Liere Convocation- West Virginia University

2014 2nd place, Oral presentation at the (AIChE) annual meeting- Nanoscale Science Forum

2013-2014/15 NSF-Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) fellowship

2014 Graduate Fellow Recognition Award-West Virginia University

2013 3rd place, Oral presentation at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) meeting

2013 1st place, poster presentation at the Van Liere Convocation- West Virginia University

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