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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
November 28, 2017

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Moe K halif

#**, * ****- * ** S treet E dmonton, A lberta.T5E 5 E3

5-876****** Email: s

Professional S ummary

Construction l aborer p rofessional b ringing v aluable e xperience f rom l arge corporate c onstruction s ites, a s w ell a s r esidential h ome r epair p rojects. Focused, d etail-oriented w ith y ears p rotecting c orporate a ssets a nd m aintaining safety a nd a n e xcellent c ommunicator.


● Have w orking e xperience i n c onstruction a nd q s ecurity s ervices

● Hands-on e xperience i n m anaging s ecurity s ystems i n o rder t o p revent theft, v iolence a nd v andalism D etailed a nd s afety-oriented

● Comply w ith c ompany's p olicies, p rocedures, s tandards a nd s afety r ules

● Punctual, h ardworking a nd q uick l earner

● Troubleshooting

● Service a nd s upport , Computer s oftware s avvy

● Safety p rocedures k nowledge

● Power & h and t ools

● Basic m ath a nd m easuring a ptitude

● Commercial c onstruction

● Effective a t m ulti-tasking

● Able t o w ork i ndependently a nd u nder s upervision

● Well-versed i n u sing d ifferent a larms f or s ecurity p urposes WORKING E XPERIENCE

February 2 017-August 2 017

Skilled L abourer

Mid-City C onstruction-Edmonton, A B

• A ssisted i n l oading a nd u nloading d elivered m aterial

• O perated l oader, j umping j ack a nd p late t ampers a nd r oller p acker a nd v arious hand t ools ( laser l evel, c ut o ff s aw, c hainsaw)

• E nsure a c lean a nd s afe w orksite a nd a bide b y a ll c ompany s afety r equirements, including t he r equirement f or P PE

June 2 016-January 2 017

Security G uard G 4S C anada-Edmonton

● Ensuring s ecurity d uties a re c arried o ut i n c ompliance w ith a ll f ederal, provincial, and m unicipal l aws i ncluding; T he C riminal C ode o f C anada; Trespass t o Property l egislation.

● Operating a p atrol v ehicle, and d oing f ull s ite p atrols.

● Responding t o a ll d ispatch c alls f or A larms, B uilding C hecks a nd G uard Service needs.

February 2 015-July 2 016

Laborer H ibco C onstruction– E dmonton

● Fire r estoration d uties o n r esidential a nd c ommercial p roperties.

● Roofing, d emolition a nd r e-framing.

● Drywall a nd p ainted w alls a nd c eiling t iles.

● Loaded a nd u nloaded b uilding m aterials u sed f or c onstruction. December 2 015-February 2 016

M achine O perator L ittle P otato C ompany- E dmonton

● Operated a nd t ended m achines t o p repare i ndustrial o r c onsumer p roducts for s torage o r s hipment I ncluding c annery w orkers a nd p ack f ood p roducts. June 2 012-November 2 013

Construction l aborer P lumbline G roup - Edmonton

● Prepared a nd c leaned c onstruction s ites b y r emoving d ebris.

● Loaded a nd u nloaded b uilding m aterials u sed f or c onstruction.

● Completed t ear-down o f e xisting s tructures a nd p repared f or n ew construction.

August 2 011-June 2 012

Security G uard, U nited P rotection S ervice- E dmonton

● Patrolled t he a ssigned a reas f or v andalism, t heft, a nd f ire.

● Maintain t he c lient’s p roperty a nd f acilities i n a ccordance w ith l ocal t respass legislation, p roperty a cts a nd/or o ther l aws a ffecting a c lient’s p roperty.

● Maintain c omplete, a ccurate a nd u p t o d ate, p atrol n otes, i ncident r eports and i nformation m anagement s ystem a nd e ntries a s r equired.

● Ensure t hat a ll s afety a nd e mergency p rocedures a re f ollowed i n r esponse to f ire a larms a nd o r s ite e mergencies. May 2 010 t o J anuary 2 011

Customer S ervice R epresentative , S T. M ICHAEL'S H OSPITAL , Toronto, O N

•Work i ndependently w ith n o s upervision – i n c harge o f a ll d ecision m aking d uring overnight h ours

•Schedule p atient t ransfers a nd t o a llow f or t he s eamless i ntake o f n ew p atients, blood t ransfusions, s pecimens, o r a ny o ther i tem n eeded t o b e t ransferred f rom one f loor t o a nother

•Monitor t he d aily a ctivities o f t he E nvironmental S ervices t eam t o v erify t hat patient t ransfer r equests a re f ulfilled

•Operate a m ultiple l ine t elephone c onsole a nd H uman R esource C entre ( HRC) software t o e fficiently p rovide c ustomer

service, p age t asks a nd m onitor t ask c ompletion b y e mployees

•Arrange d ischarge c leans t o e nsure i npatient r ooms a nd b eds a re p repared a nd properly e quipped t o a dmit p atients b y c oordinating t asks a nd p rocessing w ork orders f or t he h ousekeeping a nd e ngineering t eams January 2 009 - M arch 2 010

Shift S upervisor,Starbucks-Ottawa,On

● Delivered w orld c lass c ustomer s ervice a nd i nspired b aristas a nd p eers t o do t he s ame.

● U p S elling b ased o n c ustomer c ues a nd s ales g oals.

● Delegated t asks a nd r olls f or u p t o s ix p artners t o c reate a n e fficient a nd comfortable e nvironment.

● Simplified i nventory m anagement a nd o rdering t o r educe w aste.

● Took r esponsibility f or p lanning c ommunity a nd f undraising e vents. January 2 007- A pril 2 009

Call c enter r epresentative D ell C omputers - O ttawa

● Collected c ustomer f eedback a nd m ade p rocess c hanges t o e xceed

● customer s atisfaction

● Maintained u p-to d ate r ecords a t a ll t imes

● Built c ustomer l oyalty b y p lacing f ollow-up c alls f or c ustomer w ho r eport

● Product i ssues

● Described p roduct t o c ustomers a nd a ccurately e xplained d etails a nd c are of m erchandise.

● Politely a ssisted c ustomers i n p erson a nd v ia t elephone.

● Provided a n e levated c ustomer e xperience t o g enerate a l oyal c lientele.

● Investigated a nd r esolved c ustomer i nquiries a nd c omplaints i n a t imely a nd empathetic m anner.


High S chool D iploma

Hillcrest H igh S chool, O ttawa, O nt

• Coursework i n A lgebra A nd G eometry

• Coursework i n E nglish, M echanical d rawing Certifications

• First A id a nd

• H2S A live



• Alberta s ecurity l icense

Reference p rovided u pon r equest

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