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Administrative assistant

Mankato, Minnesota, United States
November 29, 2017

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H eather T hompson

*** * ** * **. S E A pt. * *

Mapleton, M N 5 6065


Personal A ttributes

A s trong d esire t o s erve o thers.


Throughout m y l ife I h ave a cquired p ersonal, c lerical, a nd c omputer s kills t hat e nable m e t o e ffectively perform t he r equired t asks o f a n A dministrative A ssistant/Receptionist/Secretary a nd o r F ront D esk C lerk. Some o f m y s kills i nclude b ut a re n ot l imited t o t he f ollowing:

● Experience w ith W indows, W ord, E mail, P recision, I ntegrated T eller, t yping, e tc.

● Customer s ervice, p hones, c orrespondence, n ewsletters

● Experience w ith d eposit a ccounts a nd v arious o ther c ash h andling d uties

● Maintaining c alendars, c oordinating m eetings a nd e vents

● Assisting V P’s, m anagers, s ecretaries, a nd c o-workers

● Front d esk r eceptionist

● Data e ntry, s canning, c opying, a nd f iling Experience

December 2 016 - N ovember 2 017

Pioneer B ank, M apleton, M N - T eller

At P ioneer I g ained a t rue a ttention t o d etail a nd a g enuine l ove f or s o m any o f m y c ustomers. T he f ollowing a re some o f t he m ore t angible t asks I p erformed:

● Processed d eposits/withdrawals, m oney o rders, e tc

● Maintained a nd c losed a ccounts

● Customer S ervice - a nswered/transferred c alls, a ssisted c ustomers w ith q uestions a nd m obile a nd online b anking.

● Balanced a nd m aintained t he v ault

● Processed m ail, c orrespondence. S canned, f iled, e tc. February 2 015 - D ecember 2 016

The L ittle R ed S choolhouse, M ankato, M N - D aycare A ssistant As a l ong t erm a ttendee a t G race B aptist C hurch, I w as a ble t o p articipate i n o ur c hurch’s d aycare m inistry a s w ell as m ake l asting f riendships w ith m y c o-workers a s w ell a s m y d aycare f amilies.

● Assisted t he d aycare d irector i n t he n urturing, p hysical, e motional, s piritual, a nd e ducational n eeds of t he c hildren i n o ur c are.


McGraw H ill, I nc., D ubuque, I A F reelance I maging E ditor

● Worked f rom h ome e diting a nd r ecreating e ducational i mages f or t extbooks, p owerpoints, e tc

● Used v arious s oftware t o c omplete t he r equired t asks 1995 - 1 996

Clear W ith C omputers ( CWC), M ankato, M N - E xecutive A ssistant t o V ice P resident ( Temporary Position)

Originally h ired f or a t emporary p osition a s E xecutive A ssistant t o f our V ice P residents, I w as a sked t o s tay on i n a n ew p osition t hey c reated s pecifically f or m e. My d uties w ere s ome o f t he f ollowing:

● Directly a ssisting t he V P b y k eeping m ultiple c alendars, d ata e ntry, e tc.

● Assisting p rogrammers a nd o ther V P’s w ith f iling a nd o rdering s upplies

● Attending b usiness m eetings a nd r ecording m inutes

● Contacting c lients, s cheduling m eetings, a nd r eceiving p hone c alls 1992-1994

IDS A merican E xpress, M errillville, I N - A dministrative A ssistant Working f or I DS, I e xperienced m any d ifferent a spects o f t he a dministrative n ature. H ired o riginally a s a personal s ecretary t o t wo f inancial p lanners, I g reeted c lients, c reated c orrespondence, m ade c old c alls, a s well a s d ata e ntry a nd f iling.

Other a dministrative p ositions/duties a s r eceptionist a nd o ffice s ecretary:

● Front d esk r eceptionist, g reeted c lients, a nswered/redirected c alls

● Assisted f inancial p lanners w ith c orrespondence

● Processed m ass m ailings, e tc



Sister R osalind’s S chool o f P rofessional M assage, M ankato M N - C ertified i n S wedish M assage

● Additional c ourses i n P rofessional M assage T herapy 1991-1993

Davenport B usiness C ollege, M errillville, I N C ertified i n B usiness T ravel References

Graciously p rovided u pon r equest

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