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Data Project

St. Louis, Missouri, 63101, United States
November 29, 2017

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MySQL Admin Phone: 832-***-****

Professional Summary

Over 8+ years of experience in Database Administration, Maintenance and Production support for relational databases and business applications.

Experience with new server setup, MySQL Server installation, upgrade and migration.

Strong MySQL and SQL Server skills including significant general system administration skills on UNIX/HP Open VMS, Linux and Windows environment.

Researching, analyzing, and recommending patches, upgrades, and new technologies surrounding all aspects of data management using relational databases.

Successfully managed high availability of production systems for corporate sectors and Individual Organizations as a MySQL DBA.

Experience working with huge databases, VLDB, troubleshooting issues and documenting the causes. Provide support for mission critical production database systems powered by MySQL.

Experience performing Integrity checks, Optimization and Compression of tables and Indexes using myisamchk utility.

Experience with log and data file management to ensure cost effective storage and high performance in terms of I/O.

Experience analyzing locks, blocking sessions and terminating the processes that cause bottlenecks.

Experience in Database programming that involves developing stored procedures, Triggers, Cursors, Joins, Views and SQL on databases: MySQL, MSSQL and Oracle.

Expertise in Performance Tuning, i.e. tuning applications, shared pool, I/O distribution, rollback segments, buffer cache and redo mechanisms.

Sharding and Partitioning large tables to improve performance, manageability, simplification of maintenance and reducing the cost of storing large data.

Experience in handling Security on the MySQL Database servers.

Strong understanding of the MySQL backup and recovery strategies.

Familiar with MySQL Enterprise backup and recovery tools including Third party backup solutions like Percona xtrabackup.

Experience in optimizing database access and allocation/re-allocation for optimum configuration, database performance and cost.

Expertise in data modeling and database designing.

Experience on Migration of major databases to Oracle from MSSQL and MySQL.

Expertise in database migration from MyISAM format to Innodb storage engine to increase performance and betterment of integrity constraints.

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Highly motivated with strong commitment to quality and customer service.

Strong in solving problems of diverse scope where technical analysis and evaluation is required.

Technical Skills

Operating System

Windows NT/XP/7/8, Windows server 2008, Linux/Unix.

Database Tools

Percona toolkit and Percona XtraBackup, XtraDB Cluster, MySQL import and export, MySQLdump.

Programming Languages



MySQL 5.5,5.6,5.7, MongoDB, MSSQL, Oracle.

Application and Web Servers

Apache Tomcat, Web Logic, IBM http Sphere and Java Web Sphere.

Scripting Languages

Shell Scripting, Python, Bash Scripting.

Professional Experience

Client Name: Constant Contact, Waltham, MA Duration: Apr 2017 to Till Date


Description: Constant Contact is an email marketing company that helps businesses with sending their outbound marketing emails easily. It provides a platform to edit your email templates, auto customize it for multiple devices and share across multiple platforms including social media. It also provides market related analytics to identify the reach and popularity of the email marketing.

Project: Constant contact is a SAAS based service and has a huge MySQL backend system that is used for managing customer profiles and store customer related information. The project involved end to end maintenance of the backend system.


Responsible for MySQL DB installation, configuration, system administration, provisioning and troubleshooting.

Experience with the metadata tables in INFORMATION_SCHEMA.

Extensive experience with various backup and recovery methods - mysqldump, enterprise backup, percona xtrabackup.

Data loading and exports using LOAD INFILE, mysqlimport.

Used mysqlbinlog utility to identify and rectify the corruption in relay logs.

Experience with RPM installs as well as binary installs.

Recovered multiple MyISAM tables after corruption using Check and Repair.

Worked on auto recovery for InnoDB and MyISAM tables.

Used MySQL workbench, query browser utilities.

Enabled show query log for query analysis and used the write to table option.

Wrote shell scripts to monitor replication, take backups and automate other routine DBA tasks.

Setup Innodb_file_per_table option and other innodb standard parameters to standardize tablespaces.

Worked on adding foreign key constraints as per the application requirements.

Analyzed deadlocks in innodb storage engine.

Worked with Database security, provisioning, administration, replication, automation and disc I/O /space management.

Managing Storage engines: InnoDB, MyISAM, Falcon, Percona XtraDB, MySQL Federated, MySQL Archive,Aria.

Identifying and resolving database performance bottlenecks. Perform SQL tuning, Explain SQL query analysis, Indexing, MySQL engine and Linux OS level optimization.

Developed enhancements with complex joins, created dynamic SQL scripts to support system analysis, and troubleshooting of legacy bugs / issues.

Data conversion from any data source to MySQL database - custom code development, configuration and implementation.

Implemented MySQL Enterprise Monitor, MySQL Replication Monitor and MySQL Query Analyzer for improving query performance and capacity planning in mysql OLAP databases.

Prepare an instance of MySQL running external to Amazon RDS.

Configure the MySQL DB instance to be the replication source.

Use mysqldump to transfer the database from the Local instance to the external Amazon Aurora RDS.

Start replication to the instance running external to Amazon Aurora RDS.

Data replication / data migration development using ETL tools.

Developing ad-hoc and custom reports for business analysis.

Setting up Apache Tomcat server and maintaining it.

DB Connection pooling for performance Optimization.

knowledge on DynamoDB, MongoDB.

Worked with Shell Scripting and the Percona Toolkit.

Environment: MySQL 5.5/5.6, Percona Xtrabackup, Linux, Shell Scripting, Percona toolkit.

Client Name: Affinion Group, Trumbull, CT Duration: Jan 2015 to Mar 2017


Description: Affinion is a global leader in loyalty and engagement solutions. They design, administer and fulfill loyalty and engagement programs that strengthen and expand value of relationships with customers. They provide solutions that deliver a flexible mix of benefits and services for their clients that meet customers’ needs. They are a leading third-party agent and administrator, marketer for insurance products that provide security for customers.

Project: Customer loyalty maintenance project tracks various loyalty programs for different clients and keeps track of rewards and recognition programs for the consumers. This is a huge MySQL database that has high availability and disaster recovery that serves various customers of the company.


Audit user authentication logs on the database server.

Capture long running/ low performing SQL Queries and share with the developers.

Perform regular logs usage review.

Regular Database Monitoring.

Review status of nightly Database and Application Server incremental backups. Work with system administrator on any issues.

Verify database backups for exports and hot backup emails.

Verify free space host availability on (backup/archive) directories.

Upgraded MySQL from 5.5 to 5.7 involving migrating MyISAM to InnoDB storage engine.

Work with MySQL Workbench, MySQL Administrator, MySQL Query Browser, MySQL Migration Toolkit and Percona toolkit.

Monitored the database size and increased the size when required, analyzed the database tables and indexes and then rebuilt the indexes if any fragmentations in the indexes.

Verified completion results for any scheduled jobs, crons or data processing including refreshes.

Reviewed daily invalid object reports for all databases.

Verified and confirmed applications, databases and application servers are operational and functioning normally by monitoring OEM, server processes, automated e-mails, etc.

Created users, allocated appropriate tablespace quotas with necessary privileges and roles for MySQL databases.

Built Bitmap indexes and created materialized views for data warehouse project.

Responsibilities also included removing row chaining for better performance.

Environment: MySQL 5.5/5.6/5.7, Percona toolkit, OEM, SQL, Linux, Shell Scripting.

Client Name: Instrumentation Laboratory, Boston, MA Duration: Jun 2013 to Dec 2014

Role: Database Administrator

Description: Instrumentation laboratory is a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative critical care, assays and data solutions for hospitals and clinical laboratories. IL products have consistently contributed to enhancing efficiency, reducing costs and improving the quality of patient care in hospitals around the world. They are an integral part of Werfen, a global healthcare company dedicated to deliver the highest quality in vitro diagnostic products.

Project: The Clinical reporting platform project was used to collect, organize, enrich, and publish clinical service information and intelligence to support clinical operational and strategic decisions from millions of customers. It has a huge MySQL backend system which is used to generate multiple analytical reports for the hospitals and clinical laboratories.


Responsible for MySQL DB installation, configuration, system administration, provisioning and troubleshooting.

Responsible for supporting integrity, availability of database systems for high traffic business critical network of web applications.

Performance Tuning on a daily basis for preventing issues and providing capacity planning using MySQL enterprise Monitor.

Involved in designing, developing, testing and rolling out of complex enterprise applications to completion in terms of Database as well as frontend, with different project development models like SCRUM etc.

Extensive experience with various backup and recovery methods - Mysqldump, Enterprise Backup, Percona xtrabackup.

Developed operating system specific (Unix/Linux) scripts to automate DBA functions.

Experience with RPM installs as well as binary installs.

Worked on Capacity Planning and Performance Tuning of Databases.

Upgraded MySQL systems and involved with creating partitions, setting up replication, monitoring, and projections for MySQL Databases.

Created and maintained Materialized Views for replication.

Reviewed and analyzed the requirements and Technical design for the Product.

Participated in Scrum calls to update status to the Product owner.

Created stored procs and User-defined functions to implement CRUD operations and Business logic for the front-end application.

Restored and backed up databases into different environments as per the need.

Debug production issues with data and resolve any issues as part of maintenance hotfixes.

Provide custom reports built using SQL and Excel to the management.

Analyze data and report any trends and patterns to the management.

Performed testing between Source and Destination to verify ETL loads.

Written complex SQL involving Joins, Aggregations, Ranking and manipulating data to test Data warehouse workloads.

Created test data to test production like business scenarios.

Responsible for submitting the end of the day reports to the management.

Responsible in preparing and delivering the monthly project review documents to the manager.

Environment: MySQL 5.6/5.5/5.1, Linux, Shell Scripting, Percona Xtrabackup, Windows 2003 server.

Client Name: Bank of West, Carrollton, TX Duration: Oct 2009 to May 2013

Role: Oracle Database Administrator

Description: Bank of the West is a financially strong, well-capitalized and prudently managed FDIC insured bank that customers have entrusted with their money. This bank is a subsidiary of BNP Paribas, one of the six highest rated banks in the world. The bank operates distinct units to provide a range of superior services like Commercial banking, Regional banking, National finance and Wealth management.

Project: I have worked on authentication of users and maintained customer database to collect information and support financial services. It has a huge backend oracle database with millions of consumer data. It is a high availability and disaster recovery database environment to ensure information is not lost.


Maintained database concurrency by setting proper Locks for queries, solved table locking issues, concurrent inserts and external locking issues.

Creating user accounts and appropriate privileges as well as maintaining Database security.

Configure RMAN and implement best practices for database backup and recovery.

Assisted in disaster recovery procedures and recovery using data guard in both 11gR2.

Modifying the database structure, as necessary, to support activities of application developers

Created Standards & Guidelines document for setting standards for database to follow across the project.

Co-ordinated with UNIX administrators for space managements on various servers.

Optimized SQL statements, Indexes, Buffer Pool and Query Cache.

Perform code reviews submitted by application team to ensure all standards are met.

Work closely with application developers to implement best practices for coding and design, and providing SQL and PL/SQL expertise.

Troubleshoot and resolve database connectivity issues.

Support application developers with database operations including development of SQL, and creation of stored procedures

Maintain data integrity and security through managing roles and permissions of database users.

Used data movement utilities such as expdp/impdp to refresh the schemas and tables.

Establish standards and procedures to implement database security and auditing procedures.

Experience in writing Shell scripts to backup, restore database and automate daily activities

Designing and maintaining Database standards and best practices.

Participate in on-call rotation for production database support.

Demonstrate ability to meet deadlines and set priorities.

Environment: Windows 2000 server, Oracle 11g, SQL, Linux, RMAN, Network management.

Client Name: USSA, Chennai, India Duration: Jun 2008 to Sep 2009

Role: Oracle Database Administrator

Description: USSA is dedicated to serving military members and their families by offering more benefits than any other major financial services. They organize services like banking, Insurance, investments and retirement plans for the customers.

Project: I have worked on an identification authority of their project that enrolls and tracks the citizens and veterans. It has a huge backend oracle database with millions of consumer data. It is a high availability and disaster recovery database environment to ensure information is not lost.


Have worked and supported both Development and Production Database environments.

Install and configure DBMS software, upgrades and related products, Recommend and assess new versions and products.

Integrate configurations and applications.

Manage multiple concurrent RDBMS instances, both production and development or test on various platforms.

Managed Database security.

Implemented the Backup and recovery strategy for the project.

Reverse and forward engineer databases.

Migration of DDL and DML from one database to another.

Use of Explain and other tools to monitor and trace SQL usage.

Troubleshoot database issues like connectivity and slowdowns.

Creation of customized database scripts for administrative purposes.

Create and maintain data dictionary with emphasis on business rules.

Maintain/Restore database using RMAN.

Find existing database areas for improvement (remapping of tablespaces, adding indexes, etc).

Create Crystal Reports based on business areas needed for analytical study.

Extensively used SQL Plus for Querying/Reporting.

Monitor and troubleshoot database backups, disk space and server availability.

Identifying root cause of Oracle errors and providing solutions to resolve errors.

Creating database reorganization procedures, scripting database alerts and monitoring scripts.

Generated internal DBA team documents including problem resolutions documents, lessons learned documents, how to documents.

Controlling and maintaining system security through Profiles, Roles, Privileges and Auditing.

Configured and managed database replication to provide high availability and various levels of failover capabilities.

Participate in the development and testing of disaster plans and security processes.

Environment: Linux, Windows 98/NT/2000, Oracle 11g, SQL, Import/Export, Database tools/Utilities.


Bachelors of Technology from JNTUH Hyderabad, India.

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