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System Architect

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States
November 29, 2017

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Zlatko Lakisic

Systems Architect


Client: HTML, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, XML, XSD, XSLT, AJAX, AngularJs, ReactJs, jQuery, MooTools, Angular, Material, Bootstrap, Masonry, Less, KendoUI, Android

Server: ColdFusion, C#, C++, PHP, Python, Java, .Net, .Net Core, WebForms, WinForms, WCF, WPF, SVN, TFS, GIT, IIS, Apache, Lucee, SOLR, Lucene, FastSearch

Databases: MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, MongoDb

IDE: Eclipse, Visual Studio,Visual Studio, Code, Netbeans, DreamWeaver, Zend Studio, Android Studio

Other: Restful WebServices, WordPress, Joomla, Ektron, SiteCore, Kentico, JIRA, Confluence, LiquidPlanner, Balsamiq, Google Analytics, Slack, RapidMiner, AWS, Drupal, OSCommerce, Magento, EpiServer


Senior Developer 06/2017 - Current

MarketAmerica, Greensboro NC

Mentor junior developers and inters as well as develop and implement solutions for projects and goals set by the business owners.

Primarily focus on a ColdFusion server side platform powered by the Universe database system and Lucene Search Server.

Using RESTful services with several custom made jQuery plugins allowing customers to interact with various products and customer sections.

RESTful services were developed in ColdFusion and consumed by custom jQuery plugins.

Systems Architect 01/2001 – 06/2017

MostarDesigns DOO, Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina


Software engineering and development, Solutions development, Programming

Head of development and Architecture for Zoomin.Tv in Amsterdam

Zoomin is the 5th largest YouTube MCN (Multi Channel Network) in the world and has over 60,000 channels

Developed their main software in .Net which includes

Integration of Google APIs that allow their members to control their respective channels through the dashboard

Developed additional revenue streams for Zoomin which includes

oA merchandising shop where they can design and sell their own merchandise

oDeveloped in jQuery, ColdFusion for web interface

C# .Net windows service to sync all data of all shops in the back end

WebApi2 services with AngularJS front end for their public facing e-commerce shops

oA custom tool called the ViewBooster which allows Zoomin to instantly promote videos across its entire range of channels

Web front end was developed in WebApi2 and AngularJS to manage all campaigns and view the individual statistics using GoogleCharts

Data collection, analysis and predictions were developed in C# .Net windows service which runs independently of the website

oSetup entire architecture on AWS including

VPC - Virtual Private Cloud

Routing - Routing between subnets (private and public subnet) EC2

Up to 10 development machines used for development and testing of software

Jenkins - for CICD

CentOs - For MariaDB

Two windows boxes for public facing websites

ELB - Elastic load balancer for directing traffic between two Servers

Route53 - DNS service

CentOs - For SubversionEdge SVN Server

Site-to-Site VPN between office and VPC

S3 - Storage for images and videos

Developed a custom dashboard for their channel users

oAllows a channel user to log in to view statistics, current payouts, transactions and earnings reports

oEdit their personal profile which is reflected on YouTube as well

oUpload and publish videos to YouTube

oTrack statistics of channel and videos on YouTube

oSign up for various additional revenue stream programs

oEntire system was developed with

Micro services

Combination of data sources which included MariaDb and 3rd party web services such as YouTube and Google Analytics

WebApi2 to serve up RESTful web services and be the middle point between the dashboard app and the various data sources

Angular client app that consumed these WebApi2 web services

oDesign of this type of architecture allowed us for a higher fault tolerance and allowed us to version the different micro services and deploy updates without having to take the entire website down

Freelance Consulting

Consultant, 12/2014 - 07/2015


IT Consultation, Microsoft technologies, Salesforce

Developed custom product websites in .Net C# and WCF

Continuous Integration of products

Salesforce Developer

Product Director, 5/20014 – 3/2015

Green River Media, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Design a range of Ektron related products and add-ons to cater to the current

market needs

Worked to expand the functionality of Ektron as a partner

oProject of note

Designed and lead a team to develop a proprietary plugin for synchronizing Ektron data and SharePoint data using SharePoint Web-Hooks which consumed custom RESTful web-services developed for this project

Lead Developer, 6/2013 – 5/2014

CompuSight Corporation, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Lead a team of developers to successfully develop several different types of

applications including web and desktop platforms

Designed and developed solutions in WPF, ASP.Net MVC and WCF

oBrowser based as well as desktop based applications that consumed RESTful web services made in WCF

Projects of note

oDeveloped an insurance quote aggregator that allows thousands of insurance agents to get quotes from different platforms

Utilized a Microsoft SQL database

Oracle Fusion Middleware server to aggregate data feeds in various xml formats and provide the proper response

Lead Developer, 9/2008 – 5/2013

Green River Media, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Lead a team of developers to successfully develop web applications. Design and implement architecture of web applications. On-site client work. Design and implement network and server infrastructure of the company.

Worked with Ektron CMS

Worked in .Net C#, jQuery, JavaScript, WCF RESTful Services, SOAP Services, Custom jQuery plugins

Developed Databases on MySQL and MSSQL

Worked on sites for




oUniversity West of Scotland



This project was designed from the ground up on solid engineering principals such as the Three Tier Architecture. It utilizes a number of techniques including dependency injection to allow for a plugin framework which not only allows the system functionality to expand but also for decoupling from any specific database system.

This allows for rapid expansion of functionality and implementation of new data sources. The entire system is based on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) of RESTful web services which allows any application to consume and interact with information in the system. Utilizing a custom proprietary plugin framework, any developer is able to extend the functionality of the CMS including create new RESTful service end points.

The project is built using C# 6.0 and .Net Core to allow it to be deployed to multiple platforms.


An enterprise website developed on the EktronCMS platform and a WebForms front end, it is distributed no only by environment but geographically as well. It is hosted on the North American, South

America, European and Asian continents.


This system is designed to run concurrent advertising campaigns on the Youtube platform. ZoominTv currently uses it on all of their 60,000+ channels. In a matter of minutes a campaign can be created and

placed on each video of each channel that is selected for the advertising campaign. It has a simple Angular and Material front end which communicates with web services. There is also a back end windows service which, using machine learning, matches appropriate channels to the advertising campaign and monitors all clicks. The information is constantly updated ensuring maximum click through rate for each campaign.


Bachelor of Computer Sciences, 08/2005 - 06/2014

Faculty of Technical Studies, University of Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Software Engineering

High School Diploma, 09/1999 - 05/2003

Parkview High School, Lilburn, GA

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