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Forklift Operator C

Houston, Texas, United States
November 29, 2017

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Resume o f S tephen A . J ones

***** * ***** * **** D r

Spring, T X, 7 7388

C ell: 2-81-468-**** E-mail: s


To b e a p art o f a n o rganization w here I c an u tilize a nd d emonstrate t he p rofessional a bilities that I n ow p ossess w hile c ontinuing t o g ain k nowledge a nd e xperience t hat w ill a llow m e t o grow w ithin t he c ompany.


H & W M anufacturing M ay, 2 005 t o O ctober 2 012 Spring, T x

United M achine W orks O ctober,2012 t o O ctober, 2 013 New W averly, T x

WDI O ctober 2 013 t o A pril 2 015

Spring, T x

Gulftex C able April 2 015 t o N ovember 2 017 Houston, T x


9+ y ears e xperience w ith C NC m ills i n e nergy e fficiency b ased c ompanies Experience i n a n A PI c ertified s hop

Experience w ith M azak a nd H aas m ills

Experience w ith v ertical a nd h orizontal

Familiar w ith F anuc a nd M azatrol


Set-up a nd o perating C nc m ills

Certified t o o perate f orklift

Operation o f b and s aw, e ngine l athe, d rill p ress Very a ccurate w ith v ery l ittle t olerance a llowed Use p roper f eeds, s peeds, c oolant, a nd l ubricant Ability t o w ork w ell w ith o thers t o c ompliment t eam e nvironment Perform g eneral m aintenance t o e quipment a nd m aintain a n o rderly, c lean a nd s afe w ork a rea Education:

Klein H igh S chool, S pring, T exas

High S chool D iploma 2 003

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