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Customer Service Manager

Lithia, Florida, United States
November 29, 2017

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NAME: Scott G. Cumby

CONTACT: 863-***-**** or

SUMMARY: Mr. Cumby is a Senior Executive with extensive experience in managing and implementing large systems integration and business transformation programs in the areas of sales, order management, service provisioning, operations, billing and collections.


Leadership and Vision Process Reengineering

Customer Relations Cultural Change

Global Service Delivery Telecommunications

Strategic IT Planning Program Management

Technical Architecture Large Scale Development

EDUCATION: East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science

Engaging Innovations, CIO 10/2016 – current

Started new IoT company focusing on medical and security devices. Mr. Cumby designed, implemented and prototyped IoT security system and pill dispenser devices as well as developed Android and Apple applications to track device activity. Developed and patented secured wireless hand shake between application and devices. Negotiated supply chain materials to manufacture the devices. Frontier, Director Infrastructure/Quality Assurance 04/2016 – 10/2016 Focusing on successful packaging and implementation of work requests, Mr. Cumby was recommending monthly release content based on business priorities and IT capacity. His leadership and coordination to create overall capacity models and established test environments to multiple release testing.

- Chaired architecture review board to review application changes for adherence to development/architecture standards.

- Perform and validate port scans in test environments for security requirements.

- Implemented 1200 automated test scripts.

- Recommended and implemented new programs to improve test environments. Verizon, Director Telcom Billing IT 12/2008 – 04/2016 Acting as the agent of change for billing, Mr. Cumby transformed Verizon billing from monthly billing to superior customer experience contact. Mr. Cumby provided leadership and coordination across several business and IT organizations to provide a quality bill that includes all Verizon services.

- Lead architecture, design, development, metrics and production support of retail and small medium business billing systems.

- Transforming retail billing, but primary focus FiOS bundle billing.

- Designing and implementing billing for voice, data, video, wireless and value added services.

- Implemented tracking of bill cycles and accurate billing.

- Program managed the successful rollout of new bill formats.

- Recommending and implementing new programs to improve customer experience and billing of FiOS.

- Conducting customer forums to receive customer opinion on proposed new billing formats and delivery options.

- Redesigned the Consumer Bill to reduce call volume and to incorporate individual video bills. Produces 19 million bills per months.

Verizon, Director VPS IT 02/2004 – 12/2008

Focusing on making a FCC mandated business profitability, Mr. Cumby automated the ordering flow for High Cap and Local wholesale products while rolling out new products like reselling wireless services through the wholesale channel.

- Designed and implemented system to accept and process 70K orders per day for LSRs. Must meet metrics for performance and flow thru as determined by the FCC and state PUCs. Current LSR flow thru rate is 94.8% and was 87% when I arrived. Operational cost associated with wholesale customer centers was reduced by 73%.

- Designed and implemented systems to accept and process 12K orders per day for High Cap products utilizing ASRs. Must meet metrics for performance and flow thru. Current ASR flow thru rate is 74% and was 24% when I arrived. Operational cost associated with the Access customer centers was reduced by 46%.

- Designed and implemented systems to accept and process orders for other line of businesses within Verizon: Small Business, Medium Business, Enterprise Business and Wireless.

- Designed and implemented wireless billing for Wholesale Advantage resell of wireless services.

- Implemented a DR strategy that maintains 99.999 availability for VPS ordering systems. VPS ordering has not had an outage of more than 10 minutes since October 2003. ExcelaCom, Vice President, Arlington, VA 10/2002 – 02/2004 With extensive experience in delivering large systems utilizing the global delivery, Mr. Cumby developed corporate delivery methodology for ExcelaCom. Mr. Cumby started the government industry within ExcelaCom by getting ExcelaCom on the GSA schedule and selling the first two government projects.

- Verizon Outbound ASR 11/2002 - 8/2003: Designed, architected and implemented outbound ASR in ASOG Version 26 at Verizon on .NET platform. The 13 person project enabled users to utilize browser to enter Access orders to carriers. The orders were sent to carrier via NDM, ftp, fax and SSL7.

- Avendra 1/03 - 9/03: Designed, architected and implemented Data Warehouse for that enabled users to determine hotel purchased products not utilizing Avendra. The 8 person project was implemented utilizing COSNOS on .NET platform.

- Dynamic City 4/03 - present: Designed and architected Customer Care Applications for billing, order management, trouble entry, and provisioning.

- Defense Logistics Agency 9/2003 - present: Designed, architected and implemented database (BPIA) and web portal (Ellis) to track vendor’s delivery scheduled. Accenture, Partner, Reston, VA 10/1993 - 10/2002

As one of the top technologist within Accenture, Mr. Cumby was often sent to projects in trouble to fix the situation (Technology, Process or Client Relationship). With his various technology background, Mr. Cumby led and trained the technical architects within Accenture.

- Lead Partner in charge of Technical Architecture and Core Technologies in Mid-Continent region (156 people).

- Verizon NetStatus 4/2001 - 10/2002: Proposed, designed, architected and implemented EAI and internet application that tracked CLEC orders thru 37 systems within Verizon. The 31 person project enabled users to correct orders in a more timing fashion. The project was implemented on Oracle, Vitria, BEA WebLogic, JAVA, HTML, JSPs and SUN.

- The 3 year system plan project was created as wholesale SSP for input in the overall 3 year system plan for Verizon. The plan consisted of interviewing wholesale business clients and wholesale IT personnel to evaluate the strategy for wholesale systems after the merger with GTE.

- Verizon Netlink 2/2000 - 10/2002: NetLink application is a large-scale 42 person EDI application that allows CLECs to submit preorder and order transaction to Verizon Wholesale via SSL3, NDM and FTP. NetLink is built on SUN hardware with Mercator as the EDI mapping tool and C program to interface with the CLEC and Verizon backend systems. Testified to New York PUC on Verizon Systems and Architect to allow Verizon to remain in Long Distance

- Verizon Caseworker Plus 09/98 - 2/2000: Managed and architected several projects (71 people) on the Caseworker Plus platform. The CaseWorker Plus architect utilized SUN, HP, Tuxedo, JOLT, Java, JavaScript and HTML to allow various users to enter trouble tickets against Verizon telephone lines. These internal and external users consists of businesses, residences, and Verizon repair centers.

- Managed and architected several projects (53 people) at MCI and MCI Wireless 05/97 to 09/98. MCI Integrated Order Manager ("IOM") was a general design effort to manage long distance, internet and local orders. MCI Grisham was a general design effort to replace the current customer service desktop for MCI Mass Market. The general design covered the selection of a call center application architecture, detailed work plans for implementation, Use Cases for three call flows and cost estimate to implement. MCI Carrier Direct ("MCD") is an internet application which resells long distance services. MCI Wireless Common Cellular Activation Platform ("CCAP") is an intranet application that activates and bills cellular phones within resell carriers. MCI Wireless Cellular Operations Tracking System ("COTS") and MIN Management requirements were defined and in the case of COTS implemented.

- Verizon Project Live Wire 09/93 to 05/97 was a joint Andersen Consulting/Bell Atlantic 425 person development effort. The project consists of seven major releases that were deployed to several BA workgroups at hundreds of sites throughout the BA region supporting 8200 users. Managed the system engineering, performance tuning, architecture and interface teams. LiveWire performed service activation, service assurance, trouble management, address administration, and telephone administration. Live Wire utilized tuxedo, X-windows with C++(eventually BEA WebLogic, JAVA, JavaScript, HTML), Sybase, SUN, and EMC storage.

- Canadian Department of National Defense - 04/93 to 08/93. Supervised the Common Application Architecture Services (CAAS) team which utilized ACA Services to implement an ORB. The CAAS team consisted of 4-6 designers/programmers that developed the infrastructure services to support the functional programmers in the implementation of Fully Constructed Part of the System (FCPS).

- AT&T - 02/93 to 04/93 Designed and implemented an adhoc reporting tool which utilized

"C", UNIX, embedded SQL and Tuxedo OLTP to communicate with Terdata database for a client/server based sales and revenue tracking system. Koh Systems, Manager, Alexandria, VA 10/1988-10/1992

- Designed and implemented Defense Logistics Agency Pre-Award Contracting System

(DPACS). DPACS, which supported 3000 users at four sites, operated in a three-tiered architecture employing IBM mainframes (MVS/TSO/COBOL), Gould NP1

(UNIX/UNIFY/C) and Zenith 248s as front-end. Managed nine programmer/analysts.

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