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FEA Engineer, Structural and/or Mechanical Engineer

Katy, Texas, United States
November 29, 2017

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FRANK MA 832-***-****

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**** *.*. ** ********* Engineering, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas. 1989 M.S. in Engineering Mechanics, Northwest Polytechnic University, Xi’an, China. 1983 B.S. in Engineering Mechanics (Math. Minor), Hebei University, Baoding, China. SUMMARY

Over 20 years of working experience in the industry and 4 years in the academic environment. Extensive knowledge with structure failure analysis, non-linear finite element analysis, global and detail structural design, global dynamic analysis, fatigue analysis, buckling/collapse analysis. Strong background and knowledge in the fundamentals and applications of the FEA, stress and structural analysis.

Very knowledgeable in use and interpretation of various industry standards and codes. Expert level of ANSYS and other software.


Dockwise Engineering Service Houston Nov.2009 – 2017

(Lead Structural Engineer/Independent Consultant)

Duties including:

• Coordinate and supervise structural engineers for all kinds of structural analysis including nonlinear material (steel, wood and rubber) and geometry FE analysis

• Global and local Structural designs

• Training of structural engineers

• Interface with clients and other disciplines

Wellstream international Sept.2006 – Nov. 2009 and 1997 – 2001

(Principal Analyst)

• Developed and modified number of 2D and 3D complex nonlinear FE models, performed buckling, stress, creep, fatigue and other advanced analysis for Flexible pipes and related structures. Pipeline upheaval analysis.

• Performed multilayer steel/epoxy contact analysis in the irregular geometry with highly deformation using re-zone technology

• Performed global dynamic analysis of flexible risers using OrcaFlex. Involved user coding embedded in the commercial software.

• Conducted fatigue test results correlation into S-N curves for product develment.

• Developed an easy to use program for accurate deep water collapse prediction of the flexible pipes.

• Conducted conceptual numerical studies for new product development and to provide guideline for the strategy of the company.

SBMI March 2005 –Sept.2006

(Lead Structural Engineer)

• Analysis lead, duties including scheduling, supervising and training engineers.

• Wrote company analysis procedures and methodologies.

• FPSO turret structure FE global and local structural design analysis for projects P-53 and Frade,etc..

• Developed software tools for more efficient analysis procedures. Bastion/Lockheed Martin March 2004 –March 2005

(Sr. Stress Analyst)

FRANK MA 832-***-****

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• Space shuttle Cargo bay structure design safety analysis. ABB Lummus Global Inc. May 2001 – March 2004

(Engineering Specialist)

TLP Hull structural design and analysis for projects Kizomba A, Magnolia and Kizomba B.

• Responsible for local structure design analysis, platform transportation analysis.

• Involved in the global hull structural analysis

• In charge of technical aspect of the FE program ANSYS

• Performed studies on Single Column Floater and submersible structures.

• Developed program tools such as ANSYS macros and VBA programs. 3D modeling. ANSYS Houston 1996 - 1997

(Project Engineer/Technical Support)

ANSYS training, technical support, and consulting. Performed structural analysis and mechanical systems using ANSYS on a daily basis, developing software, involved in a number of complicated nonlinear structural and stress analysis projects for various industries. Partial projects including:

• Brook Air Base: Numerical safety analysis of a high-pressure concrete vessel including stress computation and crack and crush predictions.

• FMC: fatigue and crack analysis for a mud pump and a drilling well-head using sub-modeling and contact techniques.

• Modeling elastomer seal inside pipe using hyper-elastic element.

• Modeling pump-pipe vibration caused by temperature effect and shaft eccentricity, and providing guide line for the design to obtain the maximum life of the seal at the pump-pipe joint Texas A&M University 1991-1996

(Research Assistant)

Aerospace Engineering Dept., Mechanical Engineering Dept. Analytical and numerical stress analysis, moving boundary (corrosion) study, and numerical error estimation studies.

• Wrote and modified FEA codes for computational mechanics software. Conducted numerical error analysis and performed superconvergence studies for adaptive mesh generation.

• Utilized ABAQUS for the computation of thermal and mechanical response of shape memory materials with phase transformation under electrical loading.

• Established the thermomechanical model of metal matrix composites with cracks under mechanical loading and environment effects, investigated the high temperature oxidation effect on the mechanical properties of the materials.

• Computational fluid mechanics CFD (Finite Difference Method) for high speed rotary bearing lubrication.

Northwest Polytechnic University., China 1988-1991

(Lecturer) Architectural Engr. Dept.,

• Taught “Steel Structures”, “Concrete Structures”, etc.

• Structural dynamics analysis for the design of a steel bridge.

• Implemented the project on the stability of thin-wall steel structures (Numerical methods). Northwest Polytechnic University, China 1985-1988

(Research Assistant)

• Project of designing, fabricating, and mechanical testing of fiber reinforced materials. Hebei University China 1983-1985

(Assistant Lecturer) Mathematics Department,

Research includes analytical mechanics and structural vibrations.

• Taught “Mathematics Analysis”, “Strength of Materials” and “Elasticity”.

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