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Manager Engineer

November 29, 2017

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Melvin Louie

*** *** **** **** *** ***

Toronto, Ontario

M9C 4Z3

Cell Phone: 647-***-****

Home Phone: 647-***-****


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I've had extensive experience in IT network operations/engineering, primarily supporting the WAN, LAN, MAN and Data Centre infrastructures and in a Network Operations Center (NOC) 24/7 environment.

I also have contributed in the planning, testing and configuring of network devices and systems in the core, Data Centers and branch offices (ie routers, switches, etc.) in networks spanning multiple countries and ISP's.

Provided end to end support of Web Hosting different User groups and Applications (Administrative, Financial, Product/Technical) within large and smaller corporations. This involved processing user tickets/issues and ongoing monitoring or performance and requirements of each user community.

Assimilate evolving technologies and evaluate/trial/ implement them to provide optimal service/solutions to the customer base.

Experience by Employer

Data Centre Technician Support for SYMTECH INNOVATIONS

Current Position (20 Months)

Contractor at HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise DC Location)

Provide Service and Implementation support to Multiple Data Center tenants in config, audit, comm/decomm, troubleshooting of network and server devices in 24/7 environment. (Customers include HP, CIBC, Bank of Canada, Government/Bank of Canada, credit firms, etc).

Tasks include Initial device base configurations, ILO/LOM Configs, modifications of existing devices, Replace field swappable components (Power Supplies, Fans, Memory, CPU’s).Preparation/Download of ISO device/server images. Also involved with Cable moves/add/changes, Wipe/Decom of servers, etc. and general network outage troubleshooting, etc.

Monitor and act on HP Service Manager (SM9) Ticket Management Queue and Email for Outage Incidents and Change/Service Requests within required service level time frame.

Devices Involved: Cisco Routers (ISR, ASR, 4400, 2800) Fortigate, Cisco Catalyst, Nexus, ASA Firewall, Fortinet, F5, Checkpoint, etc. HP Servers (Proliant Series, C7000 Blade Chassis, etc), HP Routers/Switches, CISCO NEXUS, SUN and IBM and SAN hardware support.,


(13 Years)

WAN IP/Transport Engineer Role

I was jointly responsible for the planning, configuration and operations support of Tier 1, 2 and 3 network elements and infrastructure

Involved with Liaising and communication with the major stakeholders (Product Line Divisions) who were geographically distributed over multiple continents

Provided NOC Level functions for these Divisions and Regions including NOC level monitoring, handling critical issues and alarms, technical support, integration and escalation for the Backbone facilities.

Provided Telecommunications/Telecom Services (planning, staging, support) to these Divisions. In turn, also interfaced with multiple ISP/Telecom providers to provide these services back to our clients.

At Layer 3 Routing level

Involved in the testing, implementing and supporting of the Cisco Router backbone of over 50 Backbone Routers interconnecting regional OSPF AS domains in Asia-Pac, China, EMEA, North America and CALA via BGP. This backbone was evolved through multiple technologies, including Cisco, AVAYA/Nortel and then to a JUNIPER M-series based Router backbone. I was heavily involved with supporting these regions remotely in troubleshooting and configuration.

The protocols and technologies I was involved with in this role included TCP/IP sub netting, OSPF,RIP, QOS, BGP,VRRP, HSRP, ACLs CISCO IOS, JUNOS, CISCO ISR, CISCO 2900, 2600,7200, Juniper M10/7i, Alteon/Radware Load-Balancing.

At Layer 2 and 1 Switching level

Involved in the testing, implementing and supporting the evolution of various technologies. I was part of the implementation/support team to establish a private ATM backbone composed of Nortel Passport 7K switches which was later evolved to an MPLS backbone of Juniper Routers.

Overlaid on top of this backbone, we implemented a corporate wide SL100 based voice network, which later evolved into SIP. In addition, the IP Backbone and Frame Relay and Video services were also integrated into ATM Backbone at various points in the network. The ATM (and later MPLS)Backbone was implemented in North America on a hybrid Ethernet Carrier backbone using OC3-OC12 and CIENA OPTERA 3500/3500 Optical Ethernet switches. Due to the International nature of the backbone, I have been worked with many Carrier WAN access technologies (DSL, T1-T3, PRI, OC3-48 Fiber, PRI, SS7, Frame Relay, Carrier/Metro Ethernet, VPLS, SONET/DWDM) and have interacted with different Carriers and ISPs.

The protocols and technologies I was involved with in this role included 802.1x/p/q, RADUIS,VLANs/VLAN tagging, SMLT, STP, LACP, IGMP, Gig/10G Copper, Cat5/6, Fiber SM/MM, TDM, T1/T3, DS1/DS3, PRI, SS7, OC3, OC12, OC48, ADSL,DSL,SONET/SDH, DWDM, ETHERNET, Metro Ethernet

Lan/Man Operations Specialist at NORTEL

(4 Years)

LAN/MAN Operations Specialist

Involved in Local/Regional and corporate backbone functions. Hence, extensive multi-tasking daily between roles was required.

Consolidated NOC Monitoring, Customer critical issue handling and centralized management of Tier 1/2/3 operations

In the LAN/MAN support role

I was involved with the planning, implementation, upgrading and support of the Toronto Region Offices, Corporate HQ and Data Centre requirements for Data/Voice. Also I performed DHCP/IP address assignment and management.

I was responsible for the configuration, maintaining and upgrading the Switches, Routers and Circuits for all the Toronto locations. This included software and hardware upgrades to existing equipment, and End-of-Life upgrades and Replacements and Technology Refreshes to hardware and software (e.g. ATM switch technology replacement and migration to MPLS)

In the Office support role

Involved the support of DATA/VOIP LAN infrastructure, AVAYA VOIP Telephone sets installation and configuration, LAN support for CS1K and Data LAN infrastructure for the Corporate Office, multiple Sales and Admin Offices. At the Corporate Office, AVAYA ERS 8600/8010 and ERS 5xxx/4xxx Switches were used to supply Video/Voice/Data services in Building Backbone. All locations were also provided with Wireless LAN capability with AVAYA 2860 Wireless Switches and Access Points.

In the Data Centre support role

Supported, configured and upgraded the LAN/WAN facilities. This included support of multiple server LANS (200+ UNIX/WINDOWS servers) serving Corporate EBIZ and Databases. I also performed Trouble Shooting and maintenance of Windows and Linux TCP/IP stacks, configs and provided the WAN support and configuration of Routers/switches providing Layer 2/3 access to the Data Centre

The last major Computing Centre project I participated in the Migration of the Toronto Data Centre to Ottawa Computing Facilities .This Included the manual configuration of 150+ switches/routers and cutover with a strict timetable and then subsequent decommissioning of the Toronto Data Centre Facilities.

The protocols and technologies I was involved with in this role included TCP/IP sub netting, OSPF,RIP, QOS, BGP,VRRP, HSRP, ACLs CISCO IOS, JUNOS, CISCO ISR, CISCO 2900, 2600,7200, 802.1x/p/q/ad, 802.11 a/b/g, VLANs/VLAN tagging, SMLT, STP, LACP, IGMP, Gig/10G, Juniper M7/10 routers, AVAYA ERS 8600/5000/6000, MPLS.

Technical Associate at TA NETWORKS

(9 Months)

Technical Associate role,

Duties included Help Desk, Ticket Creation /Technician Dispatch, Remote Technical support (using ALLARIS CRM)

Customer Site LAN and WAN Support, Management of VPN Access to remote voice Switches Management VPN

Carrier Vendor Facility Ordering and Interface for Voice/Data circuit implementation for clients, Emetrotel UCX VOIP PBX Switch Support and software upgrade

Customer site LAN and WAN Support role

Onsite support for the LAN/WAN of a multi-tenant Office Campus. Assigned VLAN’s and IP address ranges for clients and maintained DHCP and DNS. The campus was using a Mikrotik Router as a Firewall to the Internet and I was tasked to maintain the Firewall rules and NAT.

Participated in the migration of the Mikrotik Router to a CISCO ASA 5510 which required mapping the Firewall Policies/Rules and NAT of the Miktotik to the ASA Policies/Rules and NAT. Also installed and upgraded various CISCO routers.

Implemented Remote OPEN VPN access to customer’s EMETROTEL UCX PBX’s to allow remote vendor Emetrotel support for troubleshooting, logs,configs, bug Fixes, upgrades, etc

The protocols and technologies I was involved with in this role included TCP/IP sub-netting, OSPF,RIP, QOS, BGP,VRRP, HSRP, ACLs CISCO IOS, CISCO ISR, CISCO 65xx/45xx/38xx/29xx/asa55xx, 802.1x/p/q, 802.11 a/b/g, VLANs/VLAN tagging, SMLT, STP, LACP, IGMP, Gig/10G, CISCO 2800, ISR, LINKSYS, Avaya ERS 4xxx/5xxx, Mikrotik Routers, EMETROTEL UCX VOIP Switches, CISCO ACL, CISCO ASA 5505/5510 Firewall, CISCO AnyConnect VPN Client.

Asset Technician at Insight Global

(8 months)

Data Centre Asset Technician

Audit Customer co located facilities at the HP Data Centre in Toronto. Also Documenting Power Feed Assignments to Equipment Racks.

Independent Contractor

(3 Months)

As an independent Contractor

Performed Installation/Commissioning and Testing for the LAN Cable Infrastructure for Nortel office suites.

Summary of Technologies and Platforms Worked with

LAYER 1/2:

Copper, Cat5/6, Fiber SM/MM, TDM, T1/T3, DS1/DS3, PRI, SS7, OC3, OC12, OC48, ADSL,DSL,SONET/SDH, DWDM, ETHERNET, Metro Ethernet, PPPoE, AVAYA ERS 4500/5500/6500, AVAYA ERS 8600/8010, CISCO 2960/2900, CIENA 3500, ISR, OPTICAL ETHERNET, 802.1x/p/q, 802.11 a/b/g/ad, VLANs/VLAN tagging, VPLS, MLAN,TLAN,SMLT, STP, LACP, IGMP, Gig/10G, L2MPLS, ATM, VPLS, Frame Relay, L2TP VPN, IPSEC,PPP, AVAYA 2680 Wireless LAN Switches (WLAN) and Access Points.


IP/TCP, IP Routing/Sub-Netting, RIP, EIGRP,OSPF,VRRP, BGP,HSRP, QOS, DSCP, Routers and Switches - CISCO ISR, CISCO 2900, 2600,7200, 881,Linksys, Avaya SR4124, Nortel BCN, Juniper M10/7i, CISCO IOS, CATOS/Catalyst, JUNIPER JUNOS, Passport MSS 7k, CISCO AnyConnect VPN, Microsoft PPTP, Open VPN, TSL/SSL, Mikrotik Routers, Multicast.

LAYER 4/7:

DHCP, DNS, FTP, NAT, SIP, VOIP, SMTP, Video, CISCO ACL, CISCO ASA 5505/5510 Firewall, Radware /Alteon Load Balancing FW’s, Peribit Wan Accelerator Appliances, SNMP, RDP, NETFLOW, AVAYA VOIP (IP Office),EMETROTEL UCX VOIP PBX.


Field Trialed and installed SunOS/UNIX based network management application (IWS- Intelligent Work Station) for network management of Passport 7K and other network elements. Performed Field Trial for TOKEN RING access for main frame

Familiarity and configuration of Microsoft Windows (7/8/10, XP, VISTA) and Unix and LINUX environment in desktops and servers and network configuration of Desktops and Servers.

Knowledge of Virtual Machine /Hosting techniques and concepts. (Virtualbox, etc)

ITIL processes (ticket databases), ALLARIS CRM system, REMEDY Ticket Database, HP Service Manager 9 Ticket Management System (SM9).

Network trouble shooting tools (Wireshark, Protocol analyzers, packet capture/ traces, Tcpdump, NIKSUM, NETSCOUT INFINISTREAM, NETFLOW, SNMP, OPENVIEW variants, Ethernet/Fiber cable testers (Fluke, FireBerd), Wireless testers- Air Magnet, etc). Basic UNIX/LINUX Command line /scripting, VNC, RDP, Team Viewer, PUTTY.

Working Knowledge of MS Office, Office 365,Outlook, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Exchange, SharePoint, Lync/Skype for Business, Visio (Network Diagrams and Documentation), some SQL, HP OPENVIEW (HPOV), SUNOS/SOLARIS I also have been Involved in dealing with network issues with many of these components.


EMETROTEL (October 2013)

Emetrotel UCX VOIP Voice switch Certification

(Asterisk-based VOIP PBX system)

CISSNET (2011 April/May)

CCNA equivalent training/experience (upgrade pending)

Nortel Internal Training

Various courses on Nortel Product lines: SL10, DPN, Passport 7K, BAYrs, Secure Router SR4134, Ethernet Routing Switch ERS 8600, OPTERA 3400/3500 OPTICAL Switch, VOIP using CS1k, Cisco Internetworking Intro, CCNA compliant.

Control Data Institute (1976-1977)

Programming Methodology, Programming Languages FORTRAN, Assembler, PL/1

McGill University (1975-1976)

1 semester of electrical engineering

Dawson College (1970-1974) CEGEP (Diploma of Collegial Studies)

Electro-technology diploma program -electrical/electronic Computer technology/Programming/Architecture, process control, microwave, power ac/dc machines,


Dave Gumbley

Former Network Architect/Engineer at HP (Toronto)


Cell Phone: 416-***-****

Mike Vincent (Manager)

Operations Manager at TA Networks (Toronto)


Cell Phone: 416-***-****

Chad Villeneuve (Manager)

North American Infrastructure Manager at Mitel (Ottawa)


Cell Phone: 613-***-****

Mark Francisco (Toronto)

Senior Engineer at BAI Canada Inc

Cell Phone: 647-***-****

Further References available upon request

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