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C Nd

Lancaster, Texas, United States
November 29, 2017

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*** * ********* * ****, L ancaster, T X 7 5146 ( H) 2 14-514-0353 ( C) 2 14-514-0353 w Professional S ummary

A s easoned C ommand C enter p rofessional w ho h as a dvanced q uickly i n a ll p ositions. M otivated t o perform a t p eak l evels a nd m eet c ompany g oals. D etail-oriented C ommand C enter O perator w ith extensive e xperience i n t elecommunications, r etail a nd c ustomer s ervice. T roubleshoots h ighly t echnical issues w ith e ase a nd p atience. C ommand C enter O perator w ith t echnical a nd t roubleshooting r epair expertise. T eam p layer w ho i s f lexible, r eliable a nd a daptable t o d ynamic e nvironments. D edicated

[Command C enter o perator) e xperienced i n n etwork a nd u ser s upport, t roubleshooting a nd s oftware analysis. S easoned C ommand C enter O perator w ith m ore t han [ 20] y ears i n c ustomer s ervice a nd technical t roubleshooting.


● Customer s ervice e xpert

● Analytical a nd c ritical t hinker

● Skilled m ulti-tasker

● Skilled i n H TML, H TTP a nd I P

● Skilled i n T CP/IP a nd W AN

● Microsoft C ertified P rofessional ( MCP)


● MVS M ainframes, W indows, M S O ffice 2 003, 2 005, M S Exchange,

● CA-7,CA-1, C A-11, C ICS, D B2, N et, H ummingbird, C ontrol - M, c ommvault, S itescope, U HD 5 .5

● ITSM, S harePoint, W indows S erver 2 008, 2 012

● Fast l earner

● Network W AN/LAN

● AS400

● Servers

● Storage a nd b usiness l ine a pplications

● BMC R emedy T icketing s ystem

● Midrange

● VPN, T CPIP, C itrix, P aradigm, R 11, F ile E xpress, T NG, Z /OS, 0 S390, O megaview, W orkforce, Omegamonm, S olarwinds, E vent M anager, R oscoe, J es2, J es3, I MS, S DSF, V iew & D eliver,


● File t ransfers a pplications, S terling C ommerce, C onnect D irect, S ecure T ransport, W inSCP, W S, FTP, a nd S PLUNK

Work H istory

NOC A nalyst S enior 0 5/2017 t o 0 7/2017 Global P ayments S ystems- 5 850 G ranite P arkway P lano, T exas 7 5024

● Installed s oftware, m odified a nd r epaired h ardware a nd r esolved t echnical i ssues.

● Monitoring o f p roduction a pplications, s ervers, a nd n etwork u sing a c ombination o f m onitoring tools t o e nsure a vailability.

● Documented a nd e scalated, a s a ppropriate, a ll i ncidents a nd a ssisted i n p roviding t imely resolution.

● Monitor a ll p rocessing s ystems a nd f ile t ransfers s uch a s S FTP, S SH e tc. t o e nsure a ll S LA’s a re met.

● Analyzed t ransactions f ailures t hrough m ulti-platform s ystem a nd a ssist i n m itigating f uture failures.

● Participated i n s oftware a nd h ardware u pgrades a nd r eplacements b y t racking p rogress o f i ssues and h elping t o m itigate r isk.

● Monitored, t riage a nd l og i ncidents u sing c lient’s t icketing s ystem.

● Logged a nd t racked c alls u sing t icketing s oftware, a nd m aintains h istory r ecords a nd r elated problem d ocumentation.

● Performed e mergency o r c oordinated D R f unctions a s b usiness r equires.

● Acted a s I ncident C oordinator u ntil i ncident r esolution i s m et. E scalate t o t he l ines o f b usiness when h igh p riority i ncidents o ccur. P articipate t o t he r apid r esolution o f i ncidents b y c alling f or the n ecessary a ssistance f rom a ny o perations s taff o r s upport g roups, a nd e scalate i ssues w ith support o rganizations, i nternal p ersonnel w hen r equired. Command C enter O perator 0 5/2014 t o 0 3/2017 Exxon M obil 2 993 I rving B lvd.

● Installed s oftware, m odified a nd r epaired h ardware a nd r esolved t echnical i ssues.

● Provided b ase l evel I T s upport t o n on-technical p ersonnel w ithin t he b usiness.

● Managed c all f low a nd r esponded t o t echnical s upport n eeds o f c ustomers.

● Evaluated a nd r esponded t o i ncoming s ales l eads a nd r equests f or t echnical s upport a ssistance.

● Resolved c ustomer i ssues i n a c lear, c ourteous a nd s traightforward m anner.

● Demonstrated p rofessionalism a nd c ourtesy w ith c ustomers a t a ll t imes.

● Identified a nd s olved t echnical i ssues w ith a v ariety o f d iagnostic t ools.

● Experienced i n r ebooting, p inging s ervers a nd p erforming c ritical H ealth c hecks v ia P utty.

● Monitored N etwork r outers a nd s witches v ia V PO c onsole a lerts.

● Managed c alls w ith T elco p roviders t o r esolve c ircuit d rops a nd u pdate o utstanding t ickets.

● Effective i n r esetting S AP p asswords u sing A tomic O ne a nd S AP G UI i nterface.

● Routinely c oordinated a nd s cheduled a ppointments f or V endor T echnicians p erforming maintenance a nd h ardware i ssues.

● Followed u p w ith c lients t o e nsure o ptimal c ustomer s atisfaction.

● Researched, t roubleshot a nd r esolved c omplex p roblems i ndependently.

● Worked c losely w ith t eam m embers t o m eet o r e xceed a ll c ustomer s ervice r equirements.

● Answered t elephone c alls p romptly a nd m inimized d elays t hat c ould l ead t o a bandoned c alls.

● Used t icketing s ystems t o m anage a nd p rocess a ctions t aken.

● Provided o n-call s upport f or c ritical i ssues. Technical S upport L evel 1 1 2/2011 t o 0 2/2014 Digital G eneration 7 50 W . J ohn C arpenter F wy s te 7 00 I rving, T exas 7 5038

● Provided T echnical S upport f or b roadcast f acility L AN's a t m ajor s tations v ia p hone, e mail, a nd remote s ystems. E nsured

● connectivity a nd i nteroperability o f D VB-S R eceivers, A utomation s ystems, E dge S ervers, Dubbing s tations, a nd O n a ir

● Video S ervers.

● Served a s s ubject m atter e xpert f or p roprietary s oftware i n r egards t o o peration a s w ell a s database i ntegrity.

● Monitored i nternal P roduction s ystems t o e nsure n etwork a vailability o f m ain t ransport, routers, f irewalls, D MZ, a nd V PN s ervers.

● Effectively d ocumented a ny a larms, a lerts, a nd e scalated t o p roper p ersonnel a ccording t o S OP.

● Ensured t hat m ajor i ssues a nd o utages w ere e scalated a s w ell a s f ollowed u p o n v ia p hone a nd email.

● Daily m onitored t he N OC f or b ackend t raffic a nd v erify p erformance o f f ootprints t o m eet S LA for T V s tations. R outinely c reated t rouble t ickets t hen t ook o wnership a nd p erformed r emote maintenance o r w orked w ith s tation e ngineers u ntil c ompletion.

● Routinely w ork w ith a t eam o f a gents t o i mplement p rojects t o d eploy u pgrade e quipment, applications a nd s oftware


High S chool D iploma: 1 978

Waxahachie H igh S chool W axahachie, T exas 7 5165 University o f T exas a t E l P aso ( 2) y rs 1 978 - 1 980 High S chool D iploma: 2 y ear a ttendance

University o f T exas a t E l P aso E l P aso, T exas

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