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Mechanical Engineering

Thane, Maharashtra, India
50000/- per month
November 29, 2017

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Shivtej Chandrakant Jadhav.

(BE Mechanical).

Address for communication:

Vandna Apartment, Flat no.06,

Near Nashik Merchant Co-op. Bank,

& near Deolali Vyapari Co-op. Bank, E-Mail: Indiranagar, Nashik-422009. Contact no.: +91 997******* Profile

Unigraphics NX 10.0 Certification with GD & T

Sound knowledge of ‘ASME Y14.5M-1994 (R 2004)’

Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Pune. Technically accomplished professional with over 2 year 3 months of rich cross functional experience in UG NX implementation, Mechanical Designs Executions along with productions drawings and production processes preparations. Professional Synopsis

Since Sept’2015 with EMI TRANSMISSION LTD.,

Plot no. 157/2/1, Village Bramhanwade (Shinde), Tal. Sinnar, Dist. Nashik-422103. Ph no. 0253-2802504/219/250. Website: Work Experience

A competent professional with 2 year 3 months of rich experience as a Design Engineer in R & D section from Sept, 2015 and till continue. Responsibility:

Making Design as per the project requirements and customer requirements.

Design and prepare Forging & Casting drawings on 3-D software for new component.

Preparing ERP-BOM accordingly and make necessary changes and report it to purchase department.

Filling Tenders within deadline.

Prepare Technical Scrutiny and GTP as per projects specification. Technical Skills

Design Software


1. AutoCAD

2. Unigraphics NX 10.0


- Well known of Synchronous Modeling &

Non-Parametric Modeling

- GD & T

Industrial Course


1. Basic CNC Turning Course from ITI, Nashik

Proficient with MS Office and using Internet for

Research & Official communication.

Development Activities, Achievements and Roles

Always focus towards Zero Rework and Zero Revisions on delivered solutions.

Prepare Internal Audit report for Integrated Management System (9001 and 14001)

Handle Export Project Development, Documentation and Large scale data.

The Material Library is Developed and Prepared in Unigraphics Software.

Development of Optical Ground Wire Accessories. (OPGW)

Development of High Tensile component to withstand -25 C Temperature.

Design and prepare Forging & Casting drawings on 3-D software for new component.

Assist Type test and FAT.

Additional Skills:

Analyse the production problems in Design views by means of Modeling it and delivered On Time Solution for better process flow.

Knows the Quality Control Operations and Casting Operations, as well as Hardening and Heat treating operations.

Assist assembly / fabrication Depts. to resolve any query during execution.

Find Appropriate Solutions to achieve agreed deadlines.

* Certificate verification from : Student ID : M140388005

Projects and Seminar

1] Project on Mechanical Behaviour and Analysis of LM-30 Aluminium matrix composite reinforced with TiB2 for Piston at Elevated Temperature.* i) Sample prepared by using Aluminium LM-30 alloy as a base material along with addition of 5,10,15% of its weight TiB2. (Titanium Di-Boride) Reinforcement.

ii) Tension test performed on Composite mixture at elevated temperature as Room temp, 50 C, 100 C, 150 C and 200 C and plot the results (S-N Curve).

iii) Chemical analysis and microstructure evaluation is performed on test samples. iv) The main objective is to reduce the weight of piston and to increase its capacity to perform significantly at high temperatures. And also to increase its fatigue strength and corrosion resistance.

v) Validate results in Ansys software

2] Project on Non-Conventional Hydropower Centripetal Pump: i) By using the centripetal law of motion, the water from canal or river can be distributed over a long distance & at a certain height by increasing its velocity (V), discharge (Q) without using any electrical supply. ii) Pumping can be possible in undershot conditions and conduit losses can be minimized.

iii) Here the motive force is centripetal law of motion that means water is goes towards center and as c/s area reduces the velocity as well as pressure increases.

3] Seminar on Abrasive Water-Jet Machining

It mainly deals with effective material removal mechanism, by controlling the flow of water jet and it cuts any material (metal) within tolerance limit. 4] Seminar on Reverse Engineering

It mainly deals with the design of existing product without the aid of its drawing, documentation, & computerized generated abstractions. 5] Seminar on Pitch Control System of Wind Turbine Pitch control means, increasing the efficiency of wind turbine to its maximum theoretical efficiency which is Betz limit, by means of design of wind blades, design of rotor, reducing wake losses and using specialised tip geometries. 6] Seminar on Analysis of Anti-Roll Bar Mechanism in four wheeler suspension system The function of Anti-Roll Bar in motor vehicles is to reduce the Body Roll during cornering. In this analysis, four bars having different ID & OD are optimized. Optimization performed for different Bushing locations and plot the result of deflection observed by means of Analysis in ANSYS Software. Academic Details and Achievements




PERCENTAGE 1 SSC State 72.61

2 HSC State 62.83
















* Paper published in INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCE RESEARCH AND INNOVATIVE IDEAS IN EDUCATION. “Volume – 3 Issue – 5 2017. Paper ID: 6841 ISSN(O): 2395-4396”

Personal Details

Name : Shivtej Chandrakant Jadhav

Date Of Birth : 10th February 1992

Gender : Male

Phone Number : +91 997*******

Marital Status : Single

Nationality : Indian

Languages : English, Hindi, Marathi

Hobbies :

Playing Cricket, watching Automotive channels on

TV, Web surfing.

I consider myself familiar with Mechanical Engineering Aspects. I am also confident of my ability to work in a team. If you give an opportunity to work in your Reputed Company, I will assure you that I will strain myself to enhance the Image of your Company further.

I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Date: Yours sincerely,

Place: Nashik (S.C.Jadhav)

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