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Engineer Control

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
November 27, 2017

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SANDEEP JUJAVARAPU 248-***-**** (Open to relocate)


Overall 3 years of experience in Automotive Industry with hands-on experience in gasoline controls system, engine calibration, performance testing, HIL testing and CAN communication. I am seeking an opportunity in automotive industry which drives me for challenging and growth oriented career where my skills and experience can be enhanced while contributing to growth of the organization.


Automotive Modelling Tools: Simulink, MotoHawk (code generation tool), MotoTune (Calibration Tool), CANKing, MATLAB, CANalyzer

Automotive Controls Hardware: Kvaser CAN, Woodward ECUs, HIL Testing System, dSPACE (working experience with DS 1006)

Communication Protocols: CAN, LIN, MOST, J1939 protocol for ECU communication

Software Design Tools: AutoCAD, SolidWorks, ANSYS Aim 18, CATIA v5

Programming Languages: Basic of C


Automotive Controls Engineer Trainee August 2017 – Present

LHP Engineering Solutions, Pontiac, Michigan

•Obtained an intensive hands-on training to become an SAE certified Automotive Controls Engineer by implementing a stabilized speed control strategy on 2.4L Ecotec Gasoline Engine and successfully made the engine run in all specified speed modes within ISO 26262 Automotive functional safety standards

•Design and developed Model based control strategy for Gasoline Engine in MATLAB/Simulink and MotoHawk

•Modeled PID controller for throttle valve and potentiometer using Simulink

•Designed a distributed feed-back controls system of electronic throttle and fuel injector by using CAN communication between their ECUs, and monitored the messages using CANalyzer

•Tested and debug errors in the control model using SIL, MIL and HIL system(DTE)- VeriStand

•Participated in all stages of Software Test Life Cycle(STLC)

•Calibrated and tuned the engine controller using MotoTune

•Auto code generation in Simulink for the designed control strategy

•Performed safety management activities in all project phases including DFMEA, FMEDA, qualitive and quantitative fault tree analysis

Junior Powertrain Validation Engineer June 2014 - August 2015

AVTEC Limited, Chennai, India

•Assigned the task of performing product root cause analysis of issues related to powertrain systems

•Assisted in performing durability and reliability validation tests on gasoline and diesel engines

•Performed chassis dyno for measuring output power and torque at the wheels

•Knowledge of Black-box testing for validating embedded control systems

•Knowledge on communication protocols such as CAN, LIN and J1939, testing using MATLAB/Simulink

•Performed NVH testing on powertrain to facilitate cleaner exhaust emission and higher power output

•Detected the fault codes on powertrain systems by using OBD-II diagnostic connector pin

•Working Knowledge in Engine Test Bed with Powertrain test bed & Emission Devices, Knowledge in After treatment systems for DOC, DPF and SCR using GT-Power

Product Development Intern December 2013 – May 2014

Visakhapatnam Steel plant, Visakhapatnam, India

•Supported project team with CAD work, machining shop work, assembly and documentation work by using AutoCAD and SolidWorks

•Assisted in completing design engineering tasks, creating BOMs and conducting DOEs as assigned by the project manager

•Gained real-time industrial experience during internship in the various zones involved in the steel manufacturing process namely raw materials handling plant, coal ovens, steel melt shop, blast furnace

•Hands on experience with hydraulic drive systems

Engineering Intern May 2013 – July 2013

Mahindra & Mahindra, Hyderabad, India

•Dismantled and studied the Inline 4-Cylinder Engine to get an in-depth knowledge about the design and working of an engine

•Working on Engine assembly line, Assembled Engines Rework, Engine Dyno and Chassis Dyno

•Tested and troubleshooting problems using breakout box to reduce manufacturing error

•Gained knowledge on several types of sensors such as crank, cam shaft and throttle positions, engine coolant and air temperature sensors in engine control unit(ECU) and working of engine control unit


•“Fundamentals of Control Systems - Gasoline” SAE Certificate of Mastery Course September 2017


Speed Governing Controls System of a Gasoline Engine September 2017

•Designed and developed a state machine to control different stages (STALL, CRANK, RUN) of 2.4L GM ecotec in-line 4-cylinder gasoline engine using MATLAB, Simulink and Calibrated engine for different stages

•Developed PI controller for minimum and maximum governor to maintain the engine at desired RPM

•Designed the fuel supply controls system to determine the fuel required for running and the idling the engine and reduce the fuel consumption

•Designed Encoder control strategy to determine the RPM of the engine and position of the Crank and Cam shafts

•Controlled the spark and dwell time by developing a controls strategy using MotoHawk tools and CAN J1939

•Validated and tested the control models using NI VeriStand on Hardware-in-loop(HIL)

•Programmed the control strategy in Woodward ECU and Calibrated it using Mototune tools

•Worked as a team-leader and guided team members in completing the project

Electronic Throttle Position Controller using Linear Potentiometer August 2017

•Designed a control strategy to control the electronic throttle using MATLAB, Simulink, MotoHawk tools

•Calibrated electronic throttle position and pedal position using MotoTune

•Tested and validated controller while varying the pedal position using MotoHawk

Distributed Control System for Electronic Throttle and CAN Communication August 2017

•Applied controls strategy to develop a PI controller to reduce the error in order to stable the throttle position

•Calibrated and flashed the control system (gain, offset,) using MotoTune

•Built CAN communication between 2 Woodward’s ECUs

•Controlled remotely electronic throttle connected to one ECU using a potentiometer connected on other ECU with the help of CAN communication and monitored CAN messages using CANalyzer

Development of a Control System for an Electronic Fuel Injector August 2017

•Developed a control system for the operation and timing of a fuel injector using Simulink and MotoHawk blocks

•Calibrated the control system using MotoTune calibration tool

•Simulated the control system for different engine speeds and tested on a fuel injector


Powertrain Team Number at LTU’s Formula-SAE Vehicle October 2016 – January 2017

•Optimized a disc brake rotor system using SolidWorks and ANSYS

•Designed a brake rotor that generates less heat, dissipates quicker and lighter in weight but met all requirements

•Co-ordinated with Powertrains, Body, Chassis, and Drivetrains teams to improve design, and accomplish the project in time

•Flow analysis of the exhaust using fluent

Effect of EGR on NOx Emissions in a Single Cylinder Diesel Engine May 2017

•Developed GT Power model for a single cylinder diesel engine (Caterpillar 3406), to determine the engine performance and NOx emissions

•Validated the model with the experimental results and output variables like Brake Power, BSFC and Pressure vs CA diagram were observed to be in agreement to the experimental data

•Predicted the variation of NOx emissions with a change in EGR to observe the trend at different speed and load conditions

External Aerodynamic Analysis of a Car Body With and Without Spoiler June 2017

•Designed a car body in ANSYS and performed aerodynamic analysis to study lift and drag forces acting on the car body with and without a spoiler

•Used ANSYS workbench 16 for design and analysis, used MS word, excel and PowerPoint for documentation

•Created a car body based on 2015 Lamborghini Aventador model

•Performed aerodynamic analysis and understood the importance of aerodynamic factors and effects on car body


Master’s in Mechanical Engineering August 2015 - July 2017

Lawrence Technological University, Southfield, MI GPA 3.45

Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering June 2010 - May 2014

JNTU University, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India GPA 3.5


•Volunteered at "National Science Day NSD- 2014" organized by Materials Group, B.A.R.C., Mumbai (2014)

•Presented a paper on “Renewable Energy Power” in Gitam University, India on 2014 and Won Frist Prize

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