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Software C++

Kolkata, West Bengal, India
November 26, 2017

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Utpal Banerjee

*A, Sadhu Tara Charan Road

Kolkata – 700026, West Bengal,


Mobile: +91-983*******



Utpal Banerjee, a software developer working in Software Industry for 29 years,

from 1988, in a cross-cultural environment in India and abroad. Utpal’s main

interest is in design, develop, integrate and deployment of software. Utpal,

currently works a software consultant and located at Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

Currently Utpal is working on telephony system. Asterisk a well-known opensource

telephony software stack on which Utpal is developing custom telephony

web-service, which can be easily integrated with CRM application.

Another area where Utpal is keen to work is IoT. Utpal conceptualized some ideas

on IoT which Utpal wants to share with right person.

Goal oriented IT Senior Executive with experience in planning, architecting and

implementing cutting edge information solutions to address business


Extensive knowledge in implementing of different utility software using .NET C#,

WPF, MVVM, on Windows OS.

Extensive knowledge in implementing of different utility software using C/C++,

VC++ and MFC on different flavors of Windows OS.

Extensive experience in software design methodologies, information systems architecture,

and object oriented design and software design patterns.

Adapted in end-to-end development of software products from requirement analysis to

system study, designing, testing, documentation and implementation with cross-cultural


Architect-ed software using different UML tools for Application software. The software

had a command line interface which interacts with low level SCSI, NVME drivers.

Worked on SCSI over PCIe protocol for SanDisk Inc. as an individual contributor. Worked

extensively on implementing SOP commands thru designing structures, writing codes for

system interface and device drivers.

Experienced in architecting medium to large scale software using different UML tools and

worked with distinction in Microsoft technologies..

Proficient in designing software architecture on Microsoft .NET framework and Microsoft

.NET CF framework.

Hands-on development and management of code tracking application used

internally and to support clients worldwide.

In-depth understanding of the complete SDLC with skills in .NET, C / VC++, MFC, Win32

SDK, Java-Swing.

. Experienced in designing and implementing the NVRAM device driver of the embedded

Linux. Distinction in working CIM providers and experienced in developing software suite


to confirm hardware suite.

Supervised entire software development lifecycle, from analysis of client needs to

prototyping and implementation.

Employment History

April 2017 –Till date as Senior Consultant at Orion Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Kolkata

Role: Senior Software Consultant

1. Working Java Web-Service using REST-API for Asterisk, an open source

telephony software.

2. Designing, architecting and implementing the Web service on Asterisk Server

for CRM.

October 2015 – December 2015 as Senior Consultant at IntekServ Software Pvt. Ltd.


Role: Senior Software Consultant

3. Working on HTML5 using Kendo, WCF, Entity Framework and SQL Server

On HealthCare Doman

4. Designing and architecting the Rooster Management for the doctors

September 2014 – April 2015 as Senior Consultant at Softtrends Software Pvt. Ltd.


Role: Senior Software Consultant

1. Working on Windows WPF using DevExpress, Leadtools (graphics tools) for

development of software for dentists.

2. Designing and architecting the software for imaging of patients images during


3. Using extensively WPF, DevExpress and Leadtools on Windows 8 and .NET4.5, MVVM

June 2011 – January 2014 as Consultant at Azure Software Pvt. Ltd. Kolkata.

Duration: 2 years 6 months

Role: Software Consultant

1 Documented standards, guideline, artifacts and strategic plans to develop .NET based

software for controlling the all display controller system on PC.

2 Provided guidelines, standards, and mentoring to Windows Server based different WCF

and Database services for deployment and development of the architecture and

integration strategy with accessible to all display devices.

3 Developed and designed software for TRUE COLOR Display board (TI DaVinci micro


4 Developing Linux based software for the small True Color Display board.

5 Writing all simulator software till hardware is functional.

6 Working on writing device drivers, system software and application for SCSI over PCIe


February 2007 – June 2011: IBM India Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata

Duration: 4 years 5 months

Role: Advisory IT-Architect

1. Documented standards, guideline, artifacts, Risks, Issues and strategic plans to develop

.NET based application.

2. Provided guidelines, standards, and mentoring to Windows Server based application

development of architecture and integration strategy with accessible to other enterprise



3. Architected the embedded software for Sales and Distribution domain. Responsible for the

overall architecture of hand held application for the field representatives handling orders

and supply of goods.

4. Played a major role on winning projects in different area of embedded solutions.

5. Participated actively in Technical Development Assessment and Delivery Excellence of

various application deliverables.

September 2006 - October 2006: Glencoe Technology Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata, India

Duration: 2 months

Role: Technical Lead

1 Architected the GPS enable navigation software on Nokia mobile phones. Nokia mobile

phones support Symbian OS. The software architecture was developed on Symbian OS

using Symbian C++. It was a navigation program which uses GPS system to navigate.

2 The company started with seed funding but could able to manage the venture capitals resulting in

winding up in 2 months

January 2005 - August 2006: Siemens Information Systems Ltd., Kolkata, India

Duration: 1 year 8 months

Role: Technical Lead

1. Leader of the architecture team of the offshore development team in Kolkata. The

software is targeted for different HealthCare institutions.

2. Responsible for architecting communication between different modules in the middleware

running on Microsoft and UNIX platform.

September 2003 – December 2004: Freelance Software Consultant, USA

Duration: 1 year 4 months

Role: Technical Consultant

1 Worked as Freelance Software Consultant for Blue San Inc., USA and Scentric Inc., USA.

2 Involved in architecting the policy of managing storage devices. The front end was

developed in MFC and the backend or the storage devices was controlled through SNMP.

Responsible for architecting the rich client front end and few modules of SNMP agents.

June 1999- December 2003: Ivivity Inc., USA

Duration: 4 years 7 months

Role: Software Designer

iVivity Inc., a venture capital funded company, was leading technology provider of storage

networking technologies including intelligent storage processors, protocol stacks, software

integration services and custom boards. The SAN On-Board chip was iDiSX(R) 2000-10, a

10Gbps programmable intelligent storage processor chip. The iDiSX(R) 2000-10 was the

Industry’s first specialized storage processor specially designed from the ground up for storage

network systems.

1 Designed and implemented the NVRAM device driver of the embedded Linux. Developed

the code of writing and reading the NVRAM using C language.

2 Designed and implemented the Management application for the configuration of the chip.

The application was developed using JAVA and SWING. It was a Rich Client application

running on Linux platform. The main function of the configuration module was to discover

the physical HDD, RAID sub-system and JBODS and to create logical disk drives for end


3 Designed and implemented a software module with same functionality to confirm the

hardware ASIC core functionality. The main functionality of both ASIC and software

module was to maintain a queue of data that were coming to the chip and to push - pop

the data from the queue. The input data provided to both hardware and software modules

were same, to prove the output result sets are equal. The software was developed in C

language for both Windows and Linux operating system.


November 1997 - May 1999: Metalogic Systems Pvt. Ltd., USA

Duration: 1 year 7 months

Role: Software Engineer

1 Developed CD Management using C++/MFC, Compiler Visual C++ 6.0 / MFC-GDI on

Windows 98.

2 Developed Cataloging Application using C++/MFC, Compiler Visual C++ 6.0 on Windows


3 Involved in architecting and designing software for the US clients. CD Management was

the solution to the problem to support all the types of CD-ROM drives in the market. The

front end was designed in MFC and device driver for the CD-ROM was designed for

Windows operating system. Involved in architecting the front end of the cataloging

application and responsible for migration of the cataloging application from DOS to

Windows 98, and architecting and designing the middleware of the software.

February 1988 - June 1997: American Megatrends Inc., USA

Duration: 9 years 5 months

Role: Technical Lead, Programmer

American Megatrends Inc., world famous maker of PC BIOS

1 Involved in designing and development of the Management Application. The functionality

of the management application was to keep the information of a PC using Windows

Management Information or WMI service using C++/MFC.

2 Developed PC Utilities for Window95 using common framework (ZINC) in C, for both DOS

and Windows platform.

3 Developed complete Anti-Virus program using common framework (ZINC) in C, for both

DOS and Windows Platform.

Technical Skills

1 Embedded Solutions and Micro-Controller Programming

2 Microsoft .NET framework

3 Symbian software development on Nokia phones

4 Architecture and UML design tools: Rational Software Architect (IBM), Microsoft Visio

5 C, Java, C++, MFC, VC++, eVC++, C#,

6 Web Technology: ASP. NET, WCF

7 Application server: Microsoft Windows Server

8 Web Services: .NET web services, WCF

9 Performance Engineering


Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application from Datamatics Corporation (PGDCA)

Bachelor of Science from Calcutta University


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