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C Power Plant

Karur, Tamil Nadu, India
November 26, 2017

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Role: E lectrical T echnician

E mail I D : m

M obil N o : 9-175********


T o w ork i n a n o rganization w here m y t echnical s kills w ill b e b est u tilized a nd p rovide m y career a r apid a nd g ood g rowth. I h ave w orked i n d ifferent t ypes o f o rganization. S uch a s P ower P roject, Metro p roject, a nd W ater p urifier p lant.

W ork E xperience: Maintenance & I nstallation T echnician P rofessional E xperience:

Company : A DVANCES I NFRASTUCTURE E NGINEER P VT L TD Designation : T echnician

D uration : O ctobar 2 015 t o T ill D ate

C o mpany p rofile : L eading M etro T rain, P ower s tation a nd R ail p roject.

Company : JAITECH P OWER P ROJECT P VT. L TD Designation : Testing & C ommissioning E ngineer

D uration : D ec 2 013 t o M ay 2 015 ( 1.5 y ears)

C o mpany p rofile : L eading p ower p roject E rection, t esting & C ommissioning o f I I ndustrial S ystem P ower P lant a nd C ement, S teel P lant,

Company : A VVA M ARKETING Designation : S ervice T echnician

D uration : J uly 2 012 t o O cto 2 013 ( 1 .5 y ears)

C o mpany p rofile : L eading M anufacturer a nd S upplier W ater P urifiers D omestic

A nd I ndustrial R O P lants. Key s kills:

Service & m aintenance o f M ulti s tage P umps a nd m otors.

equipment I nstallation, Testing a nd C ommissioning W orks.


Trouble s hooting o f H T / L T S witch g ears, T ransformer, M otors.

( A BB, A lstom, S iemens)

Knowledge a bout E lectrical a nd E lectronic I /O M odules a nd H andling o f d igital, analog s ignals f rom C ontrollers a nd d evices.

Well m aintaining a nd I mplementing o f E lectrical a nd M echanical b ased S ystems a nd equipment’s.

Knowledge a bout E lectronic c omponents F unctions a nd C ircuits( C apacitors, Transducer, D iode, r esistor, R ectifiers)

Understanding o f M icro c ontroller & d evices ( Timers, C ounters, t emperature Controller,).

Knowledge O f C omputers a nd C omputerized C ontrol S ystems a nd C ommunication Configuration, s erial, p rotocol, C AN, E thernet c ontrollers a nd d evices.

Service a nd m aintenance o f H igh c apacity H T/ L T m otors.

Service a nd m aintence o f C ircuit B reakers.

Modification & configuring Protection schemes as per requirement during Commissioning.


Testing & Commissioning of 400 KV, 11 KV &3.3 KV Switchgear at H INDUSTAN POWER PROJECTS PVT LTD,Formerly Moser Baer Thermal Power Plant, Anuppur, Madhya P radesh ( Client: S iemens)

Maintenance & Testing of 33 KV,11 KV, 6.6 KV Switchgear at J SW STEEL Ltd, bellary, k arnataka.

Equipments Installation 33 kv AC panels, 750 V DC panels at C OCHI Metro Project, Erunakulam, c ochin.

R esponsibility:

Preventive M aintenance S chedule p reparing

Abnormality I dentification & c orrection

I mplementation

Breakdown r eports & D ocuments

Panel C ontrol w iring.

Working k nowledge i n c omputers ( M S O ffice ) ACADEMIC P ROFILE:

Course Diploma ( E lectrical & E lectronics E ngineering) Institution The B harath P olytechnic C ollege, n amakkal. Year O f P assing 2012

Personal p rofile:

Father’s N ame : A.Ramachandiran

Date o f B irth : 26 – 0 5 – 1 992

Sex : Male

Nationality/ R eligion : Indian / H indu

Marital S tatus : UnMarried

Languages K nown : Tamil, E nglish, & H indi, T elugu. Permanent A ddress : 1/121, R iceMill S treet, E dumalaiP.O, M anachanallur(T.K)

T richy D istrict-621007

D eclaration I h ereby d eclare t hat t he i nformation p rovided a bove i s t rue t o t he b est o f m y k nowledge and I s hall c arry m yself i n a g ood m anner t hat l eads t o t he g rowth o f t he c oncern. I a lso a ssure y ou t hat I would d ischarge m y d uties t o y our e ntire s atisfaction. Place: Signature



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