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Accounting Sales

November 27, 2017

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Naeem M.H.M. Al-Hamed

Mobile No.: +965-******** - 22669515


Address: Hawalli, Block 11, Shurhabel Street


Looking forward to have the opportunity to work and be a member at your well known organization. Learn and grain the experience in my field or work. PERSONAL INFORMATION:

Date of Birth : 1982/07/09

Nationality : Jordanian

Marital Status : Married

Gender : Male

Religion : Islam


Company : Warba Bank

Positon : Supervisor

Department : Financial control

City : Sharq

Country : Kuwait





High School Certificate

Bachelor in Accounting (2/2003)

Applied Science University, Jordan

Training in Ibn Al-Haytham Hospital on Accounting and Auditing.

Salaam center for accounting and computer (Arabic & English).

Full training certificate in (Arabic & English), Accounting application for trading.

Computers on notebook and computer. (The program includes all applications) Page 2


Training course for accountants – Amman, Jordan,

Financial reports cycle – Kuwait Finance House, the hiring of a human investments.

Session of the anti-money laundering.

Alharia cycle in the Islamic principles of buying and selling.

Course on the Contemporary Islamic Instruments.

Other training programs via the internet.


Kuwait Insurance Establishment

From 2004 To 2008

Position: Accountant

Country: Kuwait

Accounting / auditing on General fund receipts and payments and daily deposits.

Internal audit of Motor's Dept. claims

Analysis of public and administrative expenses and accounts receivables

(collected receivables)

Reconciliation & Transfer of Banks

Adjusting the accounts between the company's branches and the main office.

Adjusting the accounts between the Insurance Companies

Analysis of trade receivables account.

Substitution and follow-up of the petty cash.

Preparing checks and cashing the arrears of the suppliers.

Assisting the financial manager in preparing the final accounts.

Work restrictions on the sale and purchase of shares.

Commission calculations.

Kuwait Finance House Establishment

From 2008 To 2016

Position: Senior Accountant

Country: Kuwait

Auditing the requests of buying cars and the advanced payments and paying the suppliers arrears (invoices – option contracts – buying promise contracts)

Analysis of the suppliers accounts on a monthly basis and preparing lists showing what have been (disposed monthly in terms of the checks numbers, transfers and total amounts)

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Cars pricing transactions and trusts sales proving the same in records through reviewing and auditing the transactions and disposing the same to the concerned entity. (Individual Company).

Adjustments of the suppliers monthly.

Preparing the internal and external lists of cash flows on a daily basis.

Preparing the accounting entries and the deductions from the commercial sections the day the same reach from the main office.

Following up the works of the commercial section and analyzing the payments and the suppliers' arrear.

Organizing all commercial contracts (administrative) and keeping, proving and recording the same.

Preparing the monthly closing records (salaries – Due expenses – cash expenses – under progress projects).

Preparing the entries of commercial section deprecations on a monthly basis in accordance to the fixed deprecation method.

Preparing the lists and entries of the commercial section incentives on a monthly basis through the sales and debts of the section administrations.

Directing all accounts of administrative. General, sales and marketing expenses, proving and analyzing the same.

Following up the receivables and payables accounts and analyzing their accounts.

Following up the lease contracts of the section and paying the dues to the concerned authorities in addition to following up the guarantees and letters of guarantee issued and received.

Solving the differences in the review balance (if any)

Carrying out the duties of the Head of Accounting Department in case of the absence.

Warba Bank Establishment

From 2016 Up to date

Position: Supervisor

Country: Kuwait

As same works in KFH bank

Global Holiday Hotel Booking Establishment (Part Time) Position: Accountant

Country: Kuwait City

Al Nagim International General Trading & Contracting Establishment (Part Time) Position: Accountant

Country: Kuwait City

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Computer Skills:-

Finished 78 hours of "MS Windows XP & MS Office 2003" (ICDL) course with the rank of excellent, at

Computeach Center in 2007 in Jordan.

Personal Skills:-

I am able to work well under high pressure environments.

I have excellent negotiation skills, decision making skills, leadership skills, and team work.

Hardworking, fast learner and confident.


Mohammed Faisal – 99995470

Ayman Alarrar - 66487891

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