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Assitant manager in the financial control unit Citi bank

Egypt, Arkansas, United States
November 21, 2017

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Marian Adel Atallah Aziz

** **** ****

Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

Mobile: 012-********010-********


Objective: Seeking a job in a leading organization to gain practical experience and enhance the technical skills acquired during academic work in the field of accounting, auditing.


From January,

2011- till now

Citi- Bank N. A Egypt

As a Assistant Manager (officer degree) in the Financial Control Unit

(Coorporate Reporting and Taxation Section ).

Enumerated below is a list of assigned work during this period : I. CBE Reporting:-

1) CBE Reporting Daily reports:

a) Reporting all the FX transactions to the CBE.

b) Assuring the complying with the CBE regulations regarding the FX transactions.

c) Calculating the bank’s Currency Position Ratio. d) Reporting the Currency Postion ratio to the CBE with Assurance of complying with the CBE regulations.

e) Assure complying with the CBE regulation for the Customers’ withdrawl more than $100 before CBE reporting.

f) CBE reporting for The Interbank transactions.

g) CBE Reporting for all the banks “Funds Transfer” (Incoming – Outgoing) With assuring CBE compliance before reporting. 2) CBE Reporting Weekly Reports :

a) Calculating the weekly Currency Position with its related Balance Sheet.

b) Assuring Complying with the CBE regulations regarding the Currency Postions before CBE reporting.

c) Monitor some accounts movements to assure complying with the CBE regulations.

3) CBE Reporting BI-Weekly Reports :-

a) Calculating / Reporting the reserve with assurance of complying with the CBE percentage as this is one of the risky reports which may cause penalities accordingly its calculation based on daily calculations for the deposits in local caurrencies. 4) CBE Reporting Monthly Reports :-

a) Country concentration limit reporting.

b) Balance Sheet .

c) Income Statements.

d) Curency Position.

e) 25 biggest credit Customers’.

f) Liquidity.

g) OFF Balnce sheet .

h) On Balance Sheet.

i) SSCs’ reporting.

j) Non resident reporting greater than $100 000.

k) Non resident reporting Less than $100 000.

l) Biggest 25deposit customers.

5) CBE Reporting Quarterly Reports :-

a) Balance Sheet .

b) Income Statements.

c) Capital Adequacy Ratio.

d) Basel II (QIS ).

6) CBE Reporting Quarterly Reports :-

a) Balance Sheet .

b) Income Statements.

7) CBE Reporting semi-Annual Reports :-

a) Balance Sheet .

b) Income Statements.

8) CBE Reporting Annual Reports :-

a) Balance Sheet .

b) Income Statements.

From Dec2008

Till Jan 2011

II. Handelling All the Tax related issues as below :- a) Reposnsible for calculating and timemly payment to the tax authority to avoied any penalities for the whole Bank’s Stamp Duty (coorporate products – Consumer products ) .

b) Handelling all the Tax inspection for the incometax-Salary tax- Stamp dutyinclussing comunication with Tax inspector,accounts analysis,documentation and Appeal Committie.

III. Continous Handelling for the CBE Onsite-Inspector:- a) comunication with inspector,delivering all the Supporting documentation for the FX,Transfers and Auction,reviewing the documents and the transaction beforesubmitting to assure the CBE compliance, rporting aany violating resulted from the CBE. IV. Opening all the banks account :-

a) Key control for opening all the banks’ accounts in order to asure opeing accounts wth its related correct nature.

V. Handelling the control book LRR monthly:

a) Completeness and consistency of controls & minimum standards b) Reviewing the all CBE reports with its related controls documentatio. c) Escalation & follow up (if any)

d) Sign off & review(follow up till sign off / review) General Motors Corporation (Automotive)

As Senior Internal Auditor and Dealer Audit.

Enumerated below is a list of assigned work during this period : I. Internal auditor role:-

1. Evaluates and provides reasonable assurance for mitigating operational risk by applying effective controls in order to enable the organization’s objectives and goals to be achieved. 2. Continous risk assesment using the SOX controls “Sarbaness oxily controls”

3. Reports risk management issues and internal controls deficiencies to the audit committee and provide recommendations for improving the organization’s both efficient and effective performance.

From November,

2006- till


4. Evaluates information security and associated risk exposures. 5. Evaluates regulatory compliance program with consultation from legal counsel.

6. Maintains open communication with senior management in the audit committee meeting regarding the control defeciencies and risks resulted from the audit finding.

7. Contionous follow-up on the issues resulted from the audit intially displayed in the audiit comittie meeting till resolving. 8. Engages in continuous education and staff development regarding compliance with all the company’s policies and procedures. 9. Provides support to the company's anti-fraud programs. 10. Supervise the yearly physical count for the fixed asstes. II. Dealer auditor role (Al Mansour Dealer Audit) :- 1. As a dealer auditor, continous audit is performed on every camapaign between the company and its sole distributer al Mansour.

2. Audit fndings was dispalyed in the Audit omittie meeting and communicated with the sole dealer.

3. Audting spare parts used duuring the warranty vs. the inventory list to figure any missing Parts, misstatements may require senior managemnt’s escelations

4. Auditng the whole warranty prcocess, starting from the job order issuance till the reimbursement’s dealer claim to the company. Deloitte (One of the Big four)

As an External Auditor, role as below :

1-Providing an Opinion on Financial Statements ;

Responsible for providing reasonable assurance that the financial statements are free from material misstatements and prepared according to an accounting framework.

issue recommendations to management.

test enough data to provide reasonable assurance.

Perform substantive testing of account balances to determine reasonableness

2-Understanding the Entity and Its Environment:

understanding the client's environment, operations and internal controls.

examine the electronic accounting information system to ensure that the data aren't being compromised.

compare the company to others in the industry to identify any irregularities that could stem from incorrect financial reporting. 3- Obtaining Sufficient Evidence to Form an Opinion:

Two way match between the accounts and the evidence by obtaining sufficient amount of evidence

Risk rating of the client.

Perform tests of internal controls to ensure effectiveness. 4- Prepare and present to management reports on audit findings, which might include material misstatements of financial information or severe control deficiencies, and provide recommendations on improving these shortcomings in the future

Enumerated below is a list of assigned jobs during the period :-

Investment Companies:

1. CI CAPTAL Holding company (CIB)

2. CIB Fund.

3. In Search Company.

4. Concept Company.

5. Beltone Financial group(Securities and Brokerage) 6. Delta Securities.

Tourism Companies:

1. Grannah Group.

Trading Companies:

1. Egyptian international beverage company (EIBCO) 2. Snout (Schweppes).

3. Cadburay.

Construction Companies:

1. Orascom group.

Airlines Companies:

1. IATA Airlines

Telecomunication Companies:

1. Noor Company for ADSL





American University in Cairo (AUC)

Finalized “The Professional Certificate In Accounting And Finance” ( one of the authorized post graduate certifcates in the AUC). Bachelor's Degree Faculty of Commerce English Section (Accounting Department) Ein Shams University.

High School "Our Lady of Perpatual Succor School"(Notre Damme series) Technical


Successfully passed Foreign Exchange Workshop – Bourse Applications Course from Central Bank of Egypt ( April 2014 )

Successfully passed Basel II Applications Course from Central Bank of Egypt ( Mar 2012 )

Successfully passed Financial risk & Basel III Applications Course from Central Bank of Egypt ( Mar 2017 )

Financial reporting cource.

Buisness analysis course.

IFRS (International Financial Reporting System).

Studied Part two CMA.

Training Course on The Audit System Program (AS2)

The Detailed Audit Procedures (Planning,Building Evidence,& Completion).

Studied Part One CIA (Internal Audit’s role in governance, risk, & control).

Independence course.

Ethics course.

Audit Documentation, Business Basics, Advanced Substantive Testing, Transactions & Potential Errors .

8th Model Of Egyptian Stock Exchange (MESE) about the

"Introduction to Capital Market" held in Faculty of Economics & Political Science – Cairo University - under supervision of the Ministry of Investment.

Soft Skills


Hard Worker.

Fast Learner.

Team Manager Skills

Introduction to Reporting, Writing Skills, Project (Time) Management.

Seven habits of most effective People


Positive thinking, Creativity, Emotional Quotient (EQ)

Communication Skills, Working in teams, Persuasion & Influence, Promises

Languages :

Excellent in written and spoken English (First Language).

Excellent in written and Spoken Arabic (Mother Tongue).

Good in French.

Computer Skills

Proficient knowledge of MS windows.

Outstanding acquaintance with MS Office Applications

Excellent in the use of Internet applications & browsing.

High Speed typing.

Skills and


Excellent Presentation Skills

Excellent Researching skills

Good Interpersonal communications skills.

Highly motivated .


Able to work in a team.

Able to work under High pressure.

Able to write good reports.

Able to learn and search for what I need to get the job done. Personal Data:

Date of birth: 04-12-1984

Nationality : Egyptian

Marital status: Married

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