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Print operator. Sales. Marketing and driver messenger

Johannesburg, GP, South Africa
7000 to 1000
November 15, 2017

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**** * **** * * mail: c

Diepkloof E xt C ell: 0-72-8-80-1-012 Soweto

**** * *** * * b irth: 0 5/30/1982

I .D 820**********

Cuppy S ineth M zimba

Career o bjectives

I a m s elf-motivated, p ositive a ttitude a nd v ery h ard w orking individual. I a lways s trive t o a chieve t he h ighest s tandard possible a t a ny g iven t ask. I h ave g ood c ommunication s kill. I a m able t o w ork a nd a dapt i n a c hanging e nvironment. I b elieve t hat one s hould w ork i ndependently a s w ell a s p art o f a t eam. Professional q ualification

2003 : G rade 1 2 C ertificate

2011 : C ode C 1 d river’s l icense a nd O wn V ehicle Skills

o management S kills

o Windows X P, M S W ord, M S A ccess, M S P owerPoint, i nternet a nd emailing

o Persuasive

o Excellent w riting s kills

o Great C ommunication s kills

o Great o rganizational s kills

o Be a ble t o t ake o n a c ustomer-facing r ole o Commitment t o c ustomer s ervice

o Adaptability

o Target d riven, e nergetic a nd c onfident


o Soccer, C ricket & b asketball. I b elieve t hat p articipation i n sport d evelops s trength i n t he a reas o f l eadership, character, c onflict m anagement a nd p hysical h ealth. Reading

o Reading i s i nformative a nd e xposes o ne t o t he r ich d iversity. Work e xperience

o Company: C onti P rint

o Printing O perator a nd S ales A ssistant

o Duties a nd R esponsibility

o 2006 d id q uality c ontrol, C ompletion o f d aily j ob c ards 2007/2008 ( finishing)punching a nd b ounding t raining m aterials o 2009/2011 P rint o perator ( Minolta C 650, D I750,DI850,DI950’s and 1 050’s

o 2012/2016: S upervisor & P rint O perator o n D P8700 M GI a nd Minolta C 8000 D eliver u rgent j obs t o C lients, T ake C ompany vehicles t o S ervice.

o Reason f or l eaving: C ompany l iquidated

o Reference

o Rob V iviers: 0-82-3-39-0-578

o Ruan H uman: 0-82-8-79-5-039

o Company

o Johannesburg i nstitute o f E ngineering a nd T echnology Position h eld : M arketing A ssistant

Duties a nd r esponsibility:

o Managing s tock o f a ll m arketing a nd p romotional m aterials o n c ampus. o Coordinating m arketing e vents

o Respond t o a ll e mail, t elephonic, p ostal & f ax e nquiries o Coordinate a ll f oreign s tudent a dmission a nd v isa r equirements o Coordinate o n c ampus m arketing f unctions Start D ate: 2 016/05/08

Finish D ate: 2 016/11/25


Contact p erson : S etfree/Queen

Tel : 0-11-4-03-1-910

Cell : 0-76-7-56-7-796 o Company

o Gauteng C ity C ollege ( GCC)

Position h eld : M arketing a nd S ales c onsultant Duties a nd r esponsibility:

o Coordinate o n c ampus m arketing f unctions o Drive t o S chools f or P resentations

o Coordinating m arketing e vents

o Respond t o a ll e mail, t elephonic, p ostal & f ax e nquiries o Register s tudents

Start D ate: 2 017/02/02

Finish D ate: C urrent


Contact p erson : M thokozisi/ C hikhadi

Tel : 0-60-6-87-5-898

Cell : 0-76-9-03-1-434 I S OLEMENLY D ECLARE T HAT T HE A BOVE



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