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Aesthetician/Front desk

Manila, National Capital Region, Philippines
November 15, 2017

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Katrin Ann N. Datiles

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Mobile : 090********


I am a consistent, hard working, highly motivated person. I enjoy working with the public. I feel that i am a friendly, outgoing and dependable person. I feel it is crucial to demonstrate the importance of my job duties and expectations. I am looking to improve my position in the work force, expand my knowledge and skills. I am also looking to establish long term employment in a friendly environment. ACADEMIC DETAILS

• College Undergraduate [.] with aggregate of . from La Consolacion College WORK EXPERIENCE

• Worked as Front Desk Officer/ Marketing Officer/ Patient Care Assistant/ Event Secretary in JT Medical System (Jancen Cosmetic Surgery Stem Cell of Asia) from May 2015 to Oct 2017 Role :I worked as a Front desk officer where i make the appointments of our patients and personally consult them and assisit their concerns. at the same time im part of the marketing team where we build the connections of the clinic in different societies and strategize on how we can market the procedure/treatments we performed. I also work their as a patient care assistant, where i assist lots of patients after their surgeries, giving them post operative care and instructions. Since i previously worked at a well know cosmetic surgery clinic i am exposed to different kinds of events and most of it are pageants.

• Worked as Beauty Consultant/Skin care advisor in Manpower Advertising Services Agency from Aug 2010 to May 2015

Role :I worked as an Olay beauty Consultant. A popular skin care brand, where i accommodate customers who had skin problems and interested to try a skin care products. I analyze their skin concerns and needs, i give advices and give them proper skin care regimen using olay product. FIELD OF INTERESTS

• Dancing (Choreographer)

• Sports

• Reading

• Travelling


• Communication

• Multitasking

• Organization

• Decision Making

• Leadership


• Basic Occupational Safety and Health

• Vascular Access Device Picc-Line

• Phlebotomy Procedures for Drawing Blood Samples

• Advanced Infusion Therapy Certification Program


• Flexibility and Adaptability

• Creating Ideas (Creativity)

• Communicating

• Teamwork and People Oriented

• Positive Attitude

• Responsible and Loyalty

• Dancing (choreographer)- I can connect with others and trained my creative mind

• Sports (Badminton and volleyball) - where i excel at teamwork and leadership skills

• Travelling- i meet different kinds of people, different attitudes and personalities. learn to handle them REFERENCE

John T. Cenica

Medical Director/Celebrity Doctor

Jancen Cosnetic Surgery


Rhea Dianne Youdale

Marketing Manager

Jancen Cosmetic Surgery


Jen Limpiado

Accounting Manager

JT Cenica Medical System



I hereby declare that the above mentioned details are true to the best of my knowledge. Date : October 11,2017

Place : Sampaloc, Manila

(Katrin Ann N. Datiles)

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