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Manager Machine

November 15, 2017

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Home Address : Lot *, Blk 21, NHA Phase 1, Kauswagan Cagaayan de Oro City

Mobile No : +639*********/+639*********

E-mail address :

Position Sought : Machinist

Computer Skills : Basic in AutoCAD and Microsoft windows With Driver License : Yes

Special Skills : Operating Industrial machines such as; Lathe, Milling, Vertical Lathe, Horizontal boring Mill, Vertical & Horizontal Shaper, Drill Press.

Other Skills : Welding, Drafting, Computer, Driving Full Name : RODOLFO J. FEROLINO

Civil Status : Married

Gender : Male

Place of Birth : Badian, Cebu, Philippines


School : The Sisters of Mary School

Degree : High School Graduate

Date : December 21, 2001

School : University of Cebu

Degree : College (BSME)

Date : Undergraduate


School : The Sisters of Mary School


Degree : Technical Courses

Date : December 21, 2001


School : University of Cebu

Course : BST/PSSR with NAC

Date : June 10, 2013 – June 18, 2013

School : University of Cebu

Course : PSCRB

Date : July 22, 2013 – July 25,2013

School : University of Cebu

Course : RFPEW

Date : July 29, 2013 – August 1, 2013

School : Asia Pacific Technical Skills Development Center, Inc. Course : SMAW NC II

Date : July 27, 2015 - September 5, 2015



Date : January 23,2017 – March 23, 2017

Brief Summary of Experience:

I have work in Foundry and machine shop, Ship Building, Manufacturers, and Contractor for almost six (6) years for local experience. And then from April 19, 2010 up to September 14, 2012, I worked in overseas area, in Guam Shipyard for 2 years and 5 months. From April 2014 up to April 30, 2015 I was hired in ALBWARY MARINE ENGINEERING L.L.C and this company is a Joint venture Partner of DAMEN Shipyards Group, a ship building and ship repair company, and my position is a Machinist. From n

November 2015 up to December 2016, I worked in Cabras Marine Corporation,a ship repair company, that based in Guam and my position is a Marine Machinist. My daily routine usually involves the preparation of the mechanical tools that is being used often times by a machinist, especially the measuring devices and hand tools. The other routine of a machinist is that, check the conditions of the machine before and after using, put lubricants of the sliding units, and clean the working area as a machinist do. Aside from my dedication of my work, it is my drive to finish my job with impressive quality that made a very attractive employee. Especially to the company I used to work on.


Employer : Cabras Marine Corporation

Address : Suite 114, 1026 Cabras Highway, Piti Guam 96915 Position : Marine Machinist

Period : November 12, 2015 – December 21, 2016

Supervisor : Cameron S. Cabrera

Job Responsibilities:

1. Machining of parts for the marine engines.

2. Re-condition of different kinds of valves and fabricates some damaged parts.

3. Checking the alignment of tail shaft and make a report, and correct if necessary.

4. Fabrication of bolts, nuts, flanges, and other machining jobs. 5. Sometimes I will work also on outside jobs, like installing the parts, such as the valves, tail shaft, and other mechanical works. 6. Repair heavy equipment spare parts, and fabricates if necessary. 7. Fabricates pins for the heavy equipments.

8. Fabrication of specialize bolts and nuts.

9. Always maintain the condition of industrial machines that are being used by lubricating and cleaning before and after working. 10. Always observe rules and regulations of the company. n

Employer : Albwardy Marine Engineering L.L.C.

Address : AL JADAF

P.O. Box 6515 DUBAI UAE

Position : Machinist

Period : April 13, 2014 – April 30, 2015

Supervisor : AmolShreshta

Contact Number : +971*********

Job Responsibilities:

1. Fabrication of parts for the new ship building depends on the job order. 2. Responsible in machining and repair of pumps and valves. 3. Check the alignment of shafts and make a report. 4. Machining of thordon bush for propeller shaft and rudder stock. 5. Repair of Chrome seal as per standard specification of the drawing. 6. Checking of clearance of bearing bush of propeller shafts and rudder stocks. 7. Fabricates shafts for pumps and other shafts, with correct measurements and tolerance based on the given mechanical drawing. 8. Repair of pumps, and make a sleeve and bushing if necessary and give the exact clearance for the impeller as good as brand new. 9. In measuring critical works, we used the inside and outside micrometers and bore gauges, so that we can give the exact tolerance as needed. 10. Fabrication of specialized bolts and nuts.


11. Fabrication of flanges for ship building and ship repair. 12. Machining of valve disc, and check the setting. 13. Check the running condition of the machines and give a preventive maintenance.

14. Observe the cleanliness and safety of the working area. Employer : Guam Shipyard

Address : P.O. Box 13010 (Naval Activities) Santa Rita, Guam 96915

Position Held : Marine Machinist

Period : April 19, 2010 – September 14, 2012

Supervisor/Manager : Leonard Salas

Contact Number : +1-671-***-****

Job responsibilities:

1. Studies specification, blueprints, or damaged tools and machine parts to determine nature and dimension of parts to be fabricated. 2. Select metallic and nonmetallic materials to be machined and measures, marks, or scribes dimensions and reference points on to stock preparatory to machining operations.

3. Sets up and operates lathes, milling machines, precision grinders, drill presses, band saws, shapers and other powered metal – working tools to machine parts to specified dimensions.

4. Uses precision measuring devices such as height gauges, micrometers, vernier calipers and dial indicators to verify conformance of machinist pieces to specifications.

5. Uses mechanic’s hand tools such as files, scrappers, mallets, wrenches, screwdrivers and riveters to fit and assemble parts and assemblies. 6. Operates machines and other mechanisms to observe operation and diagnose malfunctions or to test repaired equipment. 7. Keeps inventory of stock and orders new materials as needed. 8. Keeps records and reports use of equipment.

9. Develops specifications from general description of parts or assemblies to be fabricated and draws or sketches device to be made. 10. Operates bench grinder to sharpen cutting tools. 11. Operates gas or electric welders to install finished assemblies or to join or build up metal surfaces or parts to be machines or repaired. n

12. Performs routine or preventive maintenance and repair, lubrication, and cleansing of machine tools equipment and mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems such as laundry, bakery, kitchens, automotive, farm and power plant equipment.

13. Designs and construct jigs and special tools to facilitate the machining, assembly, or disassembly of parts and assemblies.

14. Makes estimates of time and materials required to complete assignment. 15. May assist in the training of Trades Helpers and others. 16. Fabricates or repairs propeller shafts and other shafting in propulsion system of the ship.

17. Check the alignment and run-out of the shaft and straighten it. 18. Repair different kinds of valves and machine it if necessary, especially the set of the valve.

19. Repair different kinds of pumps and machine some parts which is already worn out, and we install it after the repair.

20. Performs hydro test of the valves and pumps to the specific pressure required and check if there is leaking.

21. We work also on place if needed, especially in the ship. 22. We give our good maintenance to the military ship that we worked on. 23. Fabricate any specialized bolts and nuts.

24. Work on any kind of machining jobs.

25. Make key-way on the shaft and fabricate gears. 26. Repair spare parts of the heavy equipments, like re-facing of brake drums, clutch friction disc, replace bushings, and any kinds of machining orders. 27. Fabricates pins, bolts and nuts for the heavy equipments. 28. Performs preventive maintenance of the machinery we used and maintain the good housekeeping in the working area.


Employer : F.S. Builders and Sales Inc.

Address : 35-V.Sotto Street, Cebu City Philippines Position Held : Machinist

Period : July 2007- March 2009

Supervisor/Manager : Mr. Dante B. Singcol

Contact number : (032-***-****

Job Responsibilities:

1. Machine all types of machining job.

2. Fabricate copper gaskets for cylinder head and other kinds of gaskets. 3. Repair of all kinds of heavy equipment spare parts. 4. Pull – out and hydro test valve cage.

5. Overhauling of power steering.

6. Build – up and machining of centrifugal impeller. 7. Re – condition of general service pump assembly and machining of worn out spare parts all kinds of pumps.

8. Check the alignment of tail shaft.

9. Can perform stick welding and gas welding.

10. Re-bore of heavy equipment brake drums.

11. Reface clutch friction disc and brake lining.

12. Fabrication of all types of spring.

13. Observe safety rules and regulations of the company. Employer : Junic Trading & Industrial Ventures

Address : Lower Calajoan, Minglanilla, Cebu Philippines Position Held : Machinist

Period : October 2003- June 2007

Supervisor/Manager : Engr. Reynaldo S. Pelayo Jr.

Contact number : (032-***-****


Job Responsibilities:

1. Machining of castings such as; propellers, impellers, bushings, mill liners, pump housing.

2. Conduct hydro test of bushing, mill liner, and pump housing. 3. Fabricate die for casting.

4. Machining and assemble of hydraulic power block. 5. Repair of propellers and impellers.

6. Re-pitch and balance propeller.

7. Repair any types of pump assembly.

8. Recondition of hydraulic motors for power block. 9. Fabricate of spur gear, spline gear, and sprockets. 10. Balance impeller.

11. Can read isometric drawing.

12. Fabricate windlass brake.

13. Can performed welding and cutting.

14. Observed machine shop safety rules and regulations.

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