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Project Mechanical

November 15, 2017

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Ali Akbar Khoja


Career Objective

To be a part of good organization where I can give my best to the firm by using my skill and knowledge for the betterment of the organization and grow with the organization. Academic Details

Year Degree/ University/ College/ Percentage CGPA

Certificate Board Institution

2013-17 B.E RTMNU SBJITMR 78.7 8.62



2012-13 HSC MSBSHE Hislop college, Civil lines 63.67 - Nagpur

2010-11 SSC CBSC ST. Xavier’s High school, 73.00 7.8 Hiwri Nagar, Nagpur

Project Work Done/ Operation Workout

Mega Project: Project on “Electricity Generation From Bicycle” Description: Electricity is the basic need of 20

th century hence objective of project was to fabricate power generating bicycle. The model converts mechanical energy into electrical energy without pollution. We proposed a model of bicycle with a wheel consisting a circular pipe wounded with copper coil on the outer surface and an N-52 magnet is placed inside which is free to move inside the pipe. Work Done:

Idea of project.


Mini Project: Project on “Quick return mechanism”

Description: A quick return mechanism is an apparatus that converts rotation motion into reciprocating motion which is basically used in metal removing machines. Work Done: Fabrication.

Internship & Training

South East Central Railway Workshop, Motibagh, Nagpur. Takeaway / Learning from the internship:-

Learned about advancement in the field of Indian Railway and also worked in various sections of railway workshop.

Technical Skills



Co-Curricular Activities:

Member of ISHARE Nagpur Student Chapter.

Attended workshop conducted by BOSCH.

Extra-Curricular Activities:

Participated in mechanical forum of SBJITMR.

Participated in inter-college level fashion show. PERSONAL PROFILE:

Father’s Name:- Shabbirali Khoja

Mother’s Name:- Sabera Khoja

Date of Birth: - 18-MAR-1995

Hobbies and Interest:- Playing football.

Blood Group: - B+ve

Nationality: - INDIAN

Marital Status: - Unmarried


I hereby declare that all the above information is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Place: Pune.

Date: -

( Ali Akbar Khoja)

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