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Lean Manufacturing Engineer

Chicago, Illinois, United States
November 14, 2017

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Naman Shah

Industrial and Systems Engineer

Seeking an opportunity to use knowledge of lean six sigma, quality control and project management along with coordinating, planning and problem solving skills to increase productivity and profitability.


Chicago, Illinois


01/2017 – 05/2017

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Northern Illinois University


Tutoring students for Economical Analysis of Industrial Projects.

Research on Indira Industry by assessing their revenue benefits through Break-Even analysis.

Helping students in course work during office hours, proctor examinations and digitally communicated with them on Blackboard.

01/2015 – 06/2015

Industrial Engineer Trainee

Vanaz Engineers Ltd.


Responsible for implementation of various Lean tools 5S: Deciding the location for various tools and dies. PDCA: Improving the efficiency of blasting particle removal machine.

Poka-Yoke devices: Designed go/no-go device for the measurement of width of GBS 40 SYN ring and fixtures for tools.

Designed and Manufactured "Blasting Particle Removal Machine" with the help of ProE, Lathe machine, Grinding machine and Drilling machine.

Enhanced Productivity of the process by improving efficiency from 81.29% to 94.34%, average time taken to remove the blasting particles from 30 rings/hour to 100 rings/hour and reduced labor costs, as only 1 worker was needed to operate the machine instead of 3.

07/2013 – 12/2013


Vanaz Engineer Ltd.


Responsible for starting Lean culture in Design department. Implemented 5S tool over a period of 3 months, managing the old AutoCAD drawing copies.

Developed 2D and 3D drawings using AutoCAD and SolidWorks of various components manufactured by VANAZ.

Responsible for creating different types of drawings such as layouts, line diagrams, forging drawings and machining drawings.


01/2016 – Present

MS in Industrial and Systems Engineering

Northern Illinois University

3.73 GPA

Lean Manufacturing, Advance Lean Manufacturing, Advance Quality Control, Total Quality Management, Supply Chain Management, Data Analytics, Economical Analysis of Industrial Projects, Linear Programming and Network Flows.


Lean Manufacturing Six Sigma Quality Control

Production Planning Production Control R

Tableau Quality Management MS Visio

Strategic Planning Supply Chain MS Office

Project Management Minitab AutoCAD

SolidWorks ProE Continuous Improvement


Lean Implementation in Airplane Project (01/2017 – 05/2017)

Forecasted the demand using holt-winter’s model, use of economic order quantity, Implemented 3 poke yoke devices. Improved the cycle time from 2.23 mins to 1.02 mins and efficiency from 64 to 86 % by using lean principles. Lean Implementation in time wise solution in Clock Industry (06/2016 – 08/2016)

Executed of time studies to identify bottle-neck in the process and created value stream mapping.

Implemented Lean tools: 5S, standardized work, Visual aids, pull Kanban system, Load Levelling, POUS, Quality at Source concepts.

Invented 6 Poka-yoke devices helped to reduce cycle times by 60% and WIP by 95%.

Quality Tools used to improve the customer waiting time in checkout lanes at Walmart (08/2016 –


Analyzed data in Minitab and used control charts to find outliers and implemented cause and effect diagram to find the reason for delays.

Provided few recommendations, due to which waiting time could be reduced from more than 10 mins to less than 6 mins. Quality Analysis of CVS Health (01/2016 – 05/2016) Conducted background study, SWOT analysis and study on use of Quality Principles by CVS Health.

Conducted Customer feedback survey to find the customer satisfaction level.

Manufacturing of a scaled model of Solar Car

Manufacturing of a car body using GI sheets, DC motors, DPDT switches and solar panel.

Motors were connected parallel to each other in order to simplify and avoid the steering mechanism.

Awarded 2nd Prize in the Model Making competition held at P.C.C.O.E, Pune, India.


Lean Six Sigma


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