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Secretary/ Administrative Assistant

Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
November 14, 2017

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Villa I V, R oom * , A l F ala S t., A bu D habi, U AE

# 056******* General O bjective: To b ecome a m oral a nd c apable p ractitioner o f m y p rofession i ncorporating and m aximizing m y a cademic k nowledge, e xperience a nd e xpertise t o become a p roductive e mployee.

Specific O bjective: A s elf-motivated i ndividual s eeking f or a n A dministrative S upport P osition where I c an a pply technical w riting , c lerical, o rganizational a nd c ustomer service s kills t o s upport c o-workers a nd c lients. SUMMARY O F P ROFILE:

● Possesses p ositive a ttitude t owards w ork

● Fast l earner a nd p roactive i n a cquiring n ew i deas

● Creative a nd o bjective i n d ealing w ith d ealing w ith i mportant w ork p rojects

● Excellent i n w ritten a nd o ral c ommunication ADDITIONAL Q UALIFICATIONS:

● Civil S ervice C ommission - P rofessional P asser

● Highly e fficient i n M S O ffice A pplications

● Skilled a t c omputer h ardware a nd s ervicing

● Can w ell e ngage i n d atabase m anagement s ystem WORK E XPERIENCE A ND A CCOMPLISHMENTS

May 2016 t o Specialist I I

Sept 7 , 2 017 C hase A uto F inance JP M organ C hase B ank

● “Providing f irst c lass c ustomer s ervice i n a f irst c lass w ay”

● provide i nformation a bout p roducts a nd services, r espond to customer complaints a nd p rovide r esolutions July 2 012 – M ay 2 016 Office S taff

Human R esource a nd Disaster R isk R eduction o ffice Local G overnment U nit o f D ueñas

● Responsible f or m aintenance a nd t roubleshooting o f s ystem units a ssigned t he o ffice

● Primary c oncern o n t he t echnical w orks d ealing w ith r esearch & planning o n t he L ocal D isaster R eduction a nd H uman R esource Management.

● Clerical w orks p ertaining t o e mployees w elfare Aug 2 011 - S ep 2 011 C SR I I

Teletech C ustomer C are M anagement P hilippines

● Deals with inbound calls and delivers accurate answers to customers questions and needs which pertains to the products use, b illing a nd t echnical i ssue r esolutions. EDUCATION:

Tertiary E ducation Bachelor o f S cience i n I nformation T echnology West V isayas S tate U niversity – P ototan C ampus June 2 007 – M arch 2011


Villa I V, R oom 9 , A l F ala S t., A bu D habi, U AE


1. Career S ervice P rofessional

Certification N o.: 0 8-217911

Date O ctober 2 1, 2 012


September 3 -5 2 015 2nd I nternational C onference o n I ntegrative D isaster R isk R eduction and M anagement

Eastern S amar S tate U niversity, B orongan C ity, E astern S amar May 7 , 2 015 Provincial C onvergence A ction P lanning Hotel d el R io, I loilo C ity

November 1 9-21, 2 014 Local C limate C hange A daptation P lan October 1 4-16, 2 014 Local S helter P lan W riteshop March 2 5, 2 014 Science f or S afer C ommunities November 2 6-28, 2 013 Training o n G eographic I nformation S ystem f or j alaur R iver B asin LGUs

October 2 2-25. 2 013 Training/ S eminar o n L aws a nd R ules o n G overnment E xpenditures April 1 -3, 2 013 Training f or P recinct C ount O ptical S can ( PCOS) T echnical S upport conducted b y C ommission o n E lections

February 2 6 - M arch 1 , 2 013 Seminar W orkshop o n f ormulating t he A gency H R P lan a nd S trategic Performance m anagement S ystem


Skills Level o f P roficiency

1. MS O ffice A pplications Advanced

2. T echnical W riting Advanced 3. O ral C ommunication Advanced 4. I nterpersonal S kills Advanced PERSONAL D ATA

Age: 26 Height: 154.98 c m

Date o f B irth: December 3 1, 1 990 Weight: 40 k g Gender: F emale Nationality: Filipino

Civil S tatus: S ingle Religion: Roman C atholic

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