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Fort Worth, Texas, United States
November 13, 2017

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Jessica Ball

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I am a management professional with over 10 years of comprehensive experience including: recruitment, conflict resolution, change management, labor relations, benefits administration, and payroll. I have proven experience collaborating with senior management to conduct human resources and strategic planning in order to support and further corporate goals. I have implemented new cost containment strategies resulting in significant savings. Education


Business Administration with an emphasis in Organizational Psychology and Development Experience


I facilitate and manage the training of the administrative team, and am the backup and support for each member.

Implement new ideas and procedures to ensure the administrative team performs its support role at the peak of performance.

Hiring manager for the administrative team and have successfully added valuable members to the team.

I am in charge of special billing and invoicing for both departments in the office.

The facilitation of change orders and contract signings.

New hire orientation and paperwork.

Pre Hire orientation paperwork, and requirements.

Candidate assessments and selections.

Perform exit interviews and termination paperwork.

Administer workman’s comp insurance claims.

Partner with employees regarding their benefits.

Manage sensitive information given by employees and clients.

Maintain employee files.


Organized and implemented procedures to help facilitate usage of the program.

Trained and provided one on one as well as group training and simulations on the database.

Managed a database system and made easy to follow visuals for company management.

Managed lease packages. This included developing and archiving critical information.

Took existing information and formatted it into usable data for units and well information.

Inputted right of way, dirt usage, water usage and road usage agreements.

Managed lease expirations

Researched change of ownership and updated payments accordingly. Page 2

Inputted new acquisitions and liaised between other oil companies to get leasehold information.

Used division order decks to input working interest.

Maintained depth information on leasehold for land man research and quality control for lease extensions and new leases.


Managed day to day information including time sheets, reporting and journey management for payroll and safety purposes.

Negotiated the more critical and time sensitive contracts and their provisions.

Implemented procedures for database managers.

Identified and maintained regulatory permits for state and government properties and entities.

Coordinated with government and private entities to ensure up to date and accurate information.

Provided training for new hires.

Researched targeted search information engines for specific product lines in various counties/parishes to facilitate bidding of projects.

Researched current mineral title and leases for verifying percentages of ownership or lease.

Organized information into an easily accessible format.

Created and monitored Databases for seismic projects.

Managed the influx and out flux of information for front end permitting. PROJECT MANAGER GLOBAL GEOPHYSICAL SERVICES OCTOBER 2008 APRIL 2011

Managed all aspects and personnel for large, long term projects.

Oversaw safety training (OSHA) for personnel.

Handled payroll, and accounts payable in the field as stated by FLSA.

Helped facilitate worker’s compensation for injured employees through doctors and the corporate office.

Recruited Employees and subcontractors to join the field team.

Daily motivated employees to perform at their peak with zero lost time incidents through incentive programs, training, and key placed management personnel.

Ensured employees and subcontractors adhered to a strict code of conduct, followed all statewide, company and federal regulations.

Provided instruction and coordinated paperwork for benefits for employees in the field.

Developed models to track and evaluate actual costs versus planned budgeted cost expenditures.

Managed day to day personnel issues, needs and logistics. Responsible for prioritizing crew objectives and production goals.

Implemented action plans and accountability systems that helped utilize personnel effectively.

Managed subcontractors: had oversight and developed tractable matrixes to evaluate company expectations based on employee time management and productivity.

Managed permit/lease terms and was responsible for handling sensitive and time consuming permit efforts.

Familiar with the archiving of standard data products that are generated from seismic (PSTM, Raw, CDP, gathers).

Oversaw line moves and adjustments of corporate geologists for project geophysical integrity.

Managed production expectations for crew operations departments which included: surveying, drilling and acquisition. DATABASE MANAGER/MAPPING/SERVICE AGENT PGS ONSHORE, INC. MARCH 2003 MARCH 2008

Liaised with the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) in Anadarko on a daily basis (for more than three years) to maintain relations and assist in securing owner information for permit follow up.

Utilized talent in employees to fulfill obligations needed by the company. This required notifying management of employee talents and availabilities to serve in differing ways. Page 3

Coordinated regulatory permits.

Developed training matrixes and reports that helped in maintaining accurate employee training modules.

Contacted, met with and gained permission from landowners/customers to successfully complete several seismic surveys (more than one thousand square miles) in three years.

Managed and maintained database information, which included mineral and surface information and landowner compensation or accounts payable.

Extensive experience in mapping/GIS ESRI/database developing and monitoring.

Created a visual representation of the company database using ArcView.

Deed plotted tracts from legal descriptions to properly identify targets.

Sent XY coordinates to the corporate office for mineral cutouts.

Sent shape files containing permit database information such as landowner info, property boundaries/shapes, and stipulations to surveyors to keep crew compliant with permits and regulations.

Coordinated with surveyors to adjust survey lines to maintain geophysical integrity as directed by corporate office.

Successfully handled the more sensitive permit issues in which other agents had special challenges.

Maintained positive customer relationships and helped customers with their complaints.

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