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C Manager

United States
November 13, 2017

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Janine S uter

Atlanta, G eorgia * **** 470-***-****


Over 1 2 y ears e xperience a s a L ine C ook, t o i nclude F ood P reparation C ook. Managerial e xperience w hich i ncludes S tore M anager, A ssistant F ront E nd Manager F ood R etail.Skilled a t t ime m anagement a nd m ulti-tasking. E fficient i n working a lone a s w ell a s a t eam p layer. Core C ompetencies

● Receptionist e xperience

● Training

● Photocopier\Fax m achines


● Cash H andling E xperience

● Articulate

● Detail O riented

● Dependable

● Customer-Service o riented

● Adaptable

● Ability t o m eet d eadlines


Corso C offee B uckhead, G eorgia


Provided a h igh q uality f ood e xperience b y p reparing c ustomers f ood t o o rder. M aintained a sanitary k itchen a nd e nsured c ustomer s atisfaction. A ssisted E xecutive C hef o n a ll c atered parties. P rocessed a ll d eliveries f or q uality a ssurance. C leaned a nd p repared f oods f or n ext d ay opening.

Selected A chievements

● The c ompany i mplemented m y B lueberry L emonade r ecipe i nto t heir m enu a s a permanent d rink, p rovided y ear r ound.

STRIP R ESTURAUNT A tlanta, G eorgia


Cleaned, c ut a nd p repared m eat, p oultry a nd f ish. P repared 1 00 c ustomers f ood t o o rder i n a timely m anner. A ssisted E xecutive C hef i n a ll c atering p arties a s w ell s erve p repared f oods. Provided g reat c ommunication s kills w ith k itchen s taff a s w ell a s f loor s taff. INDEPENDENT C ONTRACTOR A tlanta, G eorgia

Working w ith c ustomers a s a m ediator t o e nable t he c ustomer t o p ay o utstanding d ebts. F iled and r etrieved c lient i nformation. P rocessed a nd e ntered c redit c ard i nformation. A nswering phones, w orking w ith S KIP T RACE P rograms. R esolved p roblems b y c larifying c ustomer’s issues. R esearched a nd p rovided i nformation t o c ustomers c oncerning t heir a ccounts.


Responsible f or o pening a nd c losing t he s tore. H andled a ll c ash t ransactions, i ncluding b alancing the c ash d raws f rom p revious s hifts, s afe a nd n ight b ank d eposits. C reated w ork s chedule f or t wo other e mployees. H ired n ew e mployees, f ired u nacceptable e mployees. M aintained s tore premises, q uality c ontrol a nd a ddressed a ll c ustomer c oncerns. O rdered s upplies f or w eekly a nd monthly s tock. D eveloped r outines t o e nsure s tore w as o perating a nd m aintained i n h igh q uality. DUNKIN D OUGHNUTS G reenburgh, N ew Y ork

Cashier, A ssistant M anager

Started a s a c ashier a nd q uickly p romoted t o a ssistant m anager. R esponsible f or o pening t he store. H andled c ash t ransactions, i ncluding b alancing c ash d raws f or n ext s hifts, b ank d eposits, petty c ash a nd s afe, a s w ell a s o ver a 1 50 c ustomer o rders d aily. C reated w ork s chedules, h ired and t rained n ew e mployees. P repared f ood a nd b everage c ustomer o rders, w hile m aintaining t he correct t emperatures.

DeCiccios F amily M arket P elham, N ew Y ork Cashier, A ssistant F ront e nd M anager

Trained a nd w orked i n a ll d epartments. T ook o rders, s erved a nd p repared f ood, a nd a nswered phones. P erformed a ll c ashier d uties a nd r esponsibilities. C oordinated p hone o rders, e mployment applications a nd m anaged a ll L OTTO t ransactions. R esponsible f or c ustomer s atisfaction, a s well a s q uality c ontrol. E ducation: M icrosoft O ffice C ertificate STRIVE C ertificate f rom T he C enter f or W orking F amilies

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