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Engineering Manager

Mountain View, California, 94040, United States
November 13, 2017

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Mountain View, CA 94040

Home Phone: 650-***-****

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Ph.D. in Physics, May 1983 Univ. of Illinois, Urbana, IL

M.S. in Physics, October 1978 Univ. of Illinois, Urbana, IL

B.S. in Physics, June 1976 Tsing Hua Univ, Taiwan, Rep. of China


Senior Member of Technical Staff May 2005 – September 2015

Director of Design Engineering March 2000 – May 2005

Cypress Semiconductor, San Jose CA

- In charge of SRAM Design Center in San Jose. Products include Wide IO QDR, QDR4, QDR2+/QDR2, QDR1, Synchronous SRAM/NoBL, low power SRAM (MoBL), fast Asynchronous SRAM, and 18M 1T cache RAM. Process used include 13nm - 0.25micron CMOS technology.

- First in the world to deliver the following products: 1.2GHz 288M QDR4, 550MHz 144M QDR2+, 400MHz 144M QDR2, and 250MHz 72M SSRAM/NoBL.

- Major circuit blocks used in QDR4 include PLL, high speed HSTL IO, programmable BIST, Voltage regulator, ECC, multiple memory bank structure to support two operations (Read or write) at the same time, CAM for late write addresses, read FIFO at IO for latency options, write FIFO at memory for late write data, JTAG, parallel interface for test modes, e-fuse, synchronization between various clocks.

- Granted 17 US patents related to circuit design.

- Gross profit margin exceeds 58% from the products designed by my team.

- Debug all SRAM products designed in San Jose. Write all engineering characterization programs for all products designed in San Jose.

V.P. of Engineering October, 1998 – March 2000

SRAM Senior Director May, 1995 – October 1998

SRAM Design Manager September, 1994 - May, 1995

Galvantech Inc., San Jose CA

- V.P of Engineering for 1 and 1/2 years. Responsibilities include Design, Product, and Test Eengineering for SRAM. Products include 18M SSRAM/NoBL, 9M NetRAM/Dual Port, 1M Dual Port, and 4M/3M/2M/1M Asynchronous SRAM.

- In charge of backend operations for 2 years. Responsibilities include Test and Product engineering, test and assembly vendor interface, QA/QC, production control, and MIS system. Achieved $13.5M per quarter revenue and $5.5M profit in Q3 ’97 before moving back to design engineering.

- Supervising synchronous SRAM design. Interfacing with wafer foundries in Taiwan and U.S.

Director, Device Physics & Product Analysis October, 1990 - September, 1994

Manager August, 1989 - October, 1990

Supervisor December, 1987 - August, 1989

Senior Device Physicist February, 1987 - December, 1987

Paradigm Technology, San Jose CA

- Managing Synchronous SRAM product line including product, test, quality/reliability engineering. Products include 64Kx18, 32Kx36, 32Kx18, 32Kx9 burst SRAM, 128Kx9 synchronous SRAM, and 1Kx18, 4Kx18 FIFO.

- Managing circuit and layout design groups for 6 months. Products taped out include 64Kx18, 32Kx36 burst SRAM and 128Kx8 SRAM.

- Yield enhancement and failure analysis (including wafer SORT, burn in, and lifetest) for all SRAM products. Manage the software engineers to write programs for Laser repair and defect analysis.

- Develop CMOS technologies for 4M SRAM (with TFT, W-plug, etc.) and 256K and 1M SRAM (with load resistor). Develop self aligned processes to minize the cell size.

- Hold 7 US patents on the SRAM cells and self-aligned process.

- Design and layout the core cells, test patterns, and process monitors for CMOS technologies.

- Set up automatic testing and analysis system for process evaluation, device modeling, and wafer level reliability studies. Write modeling parameter extraction programs for SPICE simulation. Set up TVS measurement system to monitor mobile ion concentration. In charge of the electrical test and trend charts for SPC (Statistical Process Control).

-. In charge of the design rules for 256K and 1M SRAM technologies.

Member of Technical Staff July, 1984 - February, 1987

Senior Engineer July, 1983 - July, 1984

Advanced Micro Devices, Sunnyvale, CA

- Project leader to study the reliability of CMOS VLSI. The failure mechanisms studied include hot electron injection, oxide breakdown, soft error, hydrogenation of the poly silicon, electromigration, ESD, and CMOS latch up.

- Project leader to study the low temperature CMOS VLSI.

- Project leader of the device modelling and IC yield analysis.

- Develop CMOS technologies for 64K, 256K, and 1M SRAM.

- Set up automatic data acquisition system for device characterization, modelling, and reliability study.

- Design test structures for CMOS technologies.

- Monitor and evaluate a university project supported by SRC.

Adjunct Lecturer September, 1984 – August 1995

Department of Electrical Engineering

University of Santa Clara, Santa Clara, CA

Teaching graduate courses on semiconductor physics, device physics, and Si-SiO2 interface. Codirector of a short course on "Thin Dielectrics for VLSI-Physics and Technology."


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Patent number Title

1 9,666,255 Acess methods and circuits for memory devices with multiple banks

2 9,640,237 Acess methods and circuits for memory devices with multiple channels and banks

3 8,873,264 Data forwarding circuits and methods for memory devices with write latency

4 8,705,310 Access methods and circuits for memory devices having multiple banks

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12 7,684,257 Area efficient and fast static random access memory circuit and method

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14 7,269,772 Method and apparatus for built-in self-test (BIST) of integrated circuit device

15 7,196,925 Memory array with current limiting device for preventing particle induced latch-up

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17 7,142,477 Memory interface system and method for reducing cycle time of sequential read and write accesses using separate address and data buses

18 5,656,861 Self-aligning contact and interconnect structure

19 5,620,919 Methods for fabricating integrated circuits including openings to transistor regions

20 5,483,104 Self-aligning contact and interconnect structure

21 5,172,211 High resistance Polysilicon load resistor

22 5,168,076 Method of fabricating a high resistance polysilicon load resistor

23 5,166,771 Self-aligning contact and interconnect structure

24 5,124,774 Compact SRAM cell layout

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