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Engineering Medical

Saudi Arabia
November 13, 2017

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Abdulmalek M. Rajkhan

Saudi National

Martial status: Engaged.

DOB: Mar-25-1987

P.O. Box 23. Jeddah, 21411 KSA


Mob.: (059-***-****




Master of Nuclear Engineering- Emphasis on Medical/Health Physics, May 2014 – present. King Abdul-Aziz University (KAU). Jeddah, KSA.

Bachelor of Sciences – Emphasis on Physics, Aug 2011-Dec 2012. Fort Hays State University (FHSU). Hays, Kansas.

Engineering/Physics Program, May 2006-May 2011.The University of San Francisco (USF). California.

Engineering Parallel Program, Jan 2005 – May 2006. KAU.Jeddah,KSA. Academic Work Experience

Tutor–Statistics 101, Jan 2009- May 2010. USF.

Grader–Business Quantitative Methods(QMB), Jan 2008 – Jan 2009. USF. Teacher Assistant–Arabic Language, Jan 2007 – Jan 2010. USF Work Experience

Project Manager. Aug 2017 – Present. Saudi Services Company Ltd., Jeddah. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Operating and maintaining Rabigh Airport in all engineering disciplines by following the airport’s guidelines and manuals given by the Government Authority of Civil Aviation. The engineering sections managed are Electrical, Civil, Mechanical, Landscaping and Safety.

Acting Manager. Dec 2012 – Dec 2014 Marwan I. Zainy Logistics Inc., Jeddah, KSA.

Ensuring that the business cycles goes smoothly from season to another. This is done by arranging the incoming products from overseas to warehouses and to the market in a timely manner. These rounds involve and are not limited to communicating to marketing, accounting, human resources, collection and technical departments in the company and with responsible Governmental agencies and Commissions. Acting Manager. Jan 2014 – May2014 Fayez Co. – Transportation Department, Jeddah, KSA.

Assuring that the Holy mosques visitors’ voyages are scheduled and registered in the Ministry of Hajj software system, so that the pilgrims transportation from and to the Holy Mosques and between their hotel and sightseeing location are all geared up. This position enforced me to create a software program that tracks all incoming and departing vehicles from and to the Holy mosques, so that the least number of errors is magnified. Skills

Abdulmalek M. Rajkhan

Saudi National

Martial status: Engaged.

DOB: Mar-25-1987

P.O. Box 23. Jeddah, 21411 KSA


Mob.: (059-***-****



• X-Ray Calibration.

• X-Ray Maintenance.

• CT Calibration.

• LINAC Calibration.

• TG-51.

• Radiation Protection.

• Solid Works.

• Mathcad.


• BeamNRC.

• PVsyst.

• Sketch Up.

• Planning/organizing.

• Sales/marketing.

• Active listening.

• Leadership.

• Work under Pressure.


• Fluency in Arabic. • Fluency in English. • Novice in French. Interests

• Medical Physics.

• Medical Instruments.

• Medical Equipment.

• Green Energy.

• Nuclear Energy.

• Radiation Physics.

• Industrial Engineering.

• Industrial QC.

• Logistics/Supply Chain.

• NDT.

• Forensics.

• Seismology

• CCTV Security/


• Extracurricular Activities:

Jogging, Museums, Fishing,


• Karate.


• Psychology; Understanding Personalities. Saudi Commission for Health Specialties; 2014

• Business; Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurs Club (EC). KAU; 2015.

• White Energy Engineering; Wind Turbines and Solar Panels. T-Red. International Association Organization (IAO); 2015.

• Industrial Engineering Systems; Industrial Engineering Department

(IED). KAU; 2015.

• Problem Solving; Innovation and Creativity Center (ICC); KAU;2015.

• Health and Safety in Engineering; Engineering College Commission

(ECC); KAU; 2015.

• Introduction to Aerodynamics; Aerodynamics Engineering Department (AED). KAU; 2015.

• Accorded Excellence in Organization; Mechanical Engineering Department (MENG). KAU; 2015.

• Improving Quality and Safety in Modern Radiation Medicine; King Abdullah Medical City (KAMC); 2015.

• Ultrasound Imaging Electronics; Electrical Engineering Department

(EE). KAU; 2016.

• Creative Projects; College of Computers and Information Systems

(CCI). KAU; 2016.

Abdulmalek M. Rajkhan

Saudi National

Martial status: Engaged.

DOB: Mar-25-1987

P.O. Box 23. Jeddah, 21411 KSA


Mob.: (059-***-****



• Business Strategies; ECC. KAU; 2016.

• International Conference in Radiation Medicine 2016; King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center (KFSHRC).Biomedical Physics Department (BPD); 2016.

• Engineer Conducts; King Abdulaziz Islamic Society (KAUIS); 2016.

• Academic Excellence; KAU 2015-2016.

• Radiology Department Structure; Saudi Biomedical Physics Association. 2017.

• Radiation Protection Officer. 2017.


• Quantum mechanics: Experiments in Quantum Mechanics with Prof. Eric Deyo. FHSU. 2012.

Experimental quantum physics in the atomic theory. The experiments subjects' covered are electron spin, electromagnetic spectrum, symmetry, coupling, and frequencies interference.

(Modern Physics)

• Quantum mechanics: Motion in a Centrally Symmetric Field with Prof. Eric Deyo. FHSU.2012.

A theoretical concept of an atomic model, its corresponding four dimensional angular momentums, including an embedded Hyperfine magnetic structure, using Hamiltonian Physics and series solutions to differential equations. (Periodic Table derivation) Publications

The Beast; Higgs Physics. USF journal; SF. May, 2010. Revised by Prof. Thomas Lugo.


• Member in the Saudi Society in Medical Physics.

• Member in the KAU – Faculty of Engineering Cultural Society.

• Member in the American Nuclear Society.

• Member in the American Physics Association.

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