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HR site administrator

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
November 13, 2017

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Muhammad Ibrahim Muhammad Ibrahim

Birth Date

** ***, ****


* ***** ***** **-******* Street, El-Bastin, Cairo-11685, Egypt




Career objective

To obtain a position in Human Resources Dept. as team member that will utilize my experience, knowledge and skills to fulfill the needs, goals, vision and mission of the company.

I am eager to learn, and invest my knowledge and expertise gained throughout my current experience in HR & Administration.


Career Certificate in Human Resources Management

The American University in Cairo

Major: Human Resources Management

Completed: Mar, 2017

Cum GPA 3.77

Strategic Human Resources Management

-Evaluate current strategic human resources management

-Analyze the organizational structure: the basis of effectiveness

-Design strategic human resources development

-Manage the employment relationship

Talent Management (People Development)

-Align people development with strategy

-Assess needs for developing and training

-Design training and development plan

-Measure the impact of training on the organization

-Design a career and succession plan

Performance Management

-Explain performance management process

-Assess performance management approach

-Implement a performance management system

-Revise performance management system in relation to employee development program

Foundation Certificate in Human Resources Management

The American University in Cairo

Major: Human Resources Management

Completed: Dec, 2016

Cum GPA 3.43

Organizational Behavior

-Identify the challenges and opportunities for organizational behavior

-Analyze personality and values

-Apply perception and individual decision making

-Apply motivation methods

Recruitment & Selection Management

-Compose the job description

-Manage the recruitment process

-Apply the selection process

-Execute employee testing and selection

-Compose the job offer

Compensation & Benefits Management

-Discuss strategic and tactical compensation issues

-Explain legislation and compensation

-Apply job evaluation to determine compensation

-Use salary survey to know benchmark salary

-Plan for short and long term incentives

-Organize benefits and services

Employee Relations Management

-Apply equal opportunity and the employee relations with organizations

-Adapt ethics, justice, and fair treatment in HR management.

-Demonstrate labor relations and collective bargaining.

-Revise employee safety and health.

-Explain Egyptian labor Law. (Law no. 12 for 2003)

Foundation Certificate in Accounting and Finance

The American University in Cairo

Major: Accounting

Completed: June, 2015

Cum GPA 3.85

Preparation of Financial Statements

Financial Management & Control

Banking Operations

Cost Accounting 1

Financial Reporting

Bachelor of Commerce

University of Cairo, Egypt

Major: Accounting

Graduated: May 2006,

Grade: Good


Training - Certificate

SAP HCM Associate Consultant (SAP HR) & SAP End USER

Jupiter 2000 Academy – SAP Golden partner

SAP HCM User:-

Organizational Management

Create root organizational units

Create subordinate organizational units

Create jobs

Create positions

Designate a position as head of an organization unit.

Assign an employee as the holder of a position

Assign and maintain cost centers

Run the organizational structure reports.

Create further organizational plans as planning scenarios, in order

to simulate new structures in the framework of Business Process

Create relationships between the individual elements in the organizational plan.

Payroll Management

Payroll regular run:-

Maintain Payroll control record

Execute payroll simulation before the actual regular payroll run to detect any possible errors.

Set the payroll area for payroll regular processing

Release payroll accounting areas to run payroll

Start the payroll to calculate the pay of the pay period and create a remuneration statement

Posting to Accounting

carry out subsequent activities after payroll successfully run:

otransfer of payroll results to Accounting

oevaluating the payroll account

oAnnual reports such as tax reporting.

oQuarterly reports such as cost accounting.

oIndependent reports-such as management requested statistics.

Off-cycle workbench functions:-

Execute a bonus payment to employee/employees for a special occasion.

Carry out an immediate correction run if there is a change in the master data.

Carry out a regular on demand payroll run for an individual

Employee independently of the payroll area.

Pay an absence, such as leave, in advance.

Personnel Administration

Maintain master data using single screen to maintain data for a particular subject or situation (Create, Edit, Copy, Delimit, Delete, Display)

Maintain master data using Personnel Actions through different activities such as hiring, termination, transfer, promotion and other complex actions that require maintaining more than one infotype.

Maintain master data using Fast Entry to maintain an infotype for more than one personnel number simultaneously to maintain data for a particular subject or situation.

Time Management

Maintain time data using the Time Manager's Workplace (TMW).

Enter time data for employees-attendance

Enter time data for employees- absences

Recording work times and tasks using CATS

CATS approval : review and approve employees times

Produce SAP time reports for Payroll administrators.

Junior SAP Consultant:-

Personnel Administration:-

1.Create enterprise structure (personnel area and personnel subarea), personnel structure (employee groups and employee subgroups) and assign personnel subarea to personnel area and employee subgroup to employee group.

2.Maintain number range for personnel numbers and set default number range using NUMKR feature.

3.Define organizational assignments such as employee attributes, terms of employment and creation of pay roll accounting area and control record

4.Create related personnel administration info types and their relations

5.Define user group dependency of menus and info groups.

6.Customizing user interfaces (change header modifier)

7.Configure personnel actions, actions menu and dynamic actions

8.Customizing procedures for info type PA30,PA40

9.Configure Integration between PM and OM.

Organizational Management

1.Create plan version and maintain number range for different objects for the personnel planning.

2.Define and maintain objects and relationships.

3.Configure organizational structure by linking the organizational objects and their relationships.

4.Activate inheritance of accounts assignments features.

5.Setup integration with personnel administration (PLOGI feature)

6.Check integration consistency

7.Setup integration with cost accounting

8.Setup integration for cost distribution.

Time Management

1.Create public holiday Calendar and assign it to different Personnel area.

2.Grouping of personnel subareas for work schedule and daily work schedule.

3.Create daily work schedules, variant schedule, break schedule and period work schedules.

4.Define day types, special days and selection rules for day types.

5.Define work schedule rules.

6.Define time data recording and administration.

7.Define absence catalogue and absence counting.

8.Configure counting class and counting rules.

9.Create attendance and actual working times.

10.Configure attendance and absence quotas.

11.Configure quota deductions and entitlements.


1.Define Payroll period parameters

2.Check Payroll accounting area and control record (creation if needed)

3.Generate payroll periods & check date of pay date.

4.Define EE subgroup grouping for PCR and collective agreement provisions.

5.Check pay scale type and pay scale area.

6.Check assignment of pay scale structure to enterprise structure

7.Determine default for pay scale data (TARIF)

8.Revise pay scale groups and levels

9.Create wage type Catalog and check wage type group

10.Check wage type text

11.Check entry permissibility per info type.

12.Define wage type permissibility for each personnel sub-area grouping and employee subgroup grouping.

13.Check wage type characteristics

14.Define eligibility for wage types (employee subgroups and personnel sub-areas )

15.Revise default wage types model of base wage types for enterprise structure(LGMST)

16.Define pay grades and levels.

17.Change remuneration type default.

Key Skills


-Arabic : Native

-English : Very good in Speaking and Excellent ability in Writing & Reading.

Communication Skills

-Able to communicate effectively in a professional business manner as a member of teamwork

-Strong written and verbal communication

-Excellent organizational and administrative skills

Interpersonal Skills

-Self-motivated and driven to meet and beat deadlines maintaining accuracy without burning out my team

-Enthusiastic, hard-working and eager to learn

-Strong computational and analytical skills

Computer Skills

-Excellent Command in MS Office and Internet Surfing

-Advanced Command in SAP HR module

Employment History

June 2006 – Now

Site Administrator for Asecautomation Co., Egypt

At Helwan Cement Company – Heidelberg cement group



Interpret and explain human resources policies, procedures, laws, standards, or regulations

Maintain daily person recording of attendance and leaves for workforce of 90 employees at Cement Plant site

Maintain monthly time sheets for all site staff included workdays, overtime hours and holidays on daily basis to be compensated in their salaries.

Deliver time sheets and approved leaves requests and sick leaves and to compensation and benefits department on monthly basis.

Assist and handle medical requests and follow up the medical processes for the team.

Maintain Personnel data in information systems or databases.


Hold petty cash for the site to pay the site expense such as meals, consumable spare parts, stationary, rentals of cars working in the site and other miscellaneous expenses.

Reconcile all expense on monthly basis.


Physical verification of the quantities and condition of items held in the site warehouse and offices quarterly.

In charge of this task as an administrative member.


Deal with telephone and email enquiries from project managers/ clients/ suppliers/ site staff and Head Office

Assist and Handle staff enquiries (Leaves & Payroll).

Ensure that all company HR processes and procedures are properly followed.

Assist with the day to day operations of the HR Admin department (if needed).

Assist with HR team in Head office in keeping updated records (database, contact list, and personnel files) in the filing systems and computer files.

Assist with spreadsheets for the reports of bonus, downtime and work progress


Personnel and Human Resources Knowledge of principles and procedures for personnel recruitment, selection, training, compensation and benefits, labor relations and negotiation, and personnel information systems.

Clerical Knowledge of administrative and clerical procedures and systems such as word processing, managing files and records, stenography and transcription, designing forms, and other office procedures and terminology.

Administration and Management Knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, human resources modeling, and coordination of people and resources.

Economics and Accounting Knowledge of economic and accounting principles and practices, the financial markets, and reporting of financial data.

Mathematics Knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, statistics, and their applications.


Gym and reading

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